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 That bitchface
That bitchface
1. His Smile Lights Up a Room

Yeah, yeah, I know it's a corny thing to say, but sometimes it's true, and this is one of those times I wonder occasionally if it would be as true if I hadn't learned of Jared's existence from his role on Supernatural. Sam Winchester doesn't really get to smile that often, so when he does, it really is like the sun coming out from behind clouds. After much difficult and painful *coughs* research, however, I've concluded that the same thing is true of Jared in real life. I've seen my share of pictures, posed and candid, and watched my share of episodes, interviews,...
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posted by gvldenyovth
嘿 y'all! I don't know about 你 but personally, I'm signing adoption forms anytime I see Jack, so 你 can imagine how upset I was when I saw the end of 14x06. Like, giving Jack tuberculosis is NOT what we're gonna do here.

But seriously, why IS Jack sick? If 你 missed the first few episodes of season 14 here's a recap. Jack has been coughing up blood for the past few episodes. In the most 最近的 episode 14x06/Optimism (a fantastic episode, btw) he seems mostly fine up until the final scene. He has a pleasant conversation with Dean about 爱情 and how its a crazy thing when he starts coughing...
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posted by rokocharm
ALL OPINIONS ARE MY OWN AND ARE NOT INFUENCED 由 ANYTHING OTHER THAN WHAT I HAVE PERCIEVED FROM THE SHOW. NOT INTENDED TO BASH ANY CHARACTERS. I have only started watching 邪恶力量 about a 月 ago, and I am in 爱情 with the characters. My obsession had led me to finish season after season in a heated frenzy, thirsty for more. Because I watched all the seasons in such close proximity, I have really had a chance to watch the characters change and grow. Now first off, I 爱情 both Sam and Dean. Both have a lot to offer to the 显示 and to each other, and their relationship often makes us envious,...
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posted by ilovedean
dean winchester is the best character i have ever seen!!! He has the best taste in music!! ACDC ROCKS!!! he comes out with the best one liners and he is sooooooo fit!!!!!!!!!i 爱情 that chevy impala!!!!!!!! cnt w8 til it comes back on the 25th of january!!!!!! i am one of the biggest 粉丝 ever.

i have dean winchesters 项链 and o never take it off!!!!!! i also i have the dean winchester t 衬衫 and the 图书 and all the magazines!!!!!!!! anything i can find to do with 邪恶力量 i have!!!! i cnt resist. and this 年 im getting the pentagram sun tattoo to 显示 me commitment to supernatural!!!!!!!!

邪恶力量 ROCKS!!!!!!!!
Jo parked the car in front of a cheap looking motel. The lights flickered, the windows were no longer see through and above the entrance there was a damaged board that once spelled the word ‘WELCOME’, but due to age and neglect only the first three letters were still readable.
“This is the best I could find” Jo said. She had find it a better idea if she had been the one taking Meg away. Dean and Meg in the same 太空 was never a good idea, even if he did save her life.
“It’s good enough for me” Meg commented. She loosened her seatbelt and wanted to step out.
“Hang on” Jo said...
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I saw a few episodes but my truly first one i completely watched was All hell brook lose and i didn't know exactly what was going on but i watched it any way. At the end the cute guy walked away towards a handsome guy called Dean and another older guy called Bobby. and BAM some guy stabbed Sam in the back and i sighted in shock. as the Sam fell into Dean's arms in the right moment. as the light in Sam eyes went off i was gasping for air listening to Dean's comforting words which even made me die with every single word he says. As Sam's soul left his body with Dean holding into his brothers...
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posted by HorrorFan101
“Well,” Dean confirmed, as he wondered into the bathroom to wash his face with refreshing cool water, “I don’t know if we need to go into the main town if we’ve got a semi-witness right here.”
“Dean, 你 saw her face; she’s still pretty beaten up about the whole thing. The woman 迷失 her brother. Maybe I’ll know how she feels.”
Dean appeared at the bathroom doorway to give Sam one of his looks as Sam sat on the 床, 床上 and looked down at his hands in typical Sam pondering fashion. Still, Dean felt a burst of protectiveness for him that had been inside him for as long as he could...
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posted by pizzapi
 huzzah !
huzzah !
I think to myself "there they are!" each time they 显示 up :)

It started when I was looking through screencaps to look at the sets of Supernatural. I 爱情 doing this and do so often.

This is one of the many pictures that I saved:
 Season 3, episode 14: "Long Distance Call" (location: Starburst Motel, Milan, Ohio)
Season 3, episode 14: "Long Distance Call" (location: Starburst Motel, Milan, Ohio)

The 墙 of blocks can be seen throughout the episode.
 Season 3, episode 14: "Long Distance Call" (location: Starburst Motel, Milan, Ohio)
Season 3, episode 14: "Long Distance Call" (location: Starburst Motel, Milan, Ohio)

Last year, when I was watching "Changing Channels" when it aired, having just recently seen the 3x14 picture, I recognized the blocks. :D
 Season 5, episode 08: "Changing Channels" (location: Sun 'n Sands Motel, TV Land / Wellington, Ohio )
Season 5, episode 08: "Changing Channels" (location: Sun 'n Sands Motel, TV Land / Wellington, Ohio )

 Season 5, episode 08: "Changing Channels" (location: Sun 'n Sands Motel, TV Land / Wellington, Ohio )
Season 5, episode 08: "Changing Channels" (location: Sun 'n Sands Motel, TV Land / Wellington, Ohio )

Here 你 can see them from a different angle:
 you've got something on your 墙 there--OH it's a Castiel !!
you've got something on your 墙 there--OH it's a Castiel !!

I spotted them recently at the beginning of "Point of No Return." This time they appear to be broken. Perhaps it is symbolic...
 Season 5, episode 18: "Point of No Return" (location: Mike's Travel Inn, city unspecified, possibly Cicero, Indiana)
Season 5, episode 18: "Point of No Return" (location: Mike's Travel Inn, city unspecified, possibly Cicero, Indiana)

 Season 5, episode 18: "Point of No Return" (location: Mike's Travel Inn)
Season 5, episode 18: "Point of No Return" (location: Mike's Travel Inn)

Update: [April 22, 2010]
Brief pretty block sighting outside The link Hotel in "Hammer of the Gods."
 Season 5, episode 19: "Hammer of the Gods" (location: The Elysian Fields Hotel, Muncie, Indiana)
Season 5, episode 19: "Hammer of the Gods" (location: The Elysian Fields Hotel, Muncie, Indiana)
posted by Lucia322
Dean: Follow the creepy brick road.
Dean: 你 know, just once I would like to round the corner and see a nice house.
Dean: It smells like old lady in here.
Sam: It's an old country custom, Dean, planting a 树 as a grave marker.
Dean:You are like a walking encyclopedia of weirdness.
Sam: Yeah, I know.
Molly: Oh, thank God!
Dean: Call me Dean.
Dean:Sam's always getting a little J. 爱情 Hewitt when it comes to things like this.
Dean: Alright, Haley Joel, let's hit the road.
Molly: Isn’t this argument a little archaic? Men can ask directions these days.
David: Oh, no we can’t. It’s against our genetic...
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posted by Dean-girlx
邪恶力量 Fun Fact: Jared played as Dean in Gilmore Girls, and Sam in Silent Witness before 邪恶力量 happened.

Supernatural Fun Fact: On the 日 of Halloween, Dean mentions that John has been missing for three weeks and that he didn’t worry because he was in New Orleans. Three weeks before 万圣节前夕 2005 is six weeks after hurricane Katrina.

Supernatural Fun Fact: Dean drinks his coffee black.

Supernatural Fun Fact: When Jensen read about Dean's fear of flying, the first thing he thought was "Oh man, this is going to be a field day."

Supernatural Fun Fact: Kripke chose for the Yellow-Eyed...
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Dean opened the door and followed Jimmy outside.
“Hey, wait a minute!” he yelled.
Jimmy stopped and waited patiently for Dean to catch up with him.
“Where’s Cas? What did 你 do to him?” Dean asked trembling and furious.
“Don’t worry, he’s alive. He’s in here, somewhere. We switched places” Jimmy explained dark.
“I thought 你 were dead” Dean snapped hostile.
“Clearly 你 didn’t pay much attention. Castiel 说 I wouldn’t age 或者 die. I’ve been stuck in my own body for ages and it’s time Castiel knows what that feels like” Jimmy replied bitter.
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posted by shomill
 Why'd 你 step on my foot?!
Why'd you step on my foot?!
John: Take your brother outside as fast as 你 can, and don't look back!

Sam: 你 know how I feel about Halloween.

Sam: Cuz we're not exactly the Bradys.
Sam's friend: And I'm not exactly the Huxstables.

Sam: What would I do without you?
Jessica: Crash and burn.

Sam: 你 scared the crap outta me.
Dean: Well, that's because you're outta practice. *Sam flips him over* I guess not. Get off me.
Sam: Dean, what the hell are 你 doing here?
Dean: Well, I was looking for a beer.

Dean: I 爱情 the smurfs. 你 know, I gotta tell you, you are completely outta my brother's league.
Jessica: Just let me go put something...
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posted by shomill
I've spent five months trying to figure out why the hell I 爱情 this 显示 so much, considering that I usually don't like horror shows. But 邪恶力量 has something special. The main theme of the 显示 has nothing to do with horror. That's just a backdrop for a much broader 爱情 story.

If 你 clicked on this thinking, "Ooh, Wincest- kinky!" you're gonna be disappointed, cuz that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about the relationship these two boys- these two highly devoted brothers- have with each other. They 爱情 each other, they really do. "Greater 爱情 hath no man than this, that...
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posted by Darkangel6
Over the years that 邪恶力量 has been on, Dean Winchester has been with numerous women, Cassie Robinson, Jo, Leyla Rourke, Lisa Braeden, Andrea Barr, Carmen Porter(Fantasy girlfriend of his), Anna Milton and then women he met in bars. and then the mother of his child.

Of all these women I truly thought that Lisa would be the one for him, but that didn't pan out. and now they are bringing in a new girl 由 the name of Robin who met Dean some Twenty years prior. So that makes her his childhood sweetheart and we all know what that means.

A childhood sweetheart is that one person that we loved...
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Isabel conjured her phone and noticed she had five missed calls, all from Heather, and two voicemails. She listened to them.
“Is, Castiel and Meg are here. Can 你 please come as soon as 你 hear this message? And please bring your gun”
“Seriously? Where the hell are you? Cas is here. What part of get here ASAP did 你 not get? Don’t 你 read the newspaper? He’s a lunatic. He’s killed four people already in less than 48 hours and if 你 don’t hurry up I’m going to be next”
Isabel understood why Heather hadn’t called the police. They would find her stock and arrest her, but...
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An episode that should never have been made

I 爱情 this show. I started watching this 显示 around a 月 以前 and I am currently watching 5th season. A lot of 你 might’ve guessed which episode I’m gonna rant about. I am talking about 5x19 “Hammer of Gods.”

<I am an Indian, Hindu.> Mata means mother.

If 你 remember the episode, the apocalypse was going on. And viewers were wondering- “What the heck are other Gods doing?” I was one of them. This episode tried to answer this question. I really hope they had left it 未回答的 though.

Things that bugged me---

(i) Do they really know...
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Dream walking
Super Strength
Super Stamina
Weather manipulation
Flight (in true form)
Reality warping (only those who are have Crossroads demon, seraph, yellow eye demon 或者 archangel heritage. See rules)

Angle blades (kills, injures)
Archangel blade (kills, injures)
Ruby's 刀 (injures only)
Holy 火, 消防 (imprisons, injures)
Angle exorcism chant (removed from vessel)
God (can kill)
Eve (can bloke power)
Deaths scythe (kills only)
First blade (injures only)
Leviathans (can kill)
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posted by Lucia322
Ranger Wilkinson : 你 boys aren’t planning to go out near Black Water Ridge 由 any chance?
Sam: Oh, no sir. We’re Environmental Study Majors from UC Boulder, just working on a paper.
Dean: Recycle, man.
Ranger Wilkinson : Bull.
Sam: So, Black Water Ridge is pretty remote. It’s cut off 由 these canyons, here. The rough terrain, dense forest, abandoned silver and 金牌 mines all over the place.
Dean: Dude, check out the size of this frigin’ bear.
Sam: And a dozen 或者 更多 grizzlies in the area. It’s no nature hike, that’s for sure
Sam: We cannot let that Hailey girl go out there.
Dean: Oh...
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These are some reasons why I 爱情 "Supernatural"
from 10-1

10. Baby.When John handed down, to Dean, his 1967 Chevy Impala. Dean drives this beautiful piece of American car engineering around the country. The 树干 is big enough for an entire arsenal of evil fighting tools, such as stakes, salt, silver, shotguns, etc and other things like the boys gear. The back 座位 is big enough to sleep in when there is no motel room in sight and maybe a few other things if the situation presents itself (remember Anna). She is a beautiful car as well as a character on the show. There are many names for Dean's...
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 Wanna Compare Looks? *Sam and Dean
Wanna Compare Looks? *Sam and Dean
The creatures of the 邪恶力量 world are known as the spark to unlock everyone's imagination. That is what makes it a good use in such things as writing, 电影院 and of course, TV shows. 邪恶力量 may have brought this idea back into the TV world to being a great idea and put it to use. Now that we have the 日本动漫 added to our 邪恶力量 family, it is time to add the creatures that were introduced to our Beastology.

The introduce of two new additions to our world of creatures:

Poverty God (Bimbogami)
 The Poverty God from episode "The Spirit Of Vegas"
The Poverty God from episode "The Spirit Of Vegas"

Anime: The Spirt of Vegas...
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