Super Smash Brothers Do 你 Like Pokemon Trainer?

heatherXnoah posted on Nov 16, 2008 at 08:40PM
well how about pokemon trainer 2?
its gold from pokemon gold and silver and he comands chikorita, quilava and feraligatr

B=leech seed-a seed that has the flower effect
B(side)=magical leaf-a razor leaf that follows your opponent
B(down)=pokemon change(Quilava)
B(up)=petal dance-she is blown up by a gust of wind and surrounded by petals

B=swift-shoots stars sideways
B(side)=flame wheel-like an fiery egg roll
B(down)=pokemon change(Feraligatr)
B(up)=fire spin-becomes an vortex of fire that is shot upwards

B=crunch-like wario's B
B(side)=surf-like waterfall but sideways
B(down)=pokemon change(Chikorita)
B(up)=hidro pump-water shoots up like a gaiser and sends him upwards

Final Smash:
Chikorita:Solar Beam
Feraligatr:Water Spout

I'll meke one about pokemon trainers 3 and 4 stay tuned

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