Super Junior 或者 E.L.F Super junior needs ur help!

SUJUinMyHeart posted on Jun 03, 2010 at 04:44AM
i have just posted a link about super junior! we fans have to support them and help them in anyway we can, that is our duty as ELF! please visit the link and read throughly!!! i will be very grateful, and im positive that suju will too!!! this is very important!!! if u want to ignore this go ahead but u will not help in prevent super junior from disbanding! please help me and SUPER JUNIOR!!!

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一年多以前 Ryeowook_love said…
umm... is their album available in the phil.??
i don't know actually.
'cause i'm a new Suju lover.

一年多以前 SUJUinMyHeart said…
it is but u shouldn't buy it from the phill's unless u know for sure it is directly bought from the official store in korea u have to buy version A! because that is the only one they count in the charts, to see where u can order them visit the link that i have posted! and please read throughly :D!! (go to "links" in the super junior or elf forum there u will find the link i have posted!)
一年多以前 Ryeowook_love said…
waah. thank you very much. and i already read your link. hmmm. it's a bit sad that the other 3 members are so busy that they can't be in their MV's. but still they're happy. :)

一年多以前 8900 said…
guys!! check on this!!! awesome super concert!!