StormClan Stories Hawkfire's Secret

HawkfireX posted on May 06, 2012 at 07:07AM
A she-cat named Shadowheart was giving birth, Shadowheart had two kits; Hawkkit and Stormkit. Hawkkit's mentor was Tigerfur, now, Tigerfur was a Dark Forest warrior and was giving Hawkkit traits that would destroy all of the peacefulness inside of Hawkpaw. Tigerfur eventually told Stormstar that it was time for Hawkpaw to become a warrior.

"By the powers of StarClan I name you Hawkfire, StormClan honors your courage and bravery." Stormstar meowed. Hawkfire strutted up to Tigerfur. "I'm a warrior now!" Tigerfur nodded, "Have you ever heard of your kin, Silverhawk?" "Yeah, and Hawkfrost and Bramblestar and er-" "Good"

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