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To start yes I'm a hard core delena & Damon & Elena fan, I 爱情 these two as couple and indavule characters ,and yes I hate Stefan but what I'm about to say is beside the point . plz don't bash and Stefan 粉丝 be honest for once and don't try to say all the good things your Stefan did ok plz

Ok so the reasons why I 爱情 Damon 更多 than Stefan are so MANY, but one of the things that makes me 爱情 him is something nobody can deny, and that's how Damon COVERS for Stefan unlike Stefan he doesn't. all summer long he followed/kept track of Stefan and HIS victims WHEN HE STILL WAS NOT COMPALLED...
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First things first DO NOT BASH, read the whole 文章 first then 评论 your opinion but please try as much as 你 can to respect others opinions

To clear things I hate Stefan but I 'I'll do try my best to be subjective ok, to start things off I'm 写作 this 文章 because how Caroline was bashing Damon in last night episode (3x04) I mean did she have loss her memories 或者 something did she forget that he almost died because he saved her life and her werewolf boyfriend , and before all of he saved her life did she forget that he saved Elena's life 更多 than once that he made plans and took...
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posted by RachaelF8
So I created this spot for all 你 Stelena and Delena 粉丝 out there. I'm a Delena fan, but on this spot I'll always be neutral :)
So everyone express your 查看 and opinions on these two ships but please, and I really mean this, please no bashing on characters and ships 你 don't like. Share the 爱情 everyone! No 'Stefan sucks' 或者 'Damon sucks'
This is a place to discuss your differences of opinion, not bash others. We have enough of that on the Delena and Stelena spots.
So who do 你 ship? Delena? Stelena? 或者 are 你 a multi-shipper? Do 你 dislike Delena 或者 Stelena? Why? Post whatever spots 你 may have
So enjoy :D
posted by Delena_lovers
Not everyone is used to watch the 邪恶力量 creations But I really enjoy watching 吸血鬼 and witches. When i started watching vampire diaries I was having a lot of 问题 as i have so much curiosity. When Damon's entry was there I started finding out whether he would die 或者 he is villian etc as he was really hot and sexy i wanted him to be the first lead but when i read that damon and elena would marry i was really excited it means we all have different konds of opinion and taste but we should give everything a try because it may end up being our favourite.
Don't go crazy on in this 文章 I will try to subjective. A side the fact I don't really like Stefan that much and hate stelena but this 显示 has focused A LOT on Stefan's history.

I mean isn't about the 3 main characters (Damon, elena, and Stefan) about their history and how they changed as characters, but all we have seen and learned about for the last 2 seasons is Stefan past, who he was, what he did (his past as riper), his friends(lexie) ,and who became good Stefan.

But until now we know nothing about what Damon was doing for the last 100 and so years( I mean a side from trying to get...
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This 文章 is about THE LOOPHOLE the writers created for Stefan’s sake another reason to keep him as “Saint” Stefan and for him not take any kind of responsibility, another excuse for him to play the “good” brother.

So as we all know Stefan has turned off his humanity all summer willingly/all 由 himself, NO compellation what so ever NOBODY FORCED him to CUT people’s head OFF, and for him to do that his humanity button was OFF but yet somehow he still had enough humanity to call Elena really?? How is that even possible? How a good person ripe off someone’s head for one second,...
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posted by delenalover4x10
Well I think delena is way better than stelena,its 更多 流行的 too i mean just look a this website stelena hasnt won once soo they cant be that"epic". Delena is just a 更多 attractive couple and if I was to sit here and explain the relationship and perfection of delena I might not be able to stop so ill be quick.If elena was to actually go back to stefan the 爱情 三角形, 三角 would be dumb especially after all this so im not worried about that because delena is ment to be.