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Stampy's P.O.V

*Thinking* Today I'll make a 《我的世界》 video with my friends.....

"Hello this is Stampy, and welcome to a 《我的世界》 lets play video! And another video inside... Stampy's Lovely World...Today we will be joined byyy...L for Lee, Squid, Amy, Longbow, Rosie, Squishy 鸭 and...Ha ha! My cake that Lee is going to give me for break fast! Now, I would like my break fast when I wake up so let's go over to Lee's painting." *Only can see Lee's nose* "Um...Lee? Where has your body gone? Ha ha! *Lee gets out* Now Lee, I'm having a late break fast and that means I have to have brunch!" *Lee...
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 Crafting room :D
Crafting room :D
I made a Replica of your world and I thought could 你 please put some of these pictures on your videos? I have spent days on this!! I have watched all your videos, Subscribed to your channels and made 粉丝 fictions. I would 爱情 to help and see 你 on minecraft. Hope I can see 你 and hope 你 enjoy these pictures!

 爱情 garden
Love garden
 Secret cake room :)
Secret cake room :)
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