Spyro The Dragon What is ur opinion on Spyro 年 Of The Dragons??

spunkyonyx posted on Jun 02, 2011 at 09:49PM
I was wondering what ur opinion is on Sypro year of the dragons?
whats ur favorite part?
whos ur favorite charactor?

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一年多以前 AngelOfTheTriad said…
:'3 My opinion is that it is the best Spyro game of the whole Spyro franchise. That's including the "Legend of Spyro" too. It took the greatly polished game mechanic of Spyro and capitalized on it. It gave us 4 (5 if you count Super bonus Worlds) homeworlds to explore and more gameplay in general, whereas Spyro 2 only had 3 homeworlds. Spyro 3 also had multiple characters to play as, which gives it a diversity of gameplay style.

My favorite part? Completing the game 117%.

My favorite character? Obviously Spyro. By my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th favorites would be: Hunter, Bianca, and Agent 9.
一年多以前 Magica said…
It's tied with Ripto's Rage for my favorite video game of all time. Everyone else says it was insanely easy, but it was actually pretty challenging for me, but maybe that's because I was like 10 years old at the time (of course it's easy now, since I've played it a thousand times).

Well, I mostly love it for sentimental reasons these days, but back then, it was insanely addicting, and I'm not sure why. I used to always love the skateboarding parts, going for course records. Nowadays, I'm not sure what my favorite part is, since I've pretty much overplayed it and grown tired of it. But, my favorite realm is probably Frozen Atlars.

Favorite character: Hunter. He's awesome.

Oh, and Harbor Speedway is awesome too. I do like how you can change characters, but IMO, it gets kind of annoying after a while, but that's just me. As a kid, I really enjoyed the graphics as well for some reason.
一年多以前 spunkyonyx said…
what my opinion is on Spyro year of the dragons?
My opinion is that it is my favorite of the whole series of spyro games i remember being like 3 when it came out and i just loved it so much!
whats my favorite part? I like it all alot but i love to fight the bosses!!
whos my favorite character? Spyro and Shela and Bentley!