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posted by snootygirl50701
Sprinta Fantasy--------> chapter one: Rukki

Over the sky and above the clouds was the young mind of Rukki. Rukki dashed up at the Calmio mountain bluffs. Her blonde breaded hair was supported with her head band while her way was swooshed in all directions.
Rukki smiled at the uproaring sun that rised from the clouds. She covered her blue eyes from the bright sun with her arm blocking the sun rays that tried to crush her eyes. A small peak was glimpsed in Rukki's laugh as her brother dashed up to her.
His body was imprinted in mostly tattooing of some weird 设计 of the spheres. The two would...
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posted by snootygirl50701
Sprinta Fantasy--------> Part one: Reception

The large aircraft's engine roared and it started to take of. A little girl inside the craft was running in the rooms and 唱歌 a song of her own. A tall thick man walked in the the room and looked at his daughter with a toothy grin.
"Come on Hummia,your mother wants 你 to get cleaned up." Her father replied.
Hummia hugged her father and dashed off to the center of the craft looking for her mother. A beautiful woman with pale skin and red flushed eyes turned around to see Hummia,her lovely daughter.
"Hummia, my dear! Lets get 你 cleaned up!" Her mother picked her little girl up and carried her to the bathroom.
Meanwhile, Hummia's father was walking back to the deck of the craft and started scanning the area for any spheres. Something popped up on his screen and loud serious buzzards went of and flashing red lights glared. Suddenly the craft started falling to the ground with a broken engine. Everything we black....
posted by snootygirl50701
 I'am a Dreamer
I'am a Dreamer
Sprinta Fantasy-------> Note:

Dear Following Readers,

Inspired 由 Final 幻想 and the creater,I have comed up this new 粉丝 made Anime: Sprinta Fantasy.

sprinta 幻想 is for teens from its language and attuitdes. It does teaches teens a very important lesson but its all in a riddle. It gets pretty hard to devolpe such a mind of lessons so its made as something fun.

If 你 don't know what 日本动漫 is,it is Japenese 动画片 shortened as Anime.

sprinta 幻想 is the fun mindblowing 日本动漫 你 would wanna stop reading! I gaurantee that!

Sprinta 幻想 is shortened as SF. So when Sf is announced...
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