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posted by shadowsis98
it was quiet sunny that..a normal sunny saturday..i was was currently sitting on my old 床, 床上 listening to music..as i sang along through
the beats with my pale 粉, 粉色 headphone.I heard some rustling nearby the window,quickly snaps my head toward the sound opening my headphone.'hmph maybe just imagination..'as i thought continueing my 白日梦 about sonic.yes,it was true i'm one of the blue speedster 粉丝 yet i'm not the so called 'crazed' one no i wasn't, sure i 爱情 him but not until to marry him,kidnap him 或者 as such.

"psst" a voice called."h-huh?" again opening my headphone from my ears,you could hear some 音乐 that came out from the headphone.Slowly i reach to the window and took a peek out from the curtains.no one.'Gawd seriously whats up with my head?' as i scolded myself but before i could turn my back "psst 嘿 open up." a soft male whispers called.my hair was all standing knowing it could be some bad guys wanting to hide from the police.'w-what do i do?'i thought almost scared to death."maybe no ones home?'' another voice suggested but this one sounded 更多 naive and abit pitched than the first.

Wait..was that silver voice?. "Then what we're surpose to do? wait here till they arrived?, And 秒 of all i think i just saw some shadow's behind the curtain soo someone must be home" the first voice explained..no way..was that sonic voice?? seriously what the heck was going on! "Fine then" a voice sound up its voice..this voice was matured and almost like its growling yet sexy in the way..s..shadow?? OMG! if their here t..then they are real! as i thought to my self smiling like an imbecile i was."if in that case we'll break in" he said. Wait..WHAT!? oh no no no no
HELL NAW I'M LETTING THEM ALL 'BREAK IN' MAH HOUSE! MY MOM'S GONNA KILL ME FOR THAT! "NO!'' i scream quickly closed my mouth. Ho S#!T. "Did'ja hear that? I TOLD 你 guys theres someone in there!" the sonic like voice person said. I'M SOO F@&KED UP!."you mean she HEARD us?" silver voice said."alright then, HEY! OPEN UP I KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE SO 你 BETTER OPEN UP BEFORE I OPENED UP FOR YOU!" Shadow voice shouted but was rudely interupted " Shads! what the hell you're think you're doing!? you'll scare the crap outta her..or him!"the first voice said.Shads..? no one calls the kind of nickname..except...

I opened my window with full speed almost just almost broke it and there they were crouching behind my rose bushes a bit bruised and injured
they were staring at wide eyes shocked about my action but i was too shocked seeing them.here and alive. after a few 秒 of staring at eachother like a total idiots i finally snapped out of it and 说 the most bravest and epic world that had over years ..."hi"...Blinking sonic smiled and starts to stand up..he was about 3foot2 i guess and then was accompanied 由 the other two shadow and silver "hi" the cobalt hedgehog replied.."sooo,whats up?'' i ask dumbly."not much" silver answered.."o..kay"..i stare at them silent through the akwardness and embarassment
"aren't 你 going to let us in 或者 not?'' shadow asked a bit rudely well i can't totally blame him,he is bruised AND most of all looked tired..Not being serious i was..i answered simply not knowing what might happen if i did.."nope"


CLIFFHANGAH!!!. So did'ja liked that? If yah think i need some repairing let me know Kay ?

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posted by Sonicfan67
Shadow:alright guys.the only way we're gona make out of this alive is that if we stick together.so...
Vector:my 老友记 call me coach!
Shadow:God damn it!
In a elevator...
Shadow:ok.the saferoom is a couple room's away.when the doors open just run like hell and we should be fine.
Me:alright just let me get out my little desert eagle.
(The elevator doors open and shows fire)
Shadow:ok everyone get in!
(A spitter comes in)
Shadow:that is the scariest fucking thing I have ever seen in my entire life.
(A baby comes out of the spitter's...
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posted by Pitrocks14
O.K., this is a kind of review and opinion at the same time. This time, I'm complaining about these haters who are accusing Sonic and some of its old games. Look, I'm not a huge Sonic 粉丝 and particularly because of the new games (which aren't that bad) and I've been playing with Sonic ever since I was little. I have no idea how old I was but probably among the ages of either three and 5. My first game was Sonic the Hedgehog two so I was a little ahead, but Sonic has been out before I was born.

Shadow the Hedgehog: O.K., so people have been complaining about Sonic ever since Shadow came out....
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posted by gain7_gun
sonic and ash`s house
silver-since u and ash have been together for about a month,i have somthing to 显示 u.
sonic-what is it?
silver-(pulls out a triangle)its a hologram.as ash`s protector i`m going to 显示 u what would have happened if ash chose shadow over u.
sonic-ok.lets see it.
silver turns on the triangle,it glows and opens up and the story unfolds.
6 months later
shadow is hosting a tailgating party ash is cooking for
sonic-why is ash doing everything?
shadow-cause`i wanted her to.
sonic-but all this just for the 2 of us?!
shadow-fine,u can help her if 你 want.just make sure she dosent do anything...
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at macdonalds
ash looking at the letter lovingly with at smile
female voice-& wat migth we b looking at?
ash-(looks up)hey rouge.sonic has a scavenger hunt planned for me.
rouge-i see.a valintine`s 日 thing is`nt it?
ash-yeah.do u have someone special your`re thinking about?
rouge-no but shadow just sent me some roses
ash-really?have u two fiannally srated dating?
rouge-hey!i did`nt say that!
ash-wat about knuckles?
casheir-order #12!
ash-that`s my order.see ya later rouge.(leaves)
ash-the first place is eternity fountain,which is in th 心 of the city.just turn to the left then keep...
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posted by gain7_gun
ash & sonic`s house 8:30 am
ah awakes to a beuatiful sunnny morning.she turns over to say good morning to sonic but realizes he`s not there.instead she finds a note & a rose she picks up the letter & begins to read it.it`s in sonics handwriting.
sonic-good morning sweetheart!i have somthing planned for the 2 of us.as you`ve already noticed
i`m not on the other side.but i have a scavenger hunt planned for u.below you`ll see a 列表 of 7 destinations.at the end ouf each destination you`ll find another rose & letter.when 你 get to your last destination i`ll be there waiting for you.so get ready,eat breakfast & valintine`s day
ash-awww,that`s so romantic,& elaborate.(so she got up did her morning duties & headed out to macdonald`s for breakfast.