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 An early interpratation of Chris.
An early interpratation of Chris.
Shadow was walking through the ruins of Ark. He coughed in the debree. He had a flashback of Maria. He sniffed. He looked at a broken panel. It had a picture of a blob with a head and tiny writing. He remembered that from when the Ark was invaded with the Artifical Chaos. Then he looked at something not that familiar. It was a giant capsule with a few cracks in it and a body. It had a green liquid inside. "What's this?" Shadow said. He punched the capsule open. The liquid poured out. Shadow picked up a stick and poked the body. "Ha. Squishy." He continued poking at him. "SQUISHY SQUISHY SQUISHY!"...
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posted by zelda4559
Knuckles joined us. "How long have you've known Emma" ask Talis "Hm.... Ever since I was three" I say "That's a long time" Says cream. Yea It was I thought. "We ready" Sonic ask "yep" Everyone says besides sonic. Emma won't get so esay on this on. We are at Eggman's base. We meet up with Silver "Hey, silver" I say. "Silver?" says Cream confused. "Come on we need to-" Sonic was cought off 由 a erupsion. We all sneak into Eggman's base "What was that" Knuckles ask. No one 答案 his qusiton. I sneak away from the others. Emma was running away form where the exsploisn was. I kicked her in the...
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posted by FeraligatrGuy
(So I tried posting a RP a little bit ago... However when I tried 写作 the plot, The text got cut off... so I'm going to post the plot in the form of a 文章 and link it to the RP...)

So your FC is causally strolling through the woods for whatever reason(Fill in the blank, it's YOUR FC after all...) when they walked towards a rather foggy section of the woods, he/she saw the trees that were made of solid diamond. He/she pressed on despite it getting harder and harder to see his/her surroundings. they followed the trail of diamond trees because they shined brightly through the fog. it felt...
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The OG Sonic meme has been a prevalent one on the interwebs, at least for those who dare to dabble in the darker, 更多 hilarious aspects of the blue hedgehog's fandom. (XD)
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Just a comp I found showcasing the naughtier side of the female fandom. :)
First off, this is an OPINIONATED GUIDE. Don't take this as a troll threat 或者 anything stupid. I'm just informing 你 all on how to make original and actually interesting fan-characters. If 你 don't like what I'm trying to do here. Stop 阅读 now, because I don't like your face.

Let's start off with a few simple rules.

1. If your fan-character has any relation with the canon characters AT ALL, that MUST be eliminated. Don't have your character become Shadow's 9001st girlfriend. It's been done before, and better, so cut that shit off. 你 can have your fan-character be 老友记 and 或者 enemies...
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