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Note: This is not a countdown. This is a list.

1.    Super-form receptiveness
I think 你 know what I mean. If I have my math right here, we’ve seen ONE other type of Super form in Sonic 3 & Knuckles, ONE in Sonic and the Secret Rings, ONE in Sonic and the Black Knight, and ONE (EXTREMELY BRIEF) “super” form in Sonic X. These were of course, the HYPER-forms (or Super Forms if Tails), Darkspine Sonic (super-Dark Sonic in other words), Excalibur Sonic, and Dark-Sonic (NO I do NOT call him DARK SUPER SONIC 或者 SUPER DARK SONIC. Why? No Chaos Emeralds, not SUPER.) Now I’m not using Werehog Sonic, as it was not a super-form, but an alternate form. And YES I enjoyed it. I don’t even like that type of direction in games and I LIKED IT.

But what am I getting at? Well just in the title, I 说 “SUPER”, and while that means all forms generally, I’m talking about just the ones that have the word “SUPER” in them. SUPER Sonic, SUPER Shadow, SUPER Tails (AND THE EPIC BIRD ARMY OF DOOM!). These (especially Super Sonic) are extremely overused. Now with characters like Blaze we actually get a different super form “Burning Blaze”, which is original. I would 爱情 to see what would happen with Sonic if he used the Sol Emeralds and became something like the Pyro-Sonic form in SMB Z (Super Mario Brothers Z {Z because DBZ did it first}). But we don’t get that. And when we do get Super Forms, they are few and far apart in usage, and sometimes aren’t even used as an over-drive 或者 sorts (you decide if that’s a bad 或者 good thing. I don’t really care that much.)

Now don’t get me wrong, I 爱情 the main Super Forms. They look epic, and are mandatory in certain plots (well mandatory is a strong word. Let’s just say preferred.). An example would be Sonic 06 (Yeah, yeah I know. I’ll say this here. Not saying in any way that the game was a good game, 或者 whatever. Just read.). In the final boss, some things surprised me (the 吻乐队(Kiss) the 吻乐队(Kiss) the kiss), but Super Sonic did not. However when I saw it here, it made sense. Sonic 06 was named after Sonic, and it was meant to be a re-boot, so naturally they’d like it to be nostalgic and bring in a newer-ish looking Super Sonic (It fades out his muzzle = new?). However with most Sonic games I actually find myself going “Super Sonic again? Really?”.

An example of that is Sonic Unleashed. (Yes I still think it’s the best game. No it’s not my favorite, so don’t try to tell me I’m just being stubborn. I DEAMED IT BEST FOR A REASON.) Despite how good it was, I just got bored 由 Super Sonic. Yes he looked epic, but he appeared in the beginning. When I saw the first trailer for the game, it made it look like Super Sonic was so easy that the Dark Gaia experience would make some sort of other Super-Form Sonic, so I was hyped for what he would turn into. But then I saw that the super-form that Eggman could capture in something one-twentieth (science 或者 not) the size of Metal-Overload was the final super-form, I was quite disappointed. I mean, I bet 你 that if they had made it HYPER SONIC, this game would be considered the best hands down immediately.

I guess that’s why I can somewhat enjoy Sonic and the Secret Rings, and enjoy Sonic and the Black Knight. And while Sonic and the Black Knight does have basically Super Sonic in Armor, he at least looks different than normal Super Sonic, and Darkspine Sonic looks EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIC!

And what about Hyper Sonic? HE STILL HAS NOT RETURNED! Why? Well just like how we…
1.    Don’t let Sonic have a whisp-super-form (which is 说 in an un-used voice-reel has 更多 power than the Chaos Emeralds)
2.    Don’t have Sonic Absorb Dark Chaos Energy (Like Chaos did)
3.    And don’t Super-charge the werehog (probably would’ve gotten that spirally-eyed Super Sonic. Don’t ask me to say his name, I never remember.)

We (We = SEGA) also don’t feel the need to create a plot involving something SO BIG, SO POWERFUL, SO IMMENSLY SHOCKING, that we NEED Hyper Sonic. Even as a tease like in Sonic 颜色 it would be fine. I WANT ME SOME 彩虹 AND WHITE HEDGEHOG!

Another Super Form I’d 爱情 to see would be Turbo Tails (or a… RE-designed Titan Tails… now repeat Re-designed like ten times and you’ll understand why.). What does he look like? Different gloves, and cape. Doesn’t sound like much right? Well personally I think it looks 冷却器 than a ton of birds around 你 (THE BIRRRRRRRRRRRDS). Not to mention that Turbo Tails has been 说 to be 更多 powerful than even Super Shadow.

So far the closest 最近的 game to give us something like that (I stretch this) is Sonic Generations because we have two Super Sonics… right? … Yeah sorry that just doesn’t cut it. GIVE ME A NEW SUPER FORM PLEASE!

2.    The Comic characters (or Archie/SatAM characters)
Okay we have people all over going “MOAR ORIGINAL PLZ!!!” and spelling worse than that, but whenever someone suggests “How about the comic characters?” to those same people they go “NO! THE COMICS ARE CRUD! THE GAMES ARE SO MUCH BETTER!” right after they say how bad the games have been.

We’ve taken risks.

And yet we aren’t willing to…
~Bring in new all-prepared material.
~Bringing in Sally Acorn (who manages to 显示 no cleavage while still nude!)
~Well… I actually gave up on the voice-acting. No I do not like Roger Craig Smith as Sonic. Just Ezio (I really really 爱情 Ezio.)

There are SO MANY characters, plots, worlds, plots, ideas, and plots in the comic series. I mean TELL me 你 wouldn’t want to see Dr. Finitevus! Tell me 你 wouldn’t want to see the Iron Queen! Tell me 你 wouldn’- okay actually people would tell me that, but guess what, 你 MUST BE AT LEAST THIS OPEN MINDED TO VOTE! (My finger is touching the floor.)

And what do the comics have to offer for plot?
*deep breath*
1.    Roboticization
2.    Swords of epic power (BETTER THAN IN BLACK KNIGHT)
3.    Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiic (As in longer than one game.)
5.    HUGE Background about pas-events.
6.    HUGE story about FUTURE events.
7.    Being able to make Mephiles say the word “Dude”/MAYBE MAKING A PLOT WITH HIM THAT LOOKS COOL!
8.    Gems that AREN’T Chaos Emeralds and still have super-natural powers.
9.    More emphases on the power-rings.
10.    DI-A-LOGUE
11.    A GOOD STICKING ROMANCE (And I’m not just talking about Sonic. NONE OF THE CHARACTERS ARE COUPLED IN THE GAMES! NONE OF THE MAIN CHARACTERS! Sonic, Shadow, Tails, Knuckles, Blaze, Silver, Cream, Vector, Vanilla, Espio, Charmy, Rouge) The longest was Sonic and Elise, which if 你 can imagine her as an animal could actually be a good story.

Then another thing. Look at a certain Sonic game.
Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood has SO many references to the Dark Legion from the comics, 你 could just call it the Dark Legion, but no it’s the “Dark Brotherhood”… THAT WAS SO MUCH DIFFERENT!

We have Shade = Juli Su
Ix = Finitevus/Dimitri (mostly Dimitri)
The void place whatever = The Twilight Zone place (Yep it’s in the comics)
Army of Echidnas = … Army of Echidnas
Special technological advancements = What I just said.

Not to mention the Echidna they say (spoilers) that was conquered 由 the Dark Legion- I mean “Brotherhood” looked EXACTLY LIKE KNUCKLE’S DAD LOCKE!

If 你 like the comic ideas so much, then make something involving the comics. I mean…

Here’s something 你 can look at.

Imagine 你 see KNUCKLE’S FATHER, sitting over a hill-top over his attacked city, where his kind have won but at a great cost. Then DOCTER FINITEVUS POPS UP and *if 你 know how this guy acts, 你 know something big’s gonna happen. (*Finitevus in his first appearance in the comics, played a very mysterious role on the 超能英雄 side, and mysteriously disappeared. To 最佳, 返回页首 it all off he was grinning as the biggest threat in the current story was going to try and kill him. GRINNING, as if he was saying “I will kill 你 and I’ll 爱情 it.”*) THEN 你 find out after some hinting and naming that something is coming. 天使 Island is under a mysterious air, and suddenly out from the Master Emerald’s hiding place *BOOM!* literally. ENERGY BLAST INTO THE SKY.

And out comes one of the epic-looking villains in Sonic history.
How can 你 make the games better?

To say nothing of the fact that they even explain the evolution of Mobians, while the games DO NOT, and 你 keep thinking in the Adventure Series “This is Earth right?” Then when 你 see the name “Spagonia” you’re like “Okay this is Mobius?” then something else will come along and change it so something else.

Maybe Comic Game is too much.
But comic SHOW.
SatAM was the best Sonic 显示 to date. I’ve seen it 说 myself 由 multiple people (Example: Nostalgia Critic), and it got canceled for… POWER RANGERS.

That was the best Sonic 显示 back then.
Can 你 imagine the animation, and acting, and GLOWY-EFFECTS it could 显示 NOW?


3.    Sally Acorn
Let’s look at a couple characters that people dislike and the reasons.

Christ Thorndyke.
1.    Voice
2.    Anime (You can 交叉, 十字架 that off if 你 like anime, and let’s face it most of 你 will, so just forget it.)
3.    He steals the roles of characters all the time.
4.    He contributes very very little.
5.    They somehow make him the main character instead of Sonic. They do it with Transformers, they do it with TMNT, we don’t need it here.

Princess Elise
1.    Human
2.    Kiss.
3.    … Gets captured a lot.

Sally Acorn
1.    Sonic 爱情 Interest
2.    Basically Nude.

Both Sally reasons are PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETY. I’ll give 你 that the nudity CAN be a bit much depending on the Comic Artist, but Sally does not 显示 cleavage, and does not act sexual. 你 praise Rouge, who is supporting porn (Don’t say I’m wrong. If they didn’t want her to be the sex-appeal she would not have knockers.)

Sonic 爱情 Interest. Because someone beating up her crush to try and marry him, thus stopping him from going on his quest to save the world, and later saying “YOU BEAT ME! 你 BETTER MAKE THIS UP 由 GOING OUT WITH ME!” is SUCH a GREAT IDEA! I mean really, I think even SEGA is trying to get this through to the 粉丝 now.
AMY IS NOT SONIC’S GIRLFRIEND! The best form of Amy is a toss-up for me. Either Sonic Adventure where she’s actually treated 更多 like a spoiled girl 由 Sonic even though she actually doesn’t get that much annoying, 或者 in (Lord Protect me please) Sonic X. I hate that show, but she does actually 显示 good characteristics and-… Y’know what, no. The best Amy is in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. Why? Fake boyfriend. The end.

And going back to the topic of this number, it seems like they’re trying to put in Sally… without putting in Sally.

Think of it like this.
Make Chris a female, and a mobian, and Royalty. 你 GET SALLY ACORN.
Make Princess Elise a mobian. 你 GET SALLY ACORN.
Both are really close to Sonic in the stuff they’re in, and one of them becomes a love-interest, while the other might as well be seeing how much he depends and obsesses over Sonic, pulling out his own “I don’t care what happens to the world!” scenes.

And what’s wrong with Sally? She slapped him and was a jerk a couple times. CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT! We do NOT want a character who’s always good. And this is the girl who 迷失 her family, has to deal with Mr. Chili Dog, and lead her team the whole time, and do this will most of her help coming from a computer (WHICH ALSO NEEDS TO POP UP! HALO 粉丝 GONNA HATE! I WON’T CARE! BRING IN NICOLE!). She doesn’t have to be positive all the time. And she really is a great character. She’s diplomatic, loyal, a great leader and organizer, a fighter at times, and EXTREMELY brave.

Now to shoot down some arguments.

1.    “Those aren’t real characters!”
Sally has appeared in one of the sonic games (yes it counts, and 你 can’t tell me why it wouldn’t. Does not matter how brief. She’s in it, she’s real.), and there was a 显示 based on the comics. THEREFORE IT IS REAL!
2.    “Sonamy is real and Sonally isn’t!”
HA! No. Sonic has never kissed, 或者 showed (real) interest in Amy (real as in not just to stop a 船, 小船 that makes him sick.). He has kissed Sally over six times, in comics, and at least once in television, thank you, have a good day, goodbye.

4. Remakes (and other forms of this.)

Sonic 06
What made this bad?
Now one would normally say everything, which is correct, but if 你 give it less glitches, less plot-holes (like ten less 或者 so), and maybe Princess Elise being mobian, it would be a pretty good game (compared to other Sonic games)

I mean the graphics were amazing for a game of that age, and I can’t help but get all hyped when I see the intro for the game, and hear the music. Even all three of the intros make me interested! But then that’s crushed instantly because of how TERRIBLE IT WAS! So… why not redo it? Metroid could do it with a good game, and make it better, why not do it with a terrible game and make it good?

Granted games like Sonic Free Riders are too recent, and too short to get redoes, and have other reasons, but with sonic 06 is seven years old! We could make it good! Granted I doubt the best (maybe, maybe not) but we could make it good!

Villains like Mephiles, and even Iblis, are EPIC! Mephiles is voiced amazingly, he looks like the closest thing we’ll get to a mobian villain (Aside from Ix), and he has well… an epic personality. He’s one of those villains you’d think would quote Shakespeare a lot (sadly he does not… I think), and he is the BEST RECOLOR IN THE WORLD! THAT IS SAYING SOMETHING PEOPLE!

YES it would take effort, but really, can’t 你 imagine? I mean yes it would make things “worse” for Sonic to fail at this again, but really that’s bound to happen soon anyway, I mean (For the third time I mean) personally I did not like Sonic Generations really. I just don’t. (I have my reasons, but not for now.) And while a lot of people do, I can’t help but feel that there will be a game really soon to mess Sonic up again. If this did end up well though, it would REVIVE the series higher than “Oh you’ve gotten a bit better. You’re on your way to being great again.” And shoot up into “I LOVED IT! IT’S BACK AGAN! I CAN START PLAYING SONIC AGAIN!”

Then we have games that we don’t want redone but have set the stage for games that could make sense.

Shadow the Hedgehog.

We all know that there had to be a game about this guy sometime (SA 2 doesn’t exist anymore for some reason.), but they did not do it well. I don’t blame them though that much. I mean picture they’re going “Okay they REALLY REALLY want a Shadow game, but we already did everything on Shadow’s past so what do we do?” Aside from DOING YOUR JOB!!!!??? They did their “Best” and we got Shadow the hedgehog; a game that could have been avoided all if someone had just 说 “Hey Shadow, ever hear of a Dreamcast? There’s a game full of adventure in it that might give 你 some info about yourself in it.”

I mean really. All they had to do was say “Shadow I have proof that you’re good, and here’s a pic of Maria, and here’s who she is, and here’s your purpose.” BEFORE BLACK DOOM TOLD HIM SOMETHING ELSE!

But no. HOWEVER, in SONIC 06, Mephiles tells Shadow that the world will betray him someday, and I actually don’t think he’s lying. I mean, Shadow is extremely powerful, and even Omega sees the logic in it. And seeing how there isn’t a Shadow in Silver’s future (Yeah he doesn’t age. Don’t believe me, your fault.) I’m pretty sure something happened to him between that time.

O-M-G (Ostrich Melting Gelatinous!) A GAME IDEA ABOUT SHADOW THAT WORKS!
Tell the story about when the world turns on him. 显示 the struggle of Omega and him staying as 老友记 或者 enemies, how Sonic would react to what the world wants him to do, what Shadow would do, and what would cause the world to turn on him.

And the best part is that in this scenario they could probably even go “Heavy Rain” on it, giving it a vast amount of alternate endings, with the true ending not having to be earned, but simply being a result of what 你 chose.

5. The Game Couples (Mainly Silvaze)

So seeing how the comics AREN’T in the games, we have a lot less characters, and therefore a lot less couples. I mean… no one is actually together, for 更多 than one game at least.

The closest game to do with was (And I know this is getting old but) Sonic 06. Now again, don’t think this is a good game at ALL, but they did introduce some things (better 或者 worse). We have Sonic and Elise, a couple (and yes it was real, seeing how he’s a little 更多 interested in the human than Amy it seems.), and Silver and Blaze (Ironically both royalty… Blaze and Elise I mean.). Now don’t get me wrong, Sonic and Elise I don’t find normal at all, but I’d be lying if I actually 说 it was wrong. But I’ve made a rant about that already so I won’t go into that.

Now let’s look at Blaze’s love-options.

With Sonic 06 she’s the 更多 “wise” and mature sidekick/mentor to Silver, and while she does seem a bit older than him and less interested, they obviously have chemistry (one-sided 或者 not), but I don’t actually support this couple… anymore (Music 视频 don’t count right?... please…).

Now why not? Well because of Sonic Rush, and Sonic Rush Adventure. In both games, it shows an extreme friendship between SONIC and Blaze, and despite what 你 may think, GAME SONIC IS SINGLE! Blaze and Sonic also share similar abilities, and similar drives, even though Blaze is a bit 更多 crazed and serious. (She’s a queen, she can be serious. Let her be.) Sonic teaches her some stuff… she probably teaches him something somewhere (Where? Tell me now!), and I would 爱情 to see them as a couple.

Now let’s look at Silver and Blaze. Granted they do appear in a lot of games, but only once are they actually a team. And since the events in Sonic 06 never happened, and well… Blaze got changed for some reason in it (SHE’S A 皇后乐队 IN A DIFFERENT DIMENSION, NOT IN SONIC’S FUTURE!), they really wouldn’t remember being together at all… and she dies in that too so… *RAGE*

And another thing, the games order of releases are lose-lose(-lose) for Silvaze if 你 think about it. If I’m correct Sonic Rush came before Sonic 06, and then Sonic Rush Adventure came after. So that would mean Sonic knows Blaze first, something happens that gets reversed, and then Sonic and Blaze meet up again, REMEMBERING EACH OTHER, and have some fu-… adventure, making it look like Rush was a good idea, 06 made it a bad idea, Rush Adventure fixed it.

Another option! Sonic 06, THEN BOTH SONIC RUSH GAMES! If that would be true, it would look like the creators went “Well I don’t like them together, let’s make it all not happen and do something else. 嘿 Sonic’s single still, let’s make a game about it!” then a 年 later… “HEY THAT WAS GREAT! ANOTHER ONE!” Making it look like Sonic 06 does nothing, then we get Sonic and Blaze TWICE in a row together.

Then the third option. Both Rush games coming before Sonic 06. That would imply that Sonic and Blaze were great for a game, then the 下一个 one they were like “That’s good but let’s try something else.”, followed 由 Sonic 06, then because it stank they tried to forget it, and would probably come up with another game about them in the future. HUZZAH!

So yeah, sorry Silver. Believe it 或者 not I do like ya a lot, but I think Sonic and Blaze are a better couple (in the games, not comics.)

Yeah 你 could argue “Sonic and Amy have been in games WAY more!” and yeah that’s true, but it’s mostly Amy chasing Sonic, and him running away. 你 guys have 说 that he has trouble 展示 his feelings to Amy? He seems fine with Blaze, and doesn’t get freaked out with a HUMAN 或者 any passes Rouge makes (officially making him possibly a pervert.), so I do NOT buy that.

Then we have Shadow. Hard choice for me actually. Sadly I am one of those people who would like to see him and Maria as a couple in a way (an older Maria, reincarnated 或者 something!). Oh HEY! HUMAN COUPLE! AND NO ONE GETS UPSET! Seriously did people not notice that?! We get ticked about Sonic and a mature pretty princess, who kisses Sonic, but we’re fine with Shadow dating a girl that’s a sister to him, younger, human, and dead? Again I would 爱情 to see that kind of a couple but seriously? How is that better than Elise? And don’t give me the Maria being a mobian thing, they could do that with Elise too.

I know the developers would definitely get some problems with making some ACTUAL couples, but really, people like to see ya take risks, and while Sonic does do that a lot, it’s not usually THAT type of risk. It’s 更多 what he’ll become, 或者 what adventure he’ll have, and rarely emotions and love.

I’d be fine with even finally getting Vector and Vanill-… yeah on 秒 thought I’m still weirded out 由 that one.

So Originally this was going to be TEN issues, but I could only think of these five for now. Oh well. If 你 have some things you’d like to see happen 更多 或者 changed in the games leave a comment.

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Shadow & Rouge; Night and Day Difference.
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