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posted by Ciara-the-Gecko
Now, naming characters is hard, I'm gonna admit that, but hopefully this is an 文章 on how to help 你 with that.

1. Relevance to Nationality and the Era they Were Born in

What nationality is your character? (If your character doesn't have a nationality, just ignore this) Are they Chinese, English, American? What names are 更多 likely to be used in these areas? When were they born? What were the 流行的 names of the time?

And easy answer to all these 问题 is research, and research is fun, there are plenty of baby naming sites, and records of 流行的 names throughout time.

2. 随意 Words...
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I plan on making a Mary Sue/Gary Stu test for everyone here. The way I will be doing it is 你 will check off whichever things portray to your character, and the resulting number will determine how stu-ish they are.

HOWEVER the difference with this one is that not only will there be things to check off to decrease the amount, AND there will be 答案 which count as 更多 或者 less points than others, BUT IT WILL ALSO have secondary check-lists for those who DO have those attributes but not because they are stu-ish, but based on actual facts told to them 由 other users.

An example is “Does almost...
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Okay, so I got bored, and after some reminiscing, I thought I'd make a 列表 like this. Without further ado...

15: Wacko (solarsonic11)
Yes, I 说 it, Solar. Your most overpowered, pointless, biggest jerk of a character made it on my list. Why? Because Wacko is the only character I've noticed on the site meant to fight back against godmodding. And yes, even though I wanna kill him sometimes, he's still a funny guy.

Okay, so another very annoying cameo...XD Who am I kidding? First time I met this character was in team serpents, and she tried to give candy...
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 Lero_3ternal The Scarlet Rose
Lero_3ternal The Scarlet Rose

Name: Millenia Leroux
Age: 18yrs old
Eyes: Smokey Grey
Hair: Jet Black
Height: 3"0 Ft Tall
Weight: N/A
Date Of Birth: December 23rd
Mobian Type: Wolf-Cat
Single 或者 Taken: Single
Born: Tokyo Japan
Raised At: Mobius City

Opposite Character Of: Amy
Arch-Enemy: Eggman Nega
Nicknames:Mar,"Deadly Beauty" And Millenia The Scarlet Rose..

Favorite Quote:"Everybody Scream Your 心 Out!"

Personality: Quiet, Crazy, Fun, Very Intelligent, Sneaky, Mischievous,Shy, Soft Spoken and Have Manners To Who Ever She Pleases.

Can Be: Annoyed Easily, Rude, Sarcastic, Mild-Tempered...
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Well, a lot has happened in the past...age that I've been gone from this site.

1. I have been diagnosed with Ehler's Danlos Syndrome

2. I am now in a kickass wheelchair

3. The condition has also affected my heart, so I'm to stay out of stressful environments and the like

4. I'm still making my game, so theres that.

5. Like I mentioned previously, my OCs have officially moved OUT of the Sonic universe and are now in their own lil universe I created. But they're all still there, Lyssa, May, Alyss, ect

6. I might still post some art if 你 guys arent too adverse to humans being 发布 (and if 你 are I totally would understand)


8. I still don't do art trades 或者 requests so...don't ask lol.

Have a missed a lot here? I've been semi-updated on the Tak incident (in fact thats why I came back) but is there anything else I need to know?
posted by NailStrafer
I made an account a little while ago. Sorry to say I've 迷失 track of time. It's been a busy few weeks between work and social commitments. But now I've finally got a bit of time to post one of my 粉丝 characters.

I have two major 粉丝 characters I use between roleplays and fanfiction. 你 could say they're like two sides of a coin, each reflecting a side of my personality. One of them is serious, and the other one is fun-loving. Giichi is the fun loving one.

If the backstory doesn't make much sense, it's because this version of Giichi is from Sonic Aftermath, an old Sonic roleplaying site I...
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posted by AceRider
 潮流粉丝俱乐部 Version
Fanpop Version
Olivia Rachael Meichick is a 17 年 old echidna girl born on Icarus Island. Her tribe died during a time of war, leaving her and her family the last of that echidna tribe. When she got older, Olivia decided she wanted to become a mercenary for her job at G.U.N. She has a record of 53 missions she has done successfully, and only 2 missions she has fail. Her mother, Trish, was a agent for 20 years and taught her everything she needs to know about what field she is currently in.

Olivia is a joyful, calm, and somewhat of a goof of a girl. She often flirts, and bothers any boy she likes. Olivia loves to collect stuffed animals. She hates people who back stab.

Olivia a no only superb at hand to hand combat, but also a great marks-woman. She main sticks with 拍击, smack, 味道 and Dizzy, two modified pistols.
 DeviantART exclusive
DeviantART exclusive
posted by TakTheFox
So I decided that I’d keep the Persian angle of the Supretan Culture, and the Scottish angle, but I’d also add the Indian angle as well. I already updated everything that mentions these in the stories, but just to give some clues as to what will happen to them in the future here’s some facts.

I won’t be using any Persian, Indian, 或者 Scottish religions mainly, but I may create a new one that will be slightly influenced 由 the Islamic influence. For the moment it will be a world-religion, but it may have differences.

The origin of the country Supreta will be that of after-apocalypse groups...
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posted by TakTheFox
So after the events of Origin Unmade 2 there were changes, shifts, in the universes and characters. Today we have Sissy. I’ll be going over her backstory, personality, relationships, and abilities.

Sissy was born in the 年 4126 on the planet Mobocan, eight years before the Refine. She was, and is to everyone’s knowledge, the only Milen Banshee ever born. She was born in Supreta originally, but her parents were afraid for her well-being in the country, prompting the small family to 移动 from the country, regardless of the fact that they would not be able to be protected 由 Supreta...
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It was morning. Nick had been asleep for the 秒 time since the issue with the dreams. Neither he, nor Kal, nor Jesse wanted to sleep but they could not stop themselves from being tired. The dreams that Nick had were not bad ones, it was when he awoke that the terror sank in. Every time he awoke he would have to make sure that he was truly awake.

Even now Nick could not be certain. The only way that any of them knew was if Rin confirmed their memories, and could still morph and use Chaos Energy, something none of them remember her doing in the dreams. Jesse was going to meet up with Talon...
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posted by AceRider
Roxanne Lu Misutikku is a 16 年 old dragon that formally lived in East Dragon Raw, but moved to Central to escape her clingy ex-boyfriend. Roxanne was raised 由 Milo The Dragon (father) and Sophie The Dragon (mother). Roxanne's mother was killed 由 Vile Cove, and swore revenge for his actions. Throughout her childhood, Roxanne was aggravated 由 boys that wanted to be her boyfriend and bothered 由 girls due to their jealousy. Years later, all the bothering ceased, and she was happy. She managed to score a boyfriend for 6 months, but broke up with him because he was too obsessive over her....
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After Casey had left, Kyle had gone back to sitting around in his house. His family had gathered in the living room, which meant that they all began talking amongst themselves in sharing stories and talking about what had been going on lately in their lives. They all enjoyed the family time and the family bonding; with everyone being busy lately, it had been impossible for them to all sit down and enjoy seeing and talking to each other like a close family should. They all continued spending time together and talking until the time for 晚餐 rolled around, which meant that Jacob and Kushina...
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I loved someone once, and I still 爱情 that same person. So why am I alone? Did she die? Is she with someone else? Quite frankly I don’t know.

I can see through the future and the past with ease, but if I were to do that with her future, to see what became, I might break. Will I find out that she was killed? Will I find out that she loved another? Will it be something worse? I cannot 熊 it.

When I first met her I had already been in 爱情 with her, though quite frankly I was so arrogant and rash that I probably had no idea what the word meant at that point. But I soon learned that because...
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posted by NoctusLynx
Some people hate 'em, some people 爱情 'em. Others simply don't give a damn. But what makes the cliche have such a mixed review? Why are there people who like it and 爱情 it? Let's find out.

First, we might want to find out what a cliche IS. A cliche is comparable to a stereotype to an extent. A cliche is something that is commonly repeated over and over and over and over and over and over and over and... 你 get the idea. Here, I will address two cliches.

Character stereotypes are something we can't get around. Most stories are alegories, which are stories which the characters represent a part...
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Full Name: Alice Lilith Romero



Age: 17

Appearance: brown fur,Bright blue eyes,waist length dark red hair,long eyelashes,skinny(but not too skinny),plump red lips,always wearing a crop 最佳, 返回页首 and pants,small tail,and small black ears.




Birthplace:Angel Island



Weakness:Sweets(twinkes,swiss rolls,etc.)

Story: Growing up with a poor family and always got made fun of her whole childhood.Alice was a quiet child the kids always made fun of her because their were jealous picking on her every chance they...
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So while the first full fanfiction I wrote was Lizzy: Eternal, the first idea and series I had was the Seven Server Saga; the thing that literally started EVERYTHING I ever made.

This was the origin for…
~Tons of other characters 你 haven’t heard of
~And basically every plot that started in other series, 或者 almost all of them.

This was my first, and to this 日 only, series that involved 大炮, 加农炮 characters, but it had quite a few changes along the way.

So let’s go to the beginning involving my first ever 粉丝 Character, Starcher Saraduct. I made this guy when I was...
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posted by unknown99
Alexandrite is usually shy to new people, but she is a cheerful girl. She likes helping other people. Born in the City of water she mostly also likes and enjoys swimming. She had a happy family. She also had a lot of friends. At the age of 6, she was sent to the Andromedian Pyrokinetic Academy. In her dormitory, she met her roomates, Snow the Cat, Yuki the Hedgehog, and Natural the Hedgehog. Just then, another girl was behind her.
"Can 你 移动 on please?". Alexandrite suddenly 迷失 her foot grip, jumped and landed on the floor. The girl was Mizu the Hedgehog. Alexandrite continues to make friends...
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posted by unknown99
Amethyst's name was discovered 由 his purple fur. Born in the City of Earth, he was an intelligent little hedgehog. He was sent to the Andromedian Pyrokinetic Academy. He got along with his roomates, Joey, Grey and Skye. He was mostly quiet about talking useless stuff. One of his big problems are people calling him mud-face because he used to play in mud at young age. He was sometimes annoyed 由 Nico who mostly talk to him at break-times. At the final exam, he won a streak of 3 until Joey electrocuted him from behind. He returned to his dorm to rest. Later that night he couldn't sleep waiting...
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Both breathing fast out of breath, Joey the Hedgehog and his 老友记 are taken down one 由 one 由 Shockwave the Echidna. Seeing his last friend being taken down, his 心 beats loudly. *grunt* he fell on his knees and his 心 beats rapidly, he had a strange feeling that somehow he will 加入 forces with an unstoppable power. He then forms a cloak, sky blue like energy color. the 披风, 斗篷 around his hand was claws and could rip a house in a single blow. His eyes turn red with a strange pattern inside. He then shouted as his skin and 毛皮 turn sky blue with black mixing pattern flowing around....
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posted by SilverFox73
These days in 翠, 翡翠 Town were interesting ones, to say the least. It had all started when word on the streets 说 that there was a rouge team of strangers robbing every bank, every home, every jewelry store. 你 name the place, they had every piece of cash that place had. Our story turns to Jake and Cario in their apartment building one morning. It's was Cario's turn to make breakfast, so he strolled into the 厨房 and started to make his signature flapjacks. Jake plopped onto the 长椅, 沙发 and turned on the TV, and it flashed on to 显示 a news channel special report. "Be sure to keep your...
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