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ruby: ......nothing to do eilly: yeah wai-(hears someting) what was that!? ruby: i dont know lets go! (both find out what was the sound) both: holy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (seens a big bag of coins 金牌 and sparckles) whoo! eilly: ruby this might be a trap! ruby: trap! it doesnt look like a trap to me! (runs to it all) eilly: (talking to self) like ruby........she likes all 金牌 gems and other things because its in her name so never mind................... ruby: woo! this is gre-AHHH!! IT IS A TRAPP!!!!!! (FALLS IN A DUNGEN) eill: ugh like i tell her everday never go to a place with 金牌 gems and others and this is what i get............A FALLING SEASHELL IN A DUNGEN! UGH! (goes in dungen) what happens to eilly and ruby find out next
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My life of pain..evil..and Redemption was hard for going to tell 你 a story of an young blue and purple hedgehog's life...why are 你 asking me if its my life...well your in luck it is... let me begin with the start of my life..

I was born in the old town of Soleanna in 1895 While the era was in the Frontier age, I was born but didnt really have a family...all i knew about them was that my mum died 由 forced rape and my dad left her with a black eye...where was i..O yea.

I was sent to an orphanage where i was raised 由 some strangers i called mom and dad, i made 老友记 along the orphanage...
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