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Sonic 粉丝 Character 个人资料 Creator


If character has one, REAL name:
Reason for Name:

Age currently
Age at beginning of story:
Age character appears to be:



Primary Color (Main fur/skin):
Secondary Color (Mouth, chest, ect.):

Other Eye-details:

Does character have hair?:
(If so, the following)
Color of hair:
Style of hair:
Does character have this type of hair often?:
If not, what other types/colors are there?:


Scars/Markings (Tattoos, ect.):

Distinguishing marks:

Body type (Fat, skinny, healthy, fair, ect.)

If so, how long?:...
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 Shadow & Rouge; Night and 日 Difference.
Shadow & Rouge; Night and Day Difference.
“… There might have been a time when 你 actually thought about others, but now it’s just become, ‘Get the villain out of the way and be proclaimed as a hero once more!’ I just don’t want 你 to become something that 你 don’t want to be.”Lil the Cat from “The Misadventures of a Wandering Soul.”

Do 你 remember the first time 你 ever drew your 粉丝 character? When 你 created him/her, 你 had thought everything out; who they dated, what they wore, and if they had any powers. Believe me when I say that 粉丝 characters are the best characters in the world. Their stories...
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Just a recap I'm sonic I went too shadow academy but I died a terrifying death my 老友记 were sad but we'll stay tuned.

I was looking for my 老友记 then I saw tails he 说 SONIC YOUR ALIVE!!I replied yes?Tails showed my other friends.they were excited.I went to school and tails got a A+ and a 300/10 for engineering.I went 首页 this time without getting killed.I went to bed.When I woke up a terrifying creature was standing in my room I told it to get out it 说 in a scary and deep voice YOU'VE MADE A BIG MISTAKE!!! I was blasted away and a 龟, 海龟 with a button on his shell 说 hello!!when I went to school a guy 说 EVERYBODY DO THE FLOP! A 松饼 a 熊 and a can of marmite fell on there face.I ran 首页 and 说 I gotta stop this then a 塔科, 炸玉米饼 说 WHERE'S MY MONEY!!!!and well this is a cliffhanger so I can't tell 你 what happened until the 下一个 one. The end?
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