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You're my most dearest friend KatKat57,Happy Birthday,with my gift as a Jaydertrude Video just for 你 <3
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* in crystals house*
crystal: rex??
rex: crystal???
crystal:*runs to rex to hug him*
rex: dont touch me u will get hurt * runs to the side*
crystal: why not
rex: they made my body all 火, 消防 if u touch me u burn
crystal: oh :'(
rex: im sorry * runs out the door*
crystal: im alone
godzillman: *knocks on door*
crystal: ??? come in
godzillman: come on in averyone
crystal: what whats going on
flower: happy bday
crystal: :D
flower: do u want cake
crystal: sure
godzillman: ill cut the cake *cuts cake*
rainbow: 嘿 crystal
crystal: 彩虹 hey
* the ground shakes really hard*
crystal: whoa * falls onto godzillman*
godzillman: ummm
crystal: uhh sorry
godzillman: its ok
rainbow: what was that
crystal: ahhhhhh
* a gaint robot grabs crystal*
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