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luna: oh ohh baby!!! scourge: yeah babe!!! youll lovethis one!!! luna: yeah!!!!! ....lets start from the begining:

luna: *holding her phone up to her ear...waiting for jake to call* *sigh* *turns off phone* ....thats the third time that i tried calling him.....he wouldnt even pick up the voicemail..........

just then two arms were hugging me.....was it jake?

i turned around to see myself in was the one person who i didnt want now........

?????:hey babe.....seems like 你 had a bad day.... how bout a hug...will that make ya feel better?

luna:*eyes widen* sc-scourge!!!!!

scourge:aww you...
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posted by silverstruelove
 the healing hug
the healing hug
One day:
Me:(walking my two daughters in the park) i wonder what your dad's doing
Me:(smiles) yes dada (hears a voice)
Voice:i 爱情 你 Blaze
Me:(sees from 树 to see Silver 接吻 Blaze) i can't believe it. He's cheating on me. (Runs away crying with my kids in my arms)
Silver:(hears and sees Magic crying) Magic!!!!
Me:(ignores him and teleports to Shadow's house)
At Shadow's house:
Shadow:hey little sister
Me:hey. 鳓, 鲱鱼, 鲥鱼 can 你 do me a favor?
Me:im going to be gone for a while can 你 watch Ashley and Megan until i come back
Me:thanks (hands them over to Shadow and...
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posted by BladePorcupine
The base was on alert. A blasting intruder alarm blared throughout the metal corridors. Two figures dashed through the halls dodging lazer 火, 消防 from the battle driods pursuing them. One was a male porcupine with markings like Shadow's, except he was blue and silver. His first two head spikes curved down, but his last curved up. He had a silver crescent shaped marking on his chest. He had high tech boots and arm devices. His name was Blade.
The other was a female echidna. She was 橙子, 橙色 and white, and was wearing a black suit with wrist rings. A black headband stretched around her head. Her...
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after we were 接吻 for so long .... i stopped and i told him to do something to me that ive never told anyone else.

luna: scourge....i want 你 to fuck me!!

scourge: *pervy smile* heh.....but *pushes me on the bed....then puts his hand on my crotch* i wanted to tell 你 that i was gonna fuck 你 how bout it?

luna:YES YES YES!!!!!

scourge: *chuckles* ask and 你 shall recieve.

i then took off my jumpsuit while scourge took off his jacket....

scourge: 你 ready?

luna: oh big time!!!

he then did it...he fucked me...and it felt so good.

luna: oh ohh. scourge: yeah baby! your gonna love...
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posted by sexyluna34
luna: (walking with scar) im wondering how your father is doing....

scar: (sees something) (eyes widen) why dont ya ask him yourself! (points into the direction of the thing)

luna: (looks)....(tears fill up in her eyes)

scourge: i 爱情 你 fiona. (kisses her)

luna: (runs away while crying)


luna: 嘿 mag?


luna: can 你 watch over scar? ill be gone for a while..

magic: sure. (holds scar)

at lunas house:

luna: (crying) g-goodbye... (writing a note)

note: for who is 阅读 this, i am no longer here... i have gone to the 爬坡道, 小山 to commit suicide for my heart...its been destroyed......
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after that 接吻 with scourge....i then went 首页 and cut my hair...put on a black jumpsuit...and matching black boots..... i looked in the mirror and said:its time ...for a new luna....

i then went outside and called scourge


luna: h-hey.

scourge: 嘿 babe...that was some 吻乐队(Kiss) ya gave me.

luna: *blush* thanks and your welcome..hey wanna come over to my house?

scourge: sure...when should i come?

luna:how about in 30 minutes?

scourge: sounds good. ill be right over.

luna: bye.

scourge: see ya.

i then turned off my phone and got the place cleaned up...after i finished i sat had...
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posted by silverstruelove
Angel: yeah?
Magic:how long have 你 liked me
Angel:for as long as i known you
Magic:so when i was 4
Magic:so what was the reason 你 froze yourself
Angel:because well remember i was 16 and 你 were eight. I wanted to be with you. I loved you, not Amanda.
Magic:i always thought that 你 loved Amanda
Angel:if i didn't 爱情 你 then why would i just hang out with 你 on the old porch 摇摆, 秋千 with just us. 或者 why did i save 你 when leo almost killed you.
Angel:i wished i was the one to give 你 your first 吻乐队(Kiss)
Magic:well 你 can give me a 吻乐队(Kiss) now
Angel:(smiles and rubs...
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* in crystals house*
crystal: rex??
rex: crystal???
crystal:*runs to rex to hug him*
rex: dont touch me u will get hurt * runs to the side*
crystal: why not
rex: they made my body all 火, 消防 if u touch me u burn
crystal: oh :'(
rex: im sorry * runs out the door*
crystal: im alone
godzillman: *knocks on door*
crystal: ??? come in
godzillman: come on in averyone
crystal: what whats going on
flower: happy bday
crystal: :D
flower: do u want cake
crystal: sure
godzillman: ill cut the cake *cuts cake*
rainbow: 嘿 crystal
crystal: 彩虹 hey
* the ground shakes really hard*
crystal: whoa * falls onto godzillman*
godzillman: ummm
crystal: uhh sorry
godzillman: its ok
rainbow: what was that
crystal: ahhhhhh
* a gaint robot grabs crystal*
posted by crystalstream
Crystal was alone in a medow looking up at the shining stars that blazed above her eventhough she didn't look behind her she knew someone was here."What do 你 want?"she asked,a quiet,male voice answered"I'm sorry am I disturbing you?"by the affection in his tone,she could tell it was Matthias.
"No not at all.did 你 want something?"She asked
"It's Snow again."Matthias 说 as he sat down beside her."She won't leave me alone."Crystal looked up at her warrior ansestors looking for their wisdom."I only deal with prophecies,why do 你 come to me with a realation problem?"She raised a eyebrow"Do...
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posted by shadowlily
my x ryan broke my 心 and broke up with me.heres the story.......
ryan and I were at a party.then he saw this populer girl from school and she started to flirt with him.the 下一个 日 at school he broke up with bff lara the cat found me in the girl's bathroom.sobing in a stall."she asked me what's the matter" and I told her.that night my friend and I went for sushi to try to cheer me up and at the 表 下一个 to us was that girl and ryan.the 日 after a local high scool student was found beat in her 床, 床上 room...well gess who it was.I'll give 你 a hint it was 更多 then one person.if u...
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