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posted by SnuggleBuggle
Name:Boots(A.K.A Snuggle Buggle)

日期 of birth:Augest 21,2009


Best friends:Max & Kelso(my doberman)

最喜爱的 food:doggie biscuts & kibbles and bits

Likes:to prounce on bees,jump,to play with Kelso & LONG walks

Dislikes:strangers,squirrles,mice,rats,and people who bother him(he starts to bite)

Type:Beagle mixed

毛皮 color:Black,Brown,and White

最喜爱的 game:musical chairs(i tought him how and he beats everyone)

最喜爱的 places:Dog park,the 海滩 & in the backyard