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posted by KingSimba4Ever9
Simba, the cute and mischevious cub that grew to become a great and wise king. As a cub, Simba is always looking for sothing interesting 或者 exciting to do. And his best friend, Nala, is always willing to go along with his idias. Simba can also learn and be taught very well. Simba had to go through many triles, losses and emotions to become the great king he is such as,

Simba's father died to save him from the stampeed.
Simba was comited of a crime he didn't comit and banished.
Simba was forsed to leave his home,famaly, and 老友记 at a very young age.
Simba was burdend with gult and shame after...
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posted by kopa1212
as 你 know simba and nala had a cub named kiara .they also had a cub named kopa.kopa got along great with his family,but then somthing changed.........he met the outlandrers kovu,tani,and 日 he 说 that he'd rather live with the he ran away.a couple days later tani said...."my mothers ploting to kill you".kopa then knew it was time to go home.But on his way she got him,but did'nt kill him.simba was out looking for kopa and saw him lying on a rock. simba insisted that kopa was dead and told everone buthe was far from dead as a mater of fact he grew big and strong.a...
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Surprisingly few have heard about Fluffy and many of those who have, are confused with all the 图书 and the sequel and stuff. Here's the story digging into facts of the timeline and looks, as well as the official words 由 the film's makers.

I originally created this 文章 to The Lion King Wiki as SuperBabySimba, but as Wikis can be edited 由 anyone who is confused and prefers daydreams over facts, I chose to post this original version here to help those who are interested. :)


"Let's just end on the 下一个 generation. Here's Fluffy, Simba and Nala's new little cub. Let's just end...
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