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Usui_Friday posted on May 23, 2009 at 04:34AM
If you were a shaman compeating in the next shaman fight:
1.)What type of shaman are you (if a special type)
2.)Who is your gardian spirit
3.)What is your weapon or medium
4.)what does your oversoul look like
5.)what's your reason for joining the shaman fight

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一年多以前 Usui_Friday said…
I would just be a regular Shaman.

I have to spirits. Their names are Gheata & Foc. They are both wolfs. Gheata is an artic wolf and Foc is a grey timber wolf. I use Nature powers. Gheata lets me use the element Ice by freezeing the water vaper in the air. Foc lets me use the element Fire by burning oxigen. Whenever i use them in a combined attack i can produce water.

My mediums are the gloves i were during battle.

I have three oversouls. #1 - O.S. Elemental Bow. This is when i use one of my spirits to create a bow and the other to create arrows. I switch them up so sometimes it's ice arrows and some tiems their flaming arrows. #2 - O.S. Elemental Blades. I create 2 swords that i use in close combat battle. #3 - O.S. Elemental faith. In this oversoul i dont create a weapon really. I just put the my o.s. into my gloves and minipulate the elements. Ex. I could shot ice spears, fire balls, or maybe a colum of water at my enemy.

I joined the Shaman Fight in order to make the entire world go green. I want to Permenatly get rid of polution.

I know i proble seem really lame right now but i really thought this through.
 I would just be a regular Shaman. I have to spirits. Their names are Gheata & Foc. They are both w
一年多以前 Aviantei said…
You don't sound lame at all!^^ This is pretty much for my fanfic OC, but...

I'd be an onmyoji (specifically elements and such)

I also have two spirts: Mya and Zeron. Both were onmyoji in their lifetimes ans work with any element in nature I choose. I use Mya more, mainly because Zeron is my brother's, i just "steal" him from time to time.

I can use any element as my medium, but I mainly use leaves (wood). They can be used either for attacking or healing. I also can posess other people's mediums since they're made of the elements.

My oversouls (varying on spirit and medium) don't have that much of a specific look. Whatever I use mainly just glows with my mana...

The reason that I (my OC) origionally joined the fight was origionally for revenge, but i rerouted my reasons over time. Even though I left the fight of my own violition, I'm still trying to find a way to help out Hao, since I joined him when I was young.

See, You're not the only one who put thought into this. ^^
一年多以前 crazed_arrancar said…
this is really cool! ^-^ this is my OC

I would be a thoughtformist (a type of shamanism which believes in the power and channeling of mental energy, you can call it esp)

I have only one spirit, a wraith named Draemora. He is a spiritual entity that was created from hatred, sorrow, pain, and the greedy hearts of mankind. He is mostly around me at all times but because of the dark energies he gives off even some normal people feel him sometimes and if a person with supernatural abilites are near they feel cold and have a hopeless feeling. He stays with me most of the time and hides in my shadow, and I use shadows as my medium. I can use him to manipulate either my own shadow, my opponent's shadow, or the shadows around the area. By manipulating the shadows i can make them form any shape at will and can be used for many purposes in both attacking and defense.

My oversouls revolve around three medium: a ring, a mask, and shadows. If i use shadows for my medium it grants me the power to control the shadows around me and make them take any form i want whether it is for attacking or defensive manuevers. If i use the ring my mana turns black and the gemstone in the ring turns black and shadows spill out of it, covering my whole body forming a long black, jagged cloak that allows me to move at extremely high speeds but instead of controling the shadows around me i can manipulate my cloak to forms weapons and shields for myself. My last oversoul uses a mask that forms a whole separate body that takes the shape of a masked, black beast that allows my spirit to control to fight on its own. In this form my oversoul is really fast and has alot of physical strength and if it is damaged it can use the shadows around it to repair itself.

The reason that I (OC) joined the shaman fight is because he wants to learn the secrets of immortality. He wants to use the power of the great spirit to become death itself and do what ever he wants.

I think I overdid it a bit...^-^

一年多以前 K5-HOWL said…
Name: Kiri

Age: 5 or 6?

Occupation: Hao's apprentice

Spirits name: Samara

they can control fire thats why shes Haos aprentice how she met Hao has yet to be revealed

history: has yet to be reavealed

looks: has redish orange hair and orange colored eyes is about as tall as about to Hao's waist....anythig else looks at the picture

personalty: is quiet and strange. she doesnt talk. can be as 'cruel' as Hao and as 'sweet' as Amena...shes always with Hao unless he sends her away. she can give up easily when something proves to difficult for her. shes like a ghost.

fears: snow terrifies her she hates to even look at it, shes also afraid to drown,

the only thing she has ever said was this: Round we go, The world is spinning, When it stops, Its just beginning, Sun comes up, We live and we cry, Sun goes down, And then we all die

(i have two other Shaman ^^)
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 Name: Kiri Age: 5 或者 6? Occupation: Hao's apprentice Spirits name: Samara they can co
一年多以前 K5-HOWL said…
Kiri's song