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Rouge : Shadow?

Shadow : ...

Rouge : Shad--

Shadow : *Hears a scream and wakes up* Rouge?

Rouge : HELP I'M BEING--

Shadow : Rouge!

Rouge : *Kicking and screaming inside something*

Shadow : *Calling helplessly behind bars*

Rouge : *In muffled voice* HEY! WHO THE HELL?!

Shadow : *Hides in shade*

Rouge : *Gets dumped out into cell* HEY!!

??? : *Leaves*

Rouge : *Crys*

Shadow : R-Rouge?

Rouge : *Looks up* Shadow...

Shadow : Why are 你 crying?*Kneels down to her*

Rouge : I can't...

Shadow : *Puts hand on her cheek*

Rouge : Shadow...

Shadow : ...

Rouge : ...

Shadow : *Kisses her*

Rouge : *Looks at Shadow*

Shadow : *Looks...
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