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Sung 由 How Now Brown Cow and the Moo Waves. From the album "Signs of the Time" 由 Mootown Records.
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christopher cerf
A little boy gives an alien a direction to his mothership
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From 1997. Jeff Moss' farewell to Sesame Street.
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things that i remember
bert and ernie
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Big Bird liked to play with his friends.
But playing with them was hard for Big Bird because…

their jump ropes were too short…

their hopscotch boxes were too small…

their hide-and-seek hiding places were too little…

their see-saws came down but never went up.

One 日 Big Bird came 首页 from the park 由 himself.
“I am too big to play with my friends,” he sobbed.

He was so busy crying he did not see his friend, Snuffle-upagus.

“Don’t cry, Bird,” 说 Snuffle-upagus. “You are not too big. Their games are too little.”

Big Bird jumped up.
He stopped crying.
“Do 你 really think so, Mr....
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Pepe the King 虾 appears on "The Bonnie Hunt Show" on December 17, 2008 to promote "A Muppets Christmas: Letters to Santa" and "It's Hard Out Here For A Shrimp".
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pepe the king 虾
the bonnie hunt 显示
bonnie hunt