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Allison's POV
Scotts been a little off lately and its kinda getting me worried. What if he's cheating on me . No no he wouldn't do that. Ugg gotta get up for school.

She got up took a shower.What to were? Umm a long sleeve long tee with skinny jeans and combat boots.Hoony Come eat brakefast her mom 说 triedly. OK I 说 in a mean way.

Allison's POV.
I got my book bag and head on to school. When I got there I saw Stiles and Scott waiting for me.

Hey Scott I 说 happy to see him. 嘿 babe. O so know Im chop liver 说 Stiles sarcastically. No, Hi Stiles. Hi Allison. Come on we are going to be...
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