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posted by Scoobert-doo
Like the mystery solving 狗 before me I teamed up with a little 狐猴 named Mort and now we are heading out to figure out the puzzle of the gang's disaperence. We headed out to where I last saw them with my black,cold noise to the ground I sniff around trying to find something. Mr.E told me and the gang this isn't the first time a group of kids had disapered in Crystal Cove and I'm surprised he kept his weird notes ot creepy voice out of this one,But maybe,Just maybe he will 显示 up later on like he did with the "Ghost trucker" I sure hope not! I found not a thing and the mist is getting...
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posted by Mortlovesfeet
One 日 the Gang got kidnapped Scooby needed help to find them so he called his friend Mort they looked for the Gang and found a strange thing which looked like a monster. Scooby 说 ronster! Mort 说 thingy! They captured it 由 tripping him and making him fall in a net. To be continued i dont know when but it will be continued so ya why am i saying this anyway? i really dont know 哈哈 :D so what should i write? i dont know it does not matter anyway so ya here it is so here! ta da! i am just 写作 this cuz it say Please write a longer 文章 或者 consider posting to the forum. u get that alot people right?
posted by Scoobert-doo
Life for me wasn't always a walk in the park with my gang. One 日 we were heading back to Cryastal cove from a mystery out of town when a weird mist rolled in. The gang and I look around then when everything was scary enough the gang disappears I hear their faint screams. "Shaggy?" I call "Velma,daphne...Fred!?" I start to shiver then this huge monster-like thing appears and roars I scream in terror and head into the zoo I back into the 狐猴 habitat all of a sudden I hear this little voice "Hello" "RAHH!" I jump back I finally see this little 狐猴 coming from the darkness "What are 你 doing here?" it asked me "Ri need to find my friends" The little thing looks at me "Their...kidnapped?" I nod and a couple tears fall down "reah,can 你 relp me?" The little thing nods and pulls out a little,furry paw "My name is Mort,what's your's?" I think and observed the little thing called 'Mort' "I'm Scoobert doo,Scooby for short" TO BE CONTINUED