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posted by mai3uchiha
I realize the screamin' pain
Hearin' loud in my brain
But then I'm goin' straight ahead ith this scar

I should just get over it
I should stop feeling it
And so I covered my grazed heart
I don't care if I'm hurt
Because i don't feel pain anymore
All while 你 limped on,
dragging your feet behind you
I had 迷失 sight of myself
which had crumbled loudly in the ground
But then i realized
It was just the sound of the wind . . .

I came to tell 你 something
Following my deep scars
before I am completely crushed 由 his vast world
Do 你 remember it?
That sky of tears
That pain protected 你 for me
Your pain is always protecting you
Can 你 Hear me, So Am I