Salt what do u think? salt (Anjolina)is russian 或者 US agent?

doggee posted on Aug 24, 2010 at 02:38PM
did u finally understand it? or still didn't?

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一年多以前 doggee said…
i think that she is more leading towards humanism. see,US or Russia both took her freedom,childhood,love...everything and used her to fulfill their own purposes. But she..being at the center of this reluctant from all of them. she still wants the innocence and simplicity back in her life.and also doesn't wants to kill innocent ppl like once she was.
一年多以前 ilovereading said…
I think she was a Russian agent, but then stoped being one of them because they killed her husband.
So yes, all she wanted in the end was to prevent war and avenge her lost love.
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