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Daniithegirl posted on Jul 06, 2009 at 10:00PM
Just found this in a forum and think you would like.


Because Ron hoped Hermione wouldn't be sorted into his house- and she was.
Because he helped save her from the mountain troll.
Because from that day on they were friends.
Because he always come to her defense against Malfoy.
Because he was totally jealous of her crush on Lockhart.
Because he was relieved to hear that she was okay after being petrified.
Because we all know it's about more than the cat and the rat.
Because Ron was the only one concerned with how Hermione could possibly get to all her classes.
Because he wasn't going to let her work on Buckbeak's case alone.
Because Hermione wanted him to take her to the Yule Ball.
Because Ron liked Victor Krum until he saw him with Hermione.
Because Hermione had gotten the point much better than Ron had.
Because she kissed him on the cheek to wish him luck before his first Quidditch match.
Because he was actually dazed after she did this.
Because if Hermione didn't know Ron would get jealous, why would she write her letter to Victor in front of him?
Because she's honestly the most wonderful person he's ever met.
Because Ron tone completely changed after Hermione told him she was planning on inviting him to the Christmas party.
Because Harry had an inkling this might happen sooner or later.
Because the one thing Hermione did to upset Ron was snog Victor Krum.
Because she sent a flock of canaries on him after seeing him with Lavender Brown.
Because she purposely told Harry that she was "dating" Cormac in front of Ron.
Because Lavender laughed at the idea that there was nothing going on between Ron and Hermione.
Because she rushed to the hospital wing immediately upon hearing that Ron was in danger.
Because "Er-my-nee" croaked Ron while lying in his hospital bed.
Because their fight in sixth year made them both realize that neither could live without the other.
Because they both needed to grow up a bit.
Because they're both always extra polite to each other after they have a fight.
Because Ron told Hermione "I love you."
Because he held her and stroked her hair as she sobbed into his shoulder at Dumbledore's funeral.
Because they're both with Harry, whatever happens.
Because their constant bickering is obviously their only way of keeping their hands off each other.
Because they reminded Harry of a certain married couple he knew.
Because Hermione wants Ron to succeed.
Because Ron can help Hermione relax.
Because Ron did want to be tortured instead of Hermione
Because Ron couldn't stop screaming for Hermione
Because Ron stopped Bellatrix from killing Hermione
Because they're opposites and they balance each other out so nicely.
Because Emma Watson is the biggest Sidekicker in all the land.
Because J.K. Rowling all but said "duh!"
Because "sparks of sexual chemistry are clear for all to see."
Because sidekicks could end up with other sidekicks.
Because they're each other's lobsters. (stole from RR, but it's true!)
Because it's always Ron who loses his temper when somebody calls Hermione a Mudblood.
Because Ron is the one who's most upset when Hermione is petrified in CoS.
Because the first girl that Ron meets in the series is Hermione.
Because Hermione is always so upset when she gets into a serious argument with Ron
Because they love each other.
Because they're Ron and Hermione.
Because they're parents to Rose and Hugo!
Because "all's fair in love and war and this is a bit of both"
Because "it's now or never"
Because Ron and Hermione make bickering squeeable!

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一年多以前 iMakeIThappen45 said…
haha thts soo cute im just gunna die wen i see the real kiss in DH movie!! o im so excited HPB!!
一年多以前 Miss-Emma said…
wow you rock !!!!
一年多以前 iamwhatiam said…
cute :)
一年多以前 livzza said…
tath was so adorible ~~~
一年多以前 duncylovescourt said…
thast good i diont remebr som of that stuff h appening tho like she kissed krum?
一年多以前 life_rehab said…
wow, you really did a great job with this! straight to the point and so true, all of them!
一年多以前 Hemmy_HP said…
Wow! :D
一年多以前 Andressa_Weld said…
So true
一年多以前 i-am-mariella said…
I have a thing about fighting spirit, which is probably why I love the Harry Potter books so much. Ron and Hermione will never be just Harry's sidekicks. They have so much fighting spirit. "It's now or never", "All's fair in love and war and this is a bit of both."
In short - really sweet!
PS; Ron puked up slugs for Hermione without complaining :L
一年多以前 HaleyDewit said…
This list is EPIC *_* Great job :)
一年多以前 Tigerlily888 said…
Your reasons totally make sense! Love them all!!! :)) Romione ROCKS
一年多以前 ccm2504 said…
Aw :) I love this! It's so precious. Also, Ron faced a swarm of acromantulas for Hermione.