Romeo and Juliet Tell Me Why

123cosmo4 posted on Apr 20, 2010 at 02:54AM
Okay... I saw some of this today in English and I want to know exactly why you like it so much. My friend Kayla wants to know as well becuase we hate it. We all have our own opinions, but the culture shock of it all was nothing like the old version and Mercutio...(cold freeze) So what made you a fan?

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一年多以前 callejahLUVSed said…
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Because... it's Romeo and Juliet! LOL I can't really explain why I like it in words, but if you watch the 1968 one then this one, you'll see why people prefer this one :)
一年多以前 Dark-Blood said…
the shear beauty of the story the English the love all of it