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Lee: that's amazing...because i feel the same way about 你 <3
Xania: Really? *stunned*
*both are blushing*
Lee: Xania?
Xania: y-yes Lee?
Lee: will me?
Xania: *still stunned* Yes!!! Yes Lee!! a thousand times yes!!!<3<3<3
Lee: oh this is wonderful!!! I 爱情 你 Xania!!!<3
Xania: I 爱情 你 Lee!!!<3
*they passionatley hug each other*
*both are in tears now*
Lee: I never thought the 日 would come that the most wonderful girl in the universe would 爱情 me...<3
Xania: i feel the same about you...<3
Lee: *wipes away his tears of joy* well, it's getting 你 wanna...
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*lee's walking and sees sakura*
Lee: h-hey Sakura...*blush*
Sakura: 嘿 Lee are 你 doing okay?
Lee: y-yeah..i guess
Sakura: well, tht's good, i have to go though..
Lee: oh...*looks down* alright see 你 around i guess...
Sakura: bye!
Lee: bye...
*continues walking*
Lee: *sigh* im never gonna be with her am i...she loves sasuke anyway...*sad face* is there ever going to be a wonderful girl to 爱情 a guy like me?
*a few 分钟 later at the river bridge*
Lee: *looks up* huh? *sees a girl standing on the bridge opposite to him* i've never seen her before...
*girl stands there throwing 花 petals into...
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posted by SweetSponge
Lee: so Xania, how do 你 think you'll do when they test you?
Xania: I don't know Lee kun, i haven't used ninja skills ina long time.
Lee: so 你 have used ninja techniques before...
Xania: yes.
Lee: well, why did 你 stop?
Xania: its sort of a long story....
Lee: thats ok, we dont have to get 你 registered at a certain time, 你 can tell me. *smiles at her*
Xania: ok, well then I guess i'll start with when I was at my 首页 in the forest...
Lee: so 你 did have a home?
Xania: yes.
Lee: how come 你 left?
Xania: well, i was in my house and my father was out doing his missions,
Lee: where was your mother?...
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Hello fellow 粉丝 of the leaf's green beast! Today I would like to share my story on how I became a 粉丝 of Naruto/Rock Lee/Anime in general. But instead of just telling 你 IM GONNA HAVE FUN SO HERE WE GO!

People: Besties(Wolfy and Violet.) Bestie's mom(Rose.) Me (Suzy)

Okay lets begin!

It was a cold 日 as I walked leaving church with my best friend's mother into a red geep. Snow was still piled high and I wore a heavy 粉, 粉色 winter 涂层, 外套 of which I felt I could barley 移动 in. When we arrived at Wolfy's house I took my 涂层, 外套 off and hung it up.

"Wolfy should be upstairs Suz." Rose 说 motioning...
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posted by suzyisbrute
Lee's Pov

I finished my 23rd lap around the village. Tenten stood leaning against a training post with crossed arms.

"C,mon Lee, it's getting late and we should break for dinner." she 说 with the tone in her voice that meant she wasn't going to take no for an answer.

"Okay Tenten." I 说 wiping my brow with a white towel. Neji hopped down from his balancing post.

She turned to Gai sensei. "Are 你 coming 或者 what?" Tenten 说 with an eye roll.
Gai sensei stood on the tip of a training dummy doing a one armed hand stand. "I'll catch up with 你 all later." He 说 with a thumbs up. Tenten...
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posted by AvatarTH
(Naruto is walking in the Hidden leaf plains)

???- Hello Ninja....

Naruto: Huh???Who are you???
Bruce Lee: I'm Lee....
Naruto: Oh..Hello Bushy Brows..That's a wonderful Disguise!!!!!
Bruce Lee-'s BRUCE LEE!!!!!
Naruto: Oh...So That's your Disguise Name!!!

(holds 火影忍者 由 Neck and Lifts Him in the air)

Bruce lee: From Now on...Don't 你 ever call me Rock Lee!!!!
Naruto: G..Got it!

(Bruce Lee Throws 火影忍者 Away)

Naruto- *Whew...That was close*

(At the hidden leaf village.... 火影忍者 Found rock lee sitting under a tree)

Naruto: 嘿 Bushy.....No..I mean Bruce Lee....

(Rock Lee Looks At Naruto)

Rock lee: Are 你 insulting me?????
Naruto: n.n.n.NO!!!!!

(Rock Lee Beats up Naruto)

Rock Lee: And Let that be a lesson to you!!!!!Never insult the Konoha's beautiful green Beast!

Naruto: Oh..I don't know..Dattebyou.....