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posted by Alisha13
Okay, I know speed is not a feeling, still I want to tell 你 about it. Speed is-how 你 know- fast and 你 have many words for speed: Sonic (no, not the blue hedgehog), lightning and others but I don't know them(ha, ha). I could try to tell 你 something bout being fast, but that would be boring.
Eh.....what else? Oh yeah. This is not for the same theme but: If 你 know what else I can write, please write it in your 评论
(I sound like one of these persons who say things in a stadium 或者 somewhere else...eh what was the word for it?.......................Ah! Got it: announcer. T_T that's dumm!And so short^^)

Veronica Darkstar
posted by Alisha13
你 have feelings, feelings for things and persons. Today I would like to tell 你 things about sadness. For example: Your pet died, 你 feel very sad. Your friend left 你 for a other one, then
你 feel two things: Sadness and anger. 你 cry when 你 see, feel 或者 hear sad things and 你 wish it never happened. 你 would try to make it not happen and do anything to forget it, but 你 can't. 你 only can wait until 你 got over it, as long 你 wait 你 will realize that 你 have problems in your life. They may be small but hard to resolve them. The most problems come from being sad 或者 angry about persons, themselves 或者 things.

Samantha Darksun
posted by Megan-the-fox
Megan smiled grabbing shadow and kazuki's hand leading them out the door. "I can't believe 你 kept it a secret. We all bet each other it would happen though." Kazuki blushed as shadow became angry about the bet part. Megan immediately stood up on a bench surrounded 由 their many 老友记 grinning. "Alright everybody 你 all owe quite a few people twenty five bucks. So fork it over." Megan held her hand out to grab the money that was all hers. Their were plenty of laughs and whispers in the crowd as megan pulled up shadow and kazuki. "Meet the new couple everybody." The two blushed as the crowd...
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posted by mattthelynx
Matt was sleeping on a bench,rima was currently visting new mobotroplis...she accidently spoked matt 由 squilling when she saw a wonderfully large cookie!matt open his eye,and grab rima 由 the arm and pulled her over..."why did 你 wake me"he asked.rima 说 "HIYA MATT,LONG TIME NO SEE!" nicole walked over,afternoon matt...rima...matt 说 "WHOA,CHILL NICOLE...THERES NOTHING GOING ON BETWEEN ME AND RIMA" nicole calmly 说 "thats a releif." rima 说 welp...i'm going home." nicole 说 "aren't 你 going to stay for the firework festival tonight?matt and spikey are pre--" matt jumped in the air and intterupted nicole "OH MY GOD,I FORGOT TO HELP PREPARE THE FIREWORKS!!!"Matt dashed to spikey" nicole 说 "yup,matt's fireworks are the best...and mina'band is playing."

to be continued...
posted by marksmen456
Do 你 know what it feels like,to be hated,all across the universe,to not know if to exist,or be a nothing but a speck of dust in the cosmos?

Do 你 know what it feels like,to have no emotion,to be lost,alone,abandoned? To have a master,that cares not for you. Who only lets 你 go,when 你 don't want to leave?

Do 你 know a being,colder then the coldest thing,and have 你 be your master forever? For no 心 is seen,only a heart,of darkness.

Do 你 know what is like,to die,and come back,years later,when it only feels like an hour?

Do 你 know what it is like,to shed no tears,to feel no guilt or...
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posted by Matt-the-lynx
Borned at:Drifting 太空 base lab
Home:New mobotropolis/H.A.F(Hanger island)
Creator:Professor rotor the 8TH
Rebuilder:Professof "Gearsmo" clank
Fur:Brownish orrange
Hair color:Pitch black
Hair style:Short mohawk
Eye color:Red/Blue/Green(Grey during iron dominion 2)
Dental work:Vangs
Outfit:Grey jacket/Watch/Blue "M" Badge
Other form:Watch/Were/Times space/iron/super
Ear type:Long straight ears
Tail type:short
Foot type:3-Toed/No shoes
Other features:Under eye...
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One day,matt and nicole took a walk together at an early,misty,dawn...of course rima was having a race with sonic on the other end.Matt slamed heads with rima,sonic slamed heads with nicole...until a 拖拉机 beam pulled all 4 of them up.

They landed in a giant arena filled with geno's minions(The driplets) in the crowd stands.a cage captured nicole and sonic.matt and rima both gasped as geno was sitten in a stand with a greedy look.he 说 "Driplets of all ages!!!put your hands together for the battle royale between matt...guh...hero of time and space...blah,blah,blah...and rima the...hedgehog"...
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