Repo! The Genetic Opera I Can't Read and other subtitle flub-ups

giddyseizures posted on Mar 04, 2009 at 01:18AM
I thought it would be fun to start a topic where different mess-ups in the subtitles are posted because, I'm sorry, those subtitles where done awfully.

I'll start with the most infamous...
Shilo said, "I can't breathe!"
Subtitles said, "I can't read!"

Here's another
Nathan said, "Let the monster rise."
Subtitles said, "Let the monster run." (It's the title of the song!)

Just post other mess-ups if you would like.

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一年多以前 Jehan_the_Sitar said…
Well, during "Every one's a composer,"

Mag says: "You've turned this house into a tomb"
The subtitles say: "You've turned this house into a zoo."

And in "Night Surgeon"

Real: "Make your mama mourn you."
Subtitles: "Make your mama boil you."

And I do not know this for sure, but on the forums on IMDb, somebody said that in the subtitles for "Thankless Job":

Real: "Peelin' off the tissue, inch by inch."
Subtitles: "Penile tissue, inch by inch."

I've come to the conclusion that they must have had the subtitles done by one of those voice reading computer things that types what it hears, because there is no way a real human being could do that badly with the subtitles.

On the bright side, it was really funny watching it with the subtitles on.
一年多以前 Chromaggia said…
Aaah! Penile tissue. Nathan's dedicated to his job, that's for sure!
一年多以前 giddyseizures said…
big smile
一年多以前 giddyseizures said…
There's also in "At The Opera Tonight"

Real: Repo Man, come take my eyes.
Subtitles: Repo Man, come take my hand. (sorry about the late edit... i thought i wrote that)

And in "Zydrate Anatomy"

Real: I can't feel nothing at all.
Subtitles: I'll keep a lock on it all.
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一年多以前 Capng said…
big smile
I thought the subtitles were HILARIOUS. On the Repo! boards, sooooooo many people were getting pissed off saying that Lionsgate MUST be trying to sabotage Repo!

I think whoever did the subtitles based them off of what they heard. I don't think they followed a script.

So I just laugh at the subtitles.
一年多以前 RepoWoman said…
Penile tissue... xD This is the best "mistake" I've heard so far...
一年多以前 giddyseizures said…
I do think there is one very sad mistake. In the end of the movie after "I Didn't Know I Love You So Much," Shilo is saying, "Dad, please, get up!" and the subtitles say, "Dad, please, give up!" It was kinda painful in a way.
一年多以前 Chromaggia said…
In Legal Assassin:

Real: "Assassin, murderer, monster"
Subtitles "Sex, murder, monster"

一年多以前 giddyseizures said…
I do have to admit, the first time I watched Repo, I did think in Legal Assassin the voices were saying: sexy, murder, rockstar. I had somewhat of a puzzled look on my face.
一年多以前 Lunaste said…
Haha xD

Aww, that's too bad, since I'm kind of relying on those subtitles. I mean, my English is pretty good, but without subtitles I can't be really focused on the movie since I'm really trying to catch all the dialogue, and often I only pick up like 90% of the movie if I don't have subtitles.
一年多以前 Lunaste said…
Haha, somewhere in At The Opera Tonight Mag sings 'Repo Man, come take my eyes' but the subtitles say 'Repo Man, come take my hand'.
Mag/Repo Man, anyone?

And yeah, the penile tissue bit was there. I LOL'd.
一年多以前 RepoWoman said…
Yeah, ♥Mag/Repo Man♥! Hey, Mag was Marni's best friend, so she's probably a lot like her! :D
一年多以前 giddyseizures said…
Mag is supposed to have Marni's eyes...
一年多以前 Juliana_House said…
I just watched it with subtitles on a few nights, and I am SO glad that I am not the only one who noticed these. O_o I thought I was just misreading these things...
一年多以前 designer_heart said…
OMG LOL Bad subtitles! LOL I loved the "I'll keep a lock on it all" Its almost like "fail"
一年多以前 DustyForgotten said…
I knew someone with hearing problems, and she knew the words to all the songs. But, the subtitled version, that is. She caught the "I can't read" and did that correctly, along with "penile tissue", but said "I'll keep a lock on it all". Poor girl was the one who introduced me to Repo, so I wasn't gonna correct, but I sure as hell laughed.