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posted by Coffeeuser
It was a hot afternoon in late summer. The sky was clear and everything was pleasant. Jim Stark was feeling strangely good today because there was no school and he got to spend time with his closest friends. Today Jim, Plato, and Judy were at the 海滩 without the typical stresses of their teenage lives. It was rare when they had a day-off from school and they could just relax and play together. Times like these were valuable and made worthwhile memories.

Judy spread out a yellow 海滩 towel on the sand and sat down to relax. Jim and Plato went play in the ocean, holding each other's hands as...
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posted by Coffeeuser
Jim was half-asleep when he heard a light knock on the door. His mother poked her head in and whispered, "Are 你 sleeping?"

"Who has time to sleep?" muttered the young man, as he buried his face in the warm pillow.

Mrs. Stark cleared her throat. "You have a visitor."

Jim glanced up and saw Judy standing beside his mother. He sat up quickly and motioned for her to come in.

"I'll leave 你 two alone," 说 Mrs. Stark, smiling at the young couple. Then she closed the door and went downstairs.

Judy walked over to the 床, 床上 and sat down. "Hello, Jim. How are 你 feeling?"

Jim moaned softly and stretched....
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posted by Coffeeuser
Jim Stark lay in his 床, 床上 with the blankets wrapped around his shivering body. It was a school 日 but he was kept 首页 today because of his fever. His bedroom was dark and he had nothing to do except listen to the rain and thunder outside. Sitting up weakly, Jim picked up his cup of water and took a sip. He had to drink lots of liquids since he couldn't keep anything else down.

After a couple 更多 sips of cool water, Jim settled himself back down and buried his face into the extra pillows that his mother had brought for him. As if being sick wasn't bad enough, he was also in a depressed state...
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