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review of 射线, 雷 Donovan Season 4 Finale

Fanpup says...
I remember visiting this website once...
It was called Paul Levinson's Infinite Regress: 射线, 雷 Donovan Season 4 Finale: 玫瑰
Here's some stuff I remembered seeing:
Ray Donovan was the most satisfying and enjoyable of all the season finales of this series, so far, because--  [spoilers follow]
Well, it was a happy ending.   Just about everything broke good for Ray.  Abby says her cancer is receding.   Ray has killed all the bad Russians.   The Feds are happy to get credit for busting the Russian drug ring.   Campos won the fight, which makes Terry happy, which makes Ray happy (at least at about Terry being happy).  Terry\'s also happy because he\'s finding the love of a good woman. Avi is ok and back in action.
Indeed, this ending is so happy that it\'s surprising, making this season\'s finale not only satisfying but unexpected, which is rare combination for season\'s finale on television.
The fly in the ointment for Ray is that he\'s not happy about his family being turned into, if not killers, outright, into his supportive gang.  It\'s ok, even redeeming, for Ray that Mickie does some of the killing.   But not Bunchy.  And he can\'t be completely happy with Abby stepping up to be his partner in everything, including his crime.   And the truth is, and notwithstanding his profession, Ray doesn\'t like people who kill people.   That\'s why he killed that nasty Russian earlier in the season with such zest.
Meanwhile, about Abby, the one part of the happy ending that came out of the blue was her cancer going away. I\'d love to see it gone for good, but there\'s always the danger that it could  come back again next or in some future season.  I hope not.
But it\'s nice to close the book on this season in such an everything\'s-coming-up roses way.  Ray deserves it after all the travail.  And I\'m looking forward to what new trouble he has to get him and his family and clients out of next year.
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