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posted by timahchic
 Sasuje in his Akatski outfit, and Hinata in her regular outfit
Sasuje in his Akatski outfit, and Hinata in her regular outfit
Hey, I'm timahchic. I'm new to this whole thing, so yeah 熊 with me here.
But anyways, I just was looking up things on the 搜索 thing, and typed in Sasuhina, and there was a club, so audiomatically I joined it. And here I am.

Anyways, I here to 确认 your thoughts on the Ultimate Couple. I mean while 鸣雏 is a cute couple, I think sasuhina is so much better. First of all because I CAN'T stand sasusaku. I mean, I have nothing against Sasuke, it's Sakura. I think she's a butt. No offense those Sakura fans, but I just don't like her. Can't she see that Sasuke wants nothing to do with her? And not to mention the fact that 火影忍者 loves her, and she even knows that, but she still chases after Sasuke, holding on to that false hope of getting him. Sorry, to sound so Sakura, in a way.

Anyways, I think Sasuhina is the Ultimate couple because with Hinata's gentle and caring way, she'll be able to tame that raging lion in Sasuke.
posted by sukichan111
I 爱情 THIS COUPLE AND SO WHAT IF THEY HAVN'T MET IN THE 显示 I DON'T GIVE A CRAP. peole say 佐樱 is canon it's not never once did sasuke say he loved sakura he just called her anoyying. sasuhina rocks day, night, dark, light, angel, devial, love, hate. not one can survive with out the other sasuhina is a wonderful couple. Hinat is my fave all time 日本动漫 girl and sasukes my fave all time aniem boy and they make a perfect couple i know it won't ever happen we all do but people like crack couples becuase there fun. I swaer my right arm if sasuke were to wind up with sakura haruno 或者 ino yamanaka i will never watch 火影忍者 again.