Known to many as Enya Ernest-Kilroy, to others as Tiger Lily, to others as boss, and to you as something along the lines of, my queen

Born 18ish years ago on a desert ranch, Enya is also tougher and stronger than you after nearly two decades centered around labor, trucks, and guns.

She has a legit personality disorder, but don't let that fool you, she is kind, and forgiving. She will always grant you a chance to redeem yourself when you step out of line

I know what you're thinking, how can I get the chance to sleep with such a stunning, kind, and strong woman? Well, you're a couple years too late. She is married to the single most handsome man in the galaxy, Kalispel Kilroy. Don't let his alien body scare you, I assure you that he is quite human.

She drives a 1956 Ford F-100 with the Y block engine, which makes her also classier than you. Try not to mind the cum stains on the seats, or the cattle manure on the mud flaps. I assure you she is quite classy

Don't fight or argue with her - or rather, please do, she enjoys putting the peasants in their place.


Mauser is the biggest fat cunt you'll ever meet but she's also the coolest biggest fat cunt you'll ever meet. -8thegreat

Mauser is also a smart-ass, and as stubborn as an mule. But believe me, she’s worth getting to know. Mauser is fun, understanding, and just gr8 to be friends with. She’s loyal as f*ck, so don’t go messin* with this tough lady. Love ya Mauser! -Jay (2ntyOnePilots)



legend says tht mauser nd THaSlimJim r friends but this is not tru she lockd me in her hous nd is forcin me 2 b her friend pls send help bring a pizza im hongry

@THaSlimJim Burger Foot Lettuce 


Enya gives some pretty good head. Also, dem bewbs, my man. Haven't you noticed? TOTAL WAIFU MATERIAL! - TheLefteris24