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19 years have passed since the original events of the first chapter. The city has been rebuilt, the world has been united and most people have healed, save for some few who cling to their horrible and scarred pasts. There are some though, willing to disrupt this society's peace and order for selfish goals...Will you fight with the revolutionaries for a society ruled with the iron fist of their queen, or will you fight to uphold the order and peace that has been preserved for nearly 20 years?

The way of the government, education system and military.

The Government
After the 2019 incident with Hotaka Nagachika, the governments of Cantenseel were finally able to reach a compromise with each other. The Kanshinin councilors would act as a congress for Rex, who would be some sort of figure head, like the president. While he had power, he would have to present it to the councilors, who would either approve or disapprove of the proposal. Rex would have veto power, but it would only work for so much. The councilors and The president all choose a successor when they choose to retire.

The Education System
In Cantenseel, after the borders fell, they decided to merge the new generation with each other to make sure that pride from being from a certain area would not exist, the easiest way of course, was school. In the middle of Cantenseel where all four borders used to connect, a super school was created. It was three campuses. The elementary campus for K-5th Grade. The middle campus for 6-8th and the High/College campus for 9th-12+. This means that within the school, there are people who are in their mid twenties along with fifteen yearolds in the same campus.

The Military
In the 19 years that had passed, the military had became rather lax because of the peace. Most people who joined only abused it so they could one, have an easy job or two, so they could use it for their resume. Only few actually join it because they want to make a difference.

24 years ago, an assassin named Tiras Elbinorune was sent on a mission to murder a woman named Felicia Stadner, who was the heiress to a very rich family. Tiras, mesmerized by the woman, was unable to pull the trigger. After an instant spark between the two, he joined the military for her to win a war that was over the horizon. After a series of trials and after impregnating Felicia, Tiras went beserk and nearly destroyed the world. 5 years later, he came back after his current wife had been murdered. After a brutal beating by the angry people of Cantenseel, a man named Hotaka Nagachika who had orchestrated most of the events in the story came and launched his attack. Soon, he overwhelmed the city with ghouls, which were man eating creatures that were seemingly invincible. While the prince of Hell, Belial, a powerful vampire named Joseph, a beast tamer named Renald, a Draki named Kierra and the son of Hotaka himself, Hei, fought against the other ghouls while Rex and Tiras fought against Hotaka, who had turned into a horrific monster the size of a skyscraper. After a long and hard battle, Hotaka was defeated. But at a cost. Tiras had been mortally wounded and died in front of his love, Felicia.

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[Faction](Revolutionary, Military, student etc.




[Power] (this is whether you use Magical Abilities or Scientific powers, whether it be via machines or simply some sort of scientific method, you can choose whether to explain how it works or not)


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Louisa Stadner. Age 24 (Page 1)
Virgil Elbinorune. Age 24 (Page 1)
Hei Nagachika. Age 43 (Page 1)
Raiden Lancaster. Age 27 (Page 1)
Mina Zhang. Age 41 (Page 1)
Ivanka Silvius. Age 40 (Page 1)
Irisviel Romanov. Age 38 (Page 1)
Eva Romanov. Age 17 (Page 1)
Seth Romanov. Age 17 (Page 1)
Joseph Bordeaux. Age N/A (Page 1)
Akira Cruz. Age N/A (Page 1)
Akiro Liang. Age 18 (Page 1)
Chidori Liang. Age 37 (Page 1)
Zhu Liang. Age 42 (Page 1)
Daniel Tren. Age 17 (Page 1)
Mei Zhang. Age 16 (Page 1)
Leia Feng. Age 24. (Page 1)
Gilford Silvius. Age 16. (Page 1)
Valeryia Silvius. Age 24. (Page 1)
Remi Elbinorune. Age 23 (Page 1)
Shiomi Devonshire. Age 23 (Page 1)
Belial Devonshire. Age N/A. (Page 1)
Alexander Bordeaux. Age N/A. (Page 1)
Vasilia Romanov. Age 61. (Page 1)
Takao Sesshoumaru. Age 32. (Page 6)
Yurichi Mizushima. Age 19. (Page 9)
Lucifer Devonshire. Unknown (Page 10)
Yamato Kirugi. Age over 100.
Adelger Kiesenger von Elbinorune the II. Age 17 (Page 22)
Karlen Von Jager. Age 116 (Page 29)
Karla Von Jager. Age 27 (Page 29)
Raul Espinoza. Age 25(Page 32)
Ramses the III. Age 30(Page 32)
Thutmose III. Unknown. (Page 34)
Jannik Haas. (Page 34)
Catriona Haas. (Page 36)
Praxilla Metz. 32. (Page 44)
Adalica Von Elbinorune(Page 36)
Aiymil Elbinonrune (Page 46)
Cynfael Bordeaux. (Page 42)
Ollie Silvius. (Page 44)
Akllah Folami. (Page 46)
Raymil Emeria. (Page 49)
Lanying Zhang. (Page 49)
Revala Emeria. (Page 49)
Raymil Emeria) (Page 49)
Reina Emeria. (Page 50)
Yang Min. (Page 51)
Miles Prise. (Page 52)
Chronov. (Page 54)
Cassius Prise(Page 55)
Saigon Derivil(Page 56)

Felicia Tenshin. Age 48 (Page 1)
Sora Cruz. Age 41 (Page 1)
Yumi. Age 23 (Page 1)
Kierra Nagachika. Age 42 (Page 1)
Rex Ellington. Age 48 (Page 1) (President of Cantenseel)
Renald Silvius. Age 51 (Page 1)
Eadlyn Bordeaux. Age 24 (Page 1)
Souji Zhang. Age N/A (Page 1)
Ichirou Nagachika. Age 18 (Page 1)
Fayline Bordeaux. Age 46 (Page 1)
Cecilia Devonshire. Age N/A (Page 1)
Kane Tenshin. Age 50 (Page 1)
Ella Stadner. Age 31 (Page 1)
Dequan Zhang. Age 18 (Page 1)
Fillian. Age N/A (Page 1)
Annelise Florence. Age 22 (Page 1)
Lizana Janssen. Age 18 (Page 1)
Moira Prise. Age 17 (Page 1)
Gideon Narine. Age 20 (Page 1)
Riza Hannaka. Age 19 (Page 6)
Tomoe Mikage . Age unknown (Page 10)
Daliyah. Age N/A (Page 11)
Jeptha Veers. Age 22(Page 22)
Elvyne Silvius. Age 19 (Page 29)
Hideaki Ranshin. Age 43 (Page 32)
Tsuyoshi Hajime. Age 27 (Page 32)
Basile Allard. Age 25 (Page 32)
Mamoru Hidari. Age 25 (Page 32)
Calix Shreave. Age 47 (Page 32)
Willem the V of Nassau. Age 34. (Page 32)
Nori Rin. Age 15 (Page 32)
Kiyoshi Rin. Age 28 (Page 32)
Callum Silvius. Age 25 (Page 34)
Connall Silvius. Age 25 (Page 34)
Baldrik Haas. (Page 34)
Sauri Devonshire. (Page 44)
Lerida Devonshire. (Page 44)
Kuro Kaze Devonshire. (Page 44)
Tarquin Silvius. (Page 44)
Terryal. (Page 49).
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一年多以前 Mirra1007 said…
Rosalie lets out a silent sigh as she leans her head back, closing her eyes as a soft smile played on her lips. She enjoyed this so much. To feel wanted and endeared. But most of all, loved. Her hand softly runs through his hair as he kissed her chest, making her heart throb faster which she was certain he heard. "You flatter me, husband. Though what you said about my smile is interesting. Perhaps if i smile more often we could win wars with just that." She said with a slight chuckle though she was a bit sarcastic. Her smile was not the thing most people complimented her on. Partly is because her genuine smile was mostly nonexcistent. Except to him.
一年多以前 IAMYOURENEMY said…
"I'm not so sure about that, our enemies seem to enjoy to take Elven women more, sadly. Otherwise...well, we wouldn't be here." Faendal mumbled out before shutting himself up, sucking her breast and using his hand to massage her side, lapping it up before grinning, nibbling a bit at the end and looking up at her. "I love you, Rosalie." He said with his grin turning more into a gentle smile.
一年多以前 Mirra1007 said…
"I am glad we are here." Rosalie breaths out before opening her eyes to return the same gentle genuine smile to him. She reaches down and caresses his cheek. "I love you too, Faendal. You alone....." Her smile then turned inti a foxy grin. "Now, show me how much you mean it." She said challenging him, her eyes sparkling a bit ib mischief.
一年多以前 IAMYOURENEMY said…
Days later, Belial finally had met up with Rex to discuss what had happened. He wore a black funeral suit and had his hair shaved off, having cleaned up for Claudia's funeral. "It's been a long couple days." He said while bringing his report out, having been written up as if he was still a soldier. His cigarette scented breath alone gave off the information that he hadn't been doing so well, having been stressed out enough to start smoking again. "Rodgers escaped...but he seems gone- from here I don't know what you want of me, the Japanese got it held down a lot better than me."
一年多以前 Mirra1007 said…
Rex took the report and scanned it over before glancing over the paper at Belial. He looked good. As far as he could look good. Though Rex knew he was going through a hell. Cecilia had told him so when he had called to check up on him. "Rodgers indeed did. But he won't be able to hide forever. Ronin and his team are on his tail for certain. He won't be able to hide for long." He says as he puts the report down. "As for you, i am so gratefull for everything you have done but I think they indeed have it handled. So it is your choice. I am willing to give you all the time you need before picking up any other jobs. I would prefer it though not to use you for missions like this again but as my bodyguard again, how you started. But it is your choice." He did not want to push the man into something he wasnt ready for.
一年多以前 IAMYOURENEMY said…
Belial sat down, looking at his hands and considering the offer that he was given before smiling. "I love that idea- I've been missing my job." He said before laughing a bit, shaking his head before looking down and balling up his fist. "Fuck Rex, I'd just do anything for my life to be okay again. I have never had a woman that makes me so happy, but I've also never had my world feel so on fire." He commented while shaking his head, having a great large smile on his face while looking distressed. "I don't know it just feels...amazing to know I can have some of my life back."
一年多以前 Mirra1007 said…
Rex truly felt alot of pity for this man. He saw the pain hidden behind those eyes and knew he could only just see the surface of it. Who knows what more was beneath that. He stands up and moves over to him, puttinf a hand on Belial shoulder and smiling kindly. "Then you will. And you will get more of it back. I promise you that. I just know so, friend. And if you ever need anything, just ask me. I am glad to have you with me again."
一年多以前 IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Thank you friend, I'm glad to be back. If I must say so myself, this place needs me. I don't know who took my job but they let me I'm without checking me-" Belial stood up and grabbed his chin, opening the door and looking around and noticing there was no guards at his door. "Oh hell no." Belial said before leaving the room and going to the security office, opening the door to see the captain of the guard asleep at the chair. BeLil grabbed him, picking him up and making him yelp which made the other guards run to try and stop the commotion before realizing it was their former captain. He swung the front door open and threw him out onto the grass, then going to the office and picking up his name placard.

"I am the captain of the guard! I'll have you-" The captain ran up, only to be kicked out on his ass by Belial who threw the placard with the captains name at his head.

"Not anymore." Belial said before shutting and locking the door. Finally seeing all the guards together he held out his finger, seeing them all new and old to him. "I don't care what you've all done under him, that doesn't matter. I am your captain, your commanding officer and not only do I demand respect for myself but I demand it for the job, anything less than good work will get you what he got. Get your bearings, continue your current route because it works and be ready because tommorrow we'll be getting to work." He then pit his hands together. "Chop to it!" He barked out, getting his men to scurry before looking up to the stairs and smirking at Rex, showing he was back.
一年多以前 IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Thank you friend, I'm glad to be back. If I must say so myself, this place needs me. I don't know who took my job but they let me I'm without checking me-" Belial stood up and grabbed his chin, opening the door and looking around and noticing there was no guards at his door. "Oh hell no." Belial said before leaving the room and going to the security office, opening the door to see the captain of the guard asleep at the chair. BeLil grabbed him, picking him up and making him yelp which made the other guards run to try and stop the commotion before realizing it was their former captain. He swung the front door open and threw him out onto the grass, then going to the office and picking up his name placard.

"I am the captain of the guard! I'll have you-" The captain ran up, only to be kicked out on his ass by Belial who threw the placard with the captains name at his head.

"Not anymore." Belial said before shutting and locking the door. Finally seeing all the guards together he held out his finger, seeing them all new and old to him. "I don't care what you've all done under him, that doesn't matter. I am your captain, your commanding officer and not only do I demand respect for myself but I demand it for the job, anything less than good work will get you what he got. Get your bearings, continue your current route because it works and be ready because tommorrow we'll be getting to work." He then pit his hands together. "Chop to it!" He barked out, getting his men to scurry before looking up to the stairs and smirking at Rex, showing he was back.
一年多以前 Mirra1007 said…
Rex raises one eyebrow as Belial so suddenly and frantically left the room. Though he had a feeling what Belial might be up to. So he casually grabs a small glass of liquor before walking out of the room, already hearing some commotion downstairs. And when he stood on top of the stairs, looking down at his old head guard bark at the guards and trowing the now former head of security out, he could not help but chuckle. He would have prefered firing the head of security more nicely. But this just screamed one thing. Belial was back. And for some reason he felt happy and gratefull for that fact. So he grinned back at Belial and raised his glass before taking a gulp. Somehow he immediatly felt safer and less alone.
一年多以前 IAMYOURENEMY said…
Belial smirked, nodding his head before going to the office and beginning to clean things up inside. Knowing things were probably hectic at Cecilia's work with their Chief Henry disappearing he instead focused himself on making his office the same. Cleaning it up, he brought out boxes with used bottles of beer, chips, cigarettes and a porn magazine that was specified towards Elven women. By the time he was done, he had three larges boxes full of trash outside his office including the torn up office chair full of tears. He then went upstairs, going up to Rex with his sleeves rolled up and a smile on his face, opening the door. "Man, whoever hired this piece of work must have been playing a joke on you; he was more unqualified than...well, he couldn't have BEEN worse. The only thing he was protecting you from was a glass of beer or a bag of chips because he was eating them."
一年多以前 Mirra1007 said…
Rex had been in his office while Belial organized his own again. He had read through the whole report and did notice how formal and void of feelings it was. Like how a soldier should report. Though he knew the story behind it. Then Belial walked in, joking and smiling and looking a bit like his old self. That gave him hope he will be fine. He himself would make sure of it. ".... You recommended him to me." He said with a straight face.
一年多以前 IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Did I?" Belial asked himself before laughing. "Well he's sure let himself go since the war. How do you get so fat?" He asked him before laughing and shaking his head. He then turned his head, looking back out through the door and hearing laughing downstairs and a sound of joy. He went outside to the banister of the stairwell and saw Rex's father giving Lissa flowers, making him smile and chuckle before going back to Rex. "You know...things aren't so bad." He admitted before rubbing the back of his head. "But...I do go something to say. The Japanese....I don't trust them. Something tells me they're running their own game and I'm not gonna lie, I know they're our strongest ally. I know they could destroy us if they wanted to- make us a vassal state and take our autonomy...so that isn't what I'm afraid of. It just seems like they are doing more then they're letting us know- already they had technology to disable people like me."


"Rodgers, we know you're in here!" Ronin barked out as he kicked open the door to a warehouse finding it empty inside. He and eight of his special unit members walked into the warehouse with their guns drawn, looking around for Henry. "Come out and we'll spare your life- you are under arrest by the Japanese Special Task Force for global terrorism." Ronin called out loudly, holding his side arm in his hand in case close quarters combat happened. When nobody came out he looked back at his unit, telling everyone to split up in twos while he split up on his own since they weren't even. Turning back around he proceeded forward, opening a door quietly before breaching and finding himself down a long corridor. It was there that he found bedding and food, seeing that Rodgers had been asleep there for potentially days.

Henry hid between two pieces of machinery, seeing two soldiers walk past him. He grabbed a piece of metal and threw it behind them causing them to turn and go to the source. Once they were fully turned to the source he exited from the shadows with his knife that had a hawk as the hilt, stabbing the first one in the back of his neck and through his adams apple before pulling the blade out and kicking him onto the other soldier as he turned around. He shot towards Henry, missing as he went to the right before he jumped and surprised the soldier in the middle of pushing his comrade off. The younger soldier had speed on him, managing to grab his rifle and graze the side of Henry with a bullet. Henry growled and in response stabbed through the eye slit of his helmet several times and into his eye, growling as he did so. When he got up he looked at the soldier who now had blood pouring out from the bottom part of his helmet, making him grin.

Ronin began to run, hearing the shots and feeling his gut sink while Henry dispatched his two men. He ran up the stairs, watching as his four surviving men went to flank Henry before he came out with the two pistols ornately designed pistols, unloading into them faster than he could blink before turning his head midway through the barrage of bullets, spotting Ronin and quick shotting him. The bullet grazed off the armor on his shoulder while he moved the opposite direction, surviving the shot and hiding behind a concrete pillar. "Rodgers, come with me! I am not asking!" He barked out, feeling his heart beat hard and sweat roll down his head from the intensity of the situation. "I have orders to take you dead or alive, decreed by the emperor himself!"

"You and what army?" Henry chuckled out. "I killed your friends dear samurai- you are alone, a Ronin with nobody else around." He said while leaning against the railing with the pistols out. Ronin angrily held out his arm with his gun to shoot Henry only to be shot accurately through the forearm, making him scream as he fell back against the pillar. "I assumed you are the one that interfered with my fight between Belial and Claudia- a shame. I had wanted to see who's will was stronger, that of the mother or the father. I'll have to get another show." Henry said before looking at the exit door, walking over towards it to leave.

"Shut up you worm!" Ronin yelled out angrily. "You talk so fucking much." He said while looking over at Henry, finding him missing before breathing out and sliding against the concrete pillar, looking at his destroyed forearm. He let out a quiet sigh of pain, shaking before leaning his head against the pillar waiting for himself to get the will to tell his emperor he had failed. He looked up, seeing the sky through a sky window and thinking of home while the front door of the warehouse opened. He got himself up, seeing Henry walking towards him with his right gun drawn. Shooting from an angle, Henry's bullet came through Ronin's right eye and exited through his eye socket and taking part of the bone with it. He hit hard against the concrete pillar, barely even being coherent as his body tried to process what was happening- all he knew is he had to get out and fast. Ronin began to run, feeling the vibrations in the ground from Henry shooting at his feet but not hearing it.

"Where do you run, dear samurai?" Henry asked him; holstering his pistol and getting out his dagger while calmly following him down the hallway where Ronin found there was no exit door. He slammed himself through an office door, finding that there was no window either. He turned around and looked at Henry, having tunnel vision as he saw the moment before his blade went into his good eye. He screamed in intense pain as the dagger left the eye and quickly went into his stomach six times. Ronin fell down and hit a chair set up in the office on the way down, reaching up blindly to try and grab something. As he reached up on the desk to find something Henry stabbed his right hand into the desk, screaming out loudly before punching Henry in the gut, stunning him and making him walk .

"Fuck you!" Ronin screamed out as he pulled the knife out of his hand and went to swipe at Henry who jumped back staggeredly before rushing and kicking Ronin hard and crunching the drywall in. He then took out his left pistol and shot him in the left arm that was holding his dagger to make him drop it before Henry moved forward and slammed the heel of his boot into his bloodied gut, making Ronin scream as he weakly grabbed Henry's foot- the robotic suit he was wearing not working as his muscles physically were destroyed by the attack.

"Boy, fighting so hard against forces he simply cannot beat-" Henry said while taking his foot away and hitting Ronin in the part of his face that had been blown off, destroying it more and making his eye slip out and hang by his optic nerve while he remained barely conscious. "-while thinking he's a hero. I learned a lesson in that desert, one that I will never forget while I was tortured by the heretics. Sometimes you cannot beat the force of nature, it will simply destroy you. The war was a force of nature and not even the men behind it, but the forces controlling it- the forces of change, the forces of chaos."

"The world...will thrive in the order our emperor will bring..when we place our red sunned flag on each spot of dirt on your pathetic country." Ronin spoke out weakly, barely breathing anymore. "Kill me." He begged. "KILL ME NOW YOU COWARD!" He screamed out of the top of his lungs- his bloody spit and saliva spattering onto Henry's face as he gave a big grinned smile.

"No." Henry grinned as he took his blade and stabbed it into the shoulder that had it's armor shot off, pinning Ronin into the wall. "No because I know what you are now....you are like me, full of vengeance now. When your eyes are fixed, when your muscles are repaired from machinery and you may fight again as something more and less than human...you will see my vision. A godless world- one where we decree our own fate....where there is no god to abandon us no longer. You will hunger for it, starve for it and lose your ideals in the face of it. It will be then, dear samurai that you too will be a hawk...waiting, soaring high and far above for the prey down below." He said before leaving, watching as Ronin's head dropped down. Henry then walked to the phone, calling the police and saying there was a massacre at the warehouse district and gave the address of the building. Dropping the phone he then walked out, simply smirking as he disappeared into the shadows as he always did, wiping the blood off of his face while doing so.
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一年多以前 Mirra1007 said…
Rex could not help but feel a bit amused at Belial's own surprise. He was certain if Belial had known this he would have never recommended the man. That did not matter though. What mattered was that the right man was back in the right position again. At Belial's thoughtfull words he simply nods and leans back in his chair, folding his arms. "I am well aware of that, Belial. He is out ally. But I keep an eye on everyone." Especially because of the situation they were in. Anyone could betray you. Lei proved that. And he was not going to close his eyes for this. No one was to be trusted at the moment. Not even closest allies.
一年多以前 IAMYOURENEMY said…
Belial went back to work and as the hours passed, Ronin was brought to the hospital and quickly worked on. Being a Japanese operative his information was relayed to the embassy who worked through and found that he was under orders from the emperor. The information was then relayed to the hand of the emperor, Hei who relayed it to Lady Sumiya who relayed it to House Mizushima. Hei also relayed it to Tsu and then to Tiras, who was woken out of bed.

"Who is calling me at this hour?" Tiras asked tirely, knowing it was his personal phone.

"My emperor, Ronin Mizushima has been critically wounded and is thought to soon pass...I was told by the Lady of the house and Tsu to inform you of this."

"Oh my- what?! Where is he?" Tiras asked with great panic in his voice, quickly getting his clothes on.

"Cantenseel general emergency care room 503- I'd hurry, they advised maybe less than an hour."

Tiras got off the phone and quickly got his clothes on. He knew Felicia was probably terrified, not knowing what was happening but he knew he couldn't wait. "I'll explain everything later- Cantenseel General, emergency care room 503...I'll see you soon." Tiras spoke out before running out in a daze. He took the car and went, not waiting for his security or his driver as he made it to the hospital. He parked on the sidewalk and ran, walking in with a worried expression on his face. He went to the elevators as fast as he could, hearing a ringing in his ears the entire ride before he finally was at the 5th floor. He swung open the doors to his wing and saw not only Ronin's wife there but also Tsu and his mother.

"Tiras..." Sumiya looked at Tiras, seeing the look on her sons face. "Don't."

Tiras pushed her aside, gritting his teeth as he entered the room and saw Ronin in his bed. His right arm had been cut off down to the elbow from how the bone had been destroyed. His stomach was destroyed from stab wounds- a feeding tube inside him so he could eat and the prospect of him ever seeing again was gone. He could barely hear- the bullets having destroyed most of his hearing.

"Who...is it?" Ronin asked weakly, making Tiras cover his mouth and begin to tear up at the sight of seeing the guy he'd grown up with dying in his bed. "Serika...is it you?" He whispered out. "Please don't be afraid my darling...."

"It's your emperor." Tiras spoke out strongly, hiding the sadness

"Tiras?" Ronin asked. "Where is Tsu?...I need...I need to know god forgives me for the men I've killed....if I'll go to heaven."
一年多以前 Mirra1007 said…
Tsukiyomi was standing in the corner of the room, his eyes closed facing the ground as his arms were folded. He looked calm. But inside he was anything but calm. Only when was spoken to him he opened his eyes, the pain of seeing his dear friend in both world, a man of his blood, his lineage, in such a state. They were all his children in his eyes. Family. He walked closer to the bed before reaching out and gently touching Ronin's cheek. "Everyone from the Mizushima bloodline will have a place in heaven. Always. There is a special place for them there.... I hope atleast that is a bit reassuring."
一年多以前 IAMYOURENEMY said…
Ronin turned his head to Tsukiyomi- wrapping over where his eyes once were and the bandages bloodied. "I had so much left to do...I was going to be a father- I still am." He whispered out. "Why jas god...forsaken me? Why won't he save me? Why does he condemn my children and wife to be alone?" He screamed out, grabbing the bed tightly with his one arm before leaning back, his breathing slowing and his heart rate began to fall. As it fallen and he began to flatline, doctors began to rush to bring him back.

Tiras stood back and watched. As much as he wished to save him he knew that if he did more things could go wrong than imaginable. He walked back, looking at his mother who nodded her head and at Ronin's wife who was sobbing uncontrollably sobbing. "I'm sorry. I will do everything I can to make sure your children live a good life, Ronin. Please forgive me." Tiras spoke out as he watched the man die, only hearing the flatline in the room amongst the chaos going on in the room. He stepped back, placing his hand on Tsu's shoulder while he showed godly restraint. "Never again." He whispered out to himself, balling his fist.
一年多以前 Mirra1007 said…
Ronin's screams were like knives going straight through Tsukiyomi's chest. He took a step back to give the doctors the space they needed, knowing it would not help or prevent what was going to happen. He looked at the hand Tiras placed on his shoulder, honestly not feeling much at the moment but only hearing the sound of Ronin's heart stopping, his wife grieving. He did not say a thing. Did not ask for forgiveness nor apologize. No words would be enough. They were gods. The most powerfull creatures in excistence. But still here they were.... He took Tiras's hand off of his shoulder before walking out of the room and out of the hospital.
一年多以前 IAMYOURENEMY said…
Tiras walked away, letting Tsukiyomi's hand fall off before heading to the exit. Serika looked at him, tears I'm her eyes while staring at Tiras. "How could you have let him gone out?!" She screamed hysterically, slapping the emperor and forcing his guards to peel her away while Tiras angrily glared.

"He served his duty, just as I do!" Tiras yelled at her before walking to a window and shaking his head, tearing up inside.

"Talk to him." Sumiya spoke gently to Tsu, placing her hand on his shoulder. "U know it was his duty...but it doesn't matter to him right now. Remind him...let it know it's not his fault- nobody can understand that more than you.." She pursed her lips. "He'll listen to you."
一年多以前 Mirra1007 said…
Tsukiyomi looked at Sumiya as she touched his shoulder. Gently he takes her hand in his and gives the back of it a soft kiss before smiling at her, the pain he was holding back still in his eyes. "Wise woman. You are absolutely right. But I myself am not in the right state of mind nor heart to talk to him at the moment...." He admitted softly before glancing over at Tiras. He know they should talk. But what could he say what he did not already know.
一年多以前 IAMYOURENEMY said…
"You're right, but you are stronger and wiser than he is Tsukiyomi." Sumiya said while saying his real name, looking at her hand. "He was innocent and now he's not so much anymore...it could change him. He won't listen to me, I'll always be his mother whos nagging him...but he sees a father in you, something he's never had." She gave a sad smile, shaking her head. "Please, for his sake."

Tiras thought of everything he could have done and in each scenario, Ronin died save for when he intervened but each time he intervened thousands would die for it as the universe balanced itself. He grit his teeth, thinking of who had done it and knew that Henry wouldn't stop- his intricate web of chaos was spread across the lands. He had allowed it to fester, selfishly being absent in his time growing up. The time to reclaim his world had came and while he knew that if he left it alone eventually it'd come to pass, his own intervention would save many more people and keep stability even if it made Cantenseel and Japan angry for a time.

"Tiras, is this a correct decision? The right course of action?" Archaeus asked the boy he gave life to. He placed his hands together and paced behind him, wagging his tail that only Tiras could see.

"If I am to save the world from this strife it will be with my hands, Archaeus." Tiras spoke out with determination. "What is the cost of a perfect world?"

"Blood and sacrifice. Ronin died because you fought chaos rather than let it work out- what will happen now? When you go on a crusade to fix something that you know isn't perfect?"

"They will pay for what they did to him, that's what. The forces of evil who conspire against those of good, they will pay- everyone that came out of the woodworks to ruin our creation, they will pay."

"AND then what? What of the bodies that will pile up in exchange for the one life? What of the change in ensues?" Archaeus placed his hand on Tiras's shoulder. "You let one man die so the course of human history wouldn't change; why would you take the risk of doing that with thousands of deaths?"

"They will be mountains if they must be, they will be planets- I will protect those who I love."

"Who do you love? The world or yourself"

"The world...I will protect them all Archaeus, by destroying the plague.."

"And when that's done?"

"There may be peace."

"There will never be peace with you, Tiras." Archaeus said to him before shaking his head. "Until the moment you break the trust I have in you, I will stay with you my son...but when you betray me, when you threaten the course of humanity I will leave you and I'm afraid I must hurt you."

"What can you do to me, dragon?" Tiras growled out. "I made you."

"Oh, you sweet child. You wound me." Archaeus said with a smile, looking back at Tsukiyomi and allowing himself to visible to his old friend and not Tiras, whom he was a part of. "Children, they never change." Archaeus said to Tsukiyomi, grinning at him as he once did before he went into Tiras. "Sadly I think my vacation will be short and our child's life will have to become full of strife...but it his choice- forgive me when the time comes."


"My son, I have decided to tell you something that worries me." Faendal spoke out to Radiel, sitting down with him. "I have had dreams...terrible dreams, dreams concerning your death...the death of your unborn child and your wife. I know that your brother...he has became under the influence of dark forces- a woman, old men that are angry....anything. He conspires to kill you, my youngest boy and I do not know if I can stop it. In my dreams I see a dragon and a bannerman holding the four swords of Cantenseel as well...and chaos."

"Father, your dreams are dreams- you do not have visions from god." Radiel looked back at his father and smiled, shaking him a bit. "I see that you are worried greatly and I beg you to calm before you give yourself a clotting of the brain; everything will be fine." He shifted through his papers, sighing. "As for the dragons and bannerman, I have arranged a meeting with the leaders of two foreign nations on the day of the gods."

"Radiel, that is sacrilege!" Faendal gasped. "We are to do nothing on that day."

"Father, we are to be amicable to the humans. If we play good elf, we can sustain a country rather than our broken nation of united tribes." Radiel smiled. "You are old and stubborn, but we must shed our ways if we are to survive...the world doesn't have a place for tribals."

"My summas, don't you know how stubborn our people are?" Faendal whispered to his son, brushing the hair out of his face.

"We will die if we don't learn, fannath. If great change is required then it is what must be done."

"Great change is what may kill us too."

"Would we die on our knees or standing?" Radiel asked his father. "We must survive, not matter the cost- even if it is our identity as we know it."

"Without then...who are we?" Faendal asked quietly.

"People, fannath. We are people- we are individuals first, then elves. Our pointed ears, accents and way of life are characteristics of us...they are not us." Radiel smiled.

"I have never thought of it that way.." Faendal shook his head. "I always saw it as the collective."

"And that is what the humans thought of us too when they put us in chains."

"Perhaps you're right boy, perhaps you are too idealistic....but it sounds nice. I'll leave it to you then, future king of the elves. This will be your first time alone, don't fail me." Faendal said with a smile, referring to the meeting with the humans. He then left, missing the massive grin that soon came to Radiel's face.
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一年多以前 Mirra1007 said…
Tsukiyomi held in a sigh as he knew the woman was completely right. Even if this also troubled and pained him to the core, he had a duty he needed to fullfill looking at his role as parent to Tiras. Which he knew he was.He smiled kindly. "You are a very persuasive. " He glanced at Tiras who seemed to be speaking to himself. But he ofcourse knew better. So when Archaeus showed himself he walked closer towards them. He did not comment on what Archaeus said, not wanting to let his mind wander to the possibilities of what might happen. "May I speak to Tiras?" He asked instead.
一年多以前 IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Sure." Archaeus said before dissapearing and leaving, having Tiras be by his lonesome as he looked at the window. He then turned his head to the side, looking at Tsukiyomi. "I gave the world peace, and they killed my friend." He spoke out to him while seeming distraught and shaking his head. He placed his hands on his sides, shaking his head and frowning. "Forces of chaos have been allowed to breed while I was growing up. This cannot stand- if we are to clean all of this up, I must do it with my own hands. Archaeus...believes it is the wrong path, I disagree. I'm at a empasse.. I know what is only right to me."
一年多以前 Mirra1007 said…
Tsukiyomi was quiet for awhile, simply looking at his friend who he saw slipping down what he also believed was the wrong path. "Then let me show you what is right for everyone." He said before putting his hand infront of Tiras's eyes. In a flash they were back in Tsukiyomi's realm. Or atleast it felt like his realm. It did not look like it as they were in a void space where it was dark but they could see eachother clearly. The only other other thing in the room was a long wooden bowl, perfectly balancing on the tip of a spear that reached them to their middle. In that bowl swirled mist, white and black, once again perfectly balanced as the white and the black stayed on their own side it seemed. As if they knew where there line was and where they should be. "This is our world, Tiras. So to speak at least. You and I both know that in this world there is a balance. That there is good and there is evil. Light and dark. Moon and sun. One can not be without the other. It is just not physically possible. Just as it is not possible for light nor dark to take over the other by itself." He swirled his hand around in the bowl, mixing the mists but almost immediatly both white and black retreated back to their own sides, not mingling with the other. "It will always balance itself out. These rules do not count for us. We are being somehow not linked to these rules. This world." He held his hands up as in one hand the same white mist began to swirl and in his other the black. "We have our own essence so to speak. And when we decide to use this essence to help or whatever you wish to do, we do not use the light of the world." He held his hand above the bowl as the white mist from his hand began to droop down in the bowl. "We use our own. And when that happens...." The bowl slowly began to tip over, not falling, but tilting enough so that the black mist from the right side started to move over the white, making the inside entirely black with the white mist still beneath it. "I don't know how I can explain this to you better. But please see, the less we mingle, the better it is for this world. And if we do good.-" He now held his hand with the black mist over the bowl, balancing it out again. "We must do bad as well.... You have seen this before in our previous world... We can't keep creating new ones."
一年多以前 IAMYOURENEMY said…
"But why does it matter Tsukiyomi?" Tiras looked down and balled up his fist. "Love over duty, gain over sacrafice. I made a world where I believed I could have happy endings for everyone but clearly that is not possible, not yet and it is because of my own choice to waste time growing up. Tsukiyomi, I was called a mad man when I went on a quest to kill the gods, I may be called one again once I go to do what I must do but know this- I only do it for you...for Felicia, for my mother and my grandfather and those that are innocent- it is their love, their innocence which begs me to go to war because I have the greatest love for them."


In the night Mina knocked on Rex's door, waiting quietly before the security a dressed her at the door. She was wearing a black peacoat, black leggings and red flats to match her hair and the burgundy skirt she was searing. "I am councilmen Zhang, I request an audience with Mr. Ellington."

"It's a bit late, don't you think?" The guard asked. "We're under orders not to bug the president at these hours."

"Oh...well, he didn't tell you did he?" Mina shook her head. "Of course not...he wouldn't want anyone to know." Her face reddened and she looked away, brushing her hair.

"T...tell us what?" The guard raised an eyebrow.

"Oh...we had...plans of sorts- he's very privy about such things and-"

"Ma'am, ma'am nevermind....just come in quietly, don't awake the lady of the home." The guard said quickly, letting Mina in who had to hide the smirk from her face. She took off her shoes by custom, quietly going up the stairs of the manor and finding the office on her own before the guards could escort her. Finding it empty she opened a door connecting to his bedroom, swinging it open quietly. "Mr. Ellington, this is urgent."
一年多以前 Mirra1007 said…
"If you do it for me then stop it." Tsukiyomi breaths out as he puts his hands on Tiras's shoulders, a deep troubled look in his eyes. "I know this is not what you wished for. I know you want to do good to every single living thing on this world. But you already did everything you could. Everything anyone could ever wish for. You saved so many lives. Saved an entire world from the gods threatening to tip the scale drastically. There is not a thing you must do. You almost never listen to me, or decide to ignore it, but listen to me now. This one time. Stop. Your loved ones do not ask you to go to war. There is not a war to be raged. If you want to show your love you need to keep this balance. I'm begging you to not make this grave mistake. Because that is what it is....." He let out a deep sigh. "I know you are hurting deeply. And that you think the world will forever be on your shoulders, your responsibillity. But it is not. Not in the way you think...."


Rex was asleep in a chair in his room, a book in his lap and snoring lightly when the sudden voice jolted him awake. His eyes were wide as he put a hand on his now rapidly beating heart before breathing out. "Counselor Zhang. How did you..." He shook his head, not even wanting to know which guard had let her in. Geez. People could easily kill him like this. Belial needed to have a good talk with him and he truly needed to make a list of who to let in when and where. A sat straighter, trying to make himself atleast a bit presentable as he brushes his hair back with his hand. "What can I help you with-" He looked at the clock. "-.... at this hour."
一年多以前 IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Then what is, Tsukiyomi? What must I lose...for balance?" Tiras asked with a quiet sob. "What mus others...lose? What is this balance worth?" Tiras pursed his lips and tried to hold back his tears. "What if it's Felicia next? My children? I've already lost my daughter, what must I be expected to lose?" He had tears now roll out, his heart beating hard as his eyes screamed sorrow. "I fear....for everything, for all we've built..or what you and Archaeus built."


"You will be meeting with the elves soon, that much I know but what I'm sure you don't know is that they themselves are having their own political infighting." Mina pulled out her briefcase she brought and opened it, having a blurred picture of scouting photos Chinese military had taken. "This big elf....they call him the king of thorns. He's leading the anti human sentiment among the elves and chances are....if you went you wouldn't be leaving."
一年多以前 Mirra1007 said…
Tsukiyomi gently pulled Tiras into his embrace, holding the fragile man as he sobbed and showed the fears and thoughts that haunted him inside. "I know... I fear too." He glanced at the bowl, wondering not for the first time if it had been a mistake to have granted these powers to a human. These burdens mostly. A human heart and mind were not strong enough for this. And he did see Tiras's torn heart as his fault.... "You should not be expected to carry all of this. And it could be over...." He pulled back a bit and puts his hands on the man's cheeks so he could not look away from his eyes. "I could make it stop. Let you live like before. If you want it can be over. You wouldn't have to remember. To know.... I'd rather you chose that option instead of destroying yourself..." It pained him to say these words to his trusted compangion. His ally. His friend. He did not want to lose Tiras like that. He had gotten to dependant on him. But he did not want to lose him in an even more brutal way.


Rex took the photos and looked at them. He had seen the elf before, in previous pictures of his own scouts. But not with a crown on his head. And not with this information add to it. It was crucial to know. He probably would have found out as he had planned on sending scouts once again before his leave. But this did saved them a trip. "Then that is something I must prepare for. I am very thankfull for this information and your genuine concerns. But I can't not go. This trip is way too necessary for Cantenseel's survival. For the people." It was true. He did not like the numbers he had been seeing the last couple of days concerning food inport and such.
一年多以前 IAMYOURENEMY said…
"But what about my Felicia? My destiny?" Tiras shook his head. "What was this worth if I was to lose it all?" Tiras bit his lip. "Is that worse than madness? A life where I do not know myself?" He asked himself and looked down. "I leave it in your fate. If I am to be evil, wipe me and Felicia's heads and bring this madness to a close before I start." He gave Tsukiyomi the same gaze he did many years ago, seeming scared


"Then let me go, let me bring the assets from my home country that I can to aid us- I may serve you now, but my home would never leave me." Mina smiled, looking into his eyes with her crimson colored eyes. "You are stubborn, it is a good quality and I happen to have it too. Listen to me..listen, there is a point in every leaders tenure where they make a decision that decides the course of everything. You need to decide if you will be remembered...or if you'll be another name on some book somewhere."
一年多以前 Mirra1007 said…
"You won't lose it all. You will still have her. Your children in the future. And you will still be you. You were you when you did not remember. I know because I have seen you grow up into the same man you were before. Just less troubled and pained. But you were still you. And you will know yourself." Tsukiyomi tried to reassure him atleast of that. "You are not evil... And you won't ever be. I have that faith in you."


Rex thought about it for a second, being ofcourse the skeptical man that he was he was thinking it over twice. "I am well aware of that. Every choice I make is crucial. For Cantenseel. For the world. For my life. And I am not sure what assets you mean exactly but if those mean the chance of a potentional war I decline. I am there to make peace. Not troubles. Even if my safety would be at risk. I'll bring my own guards ofcourse but not an army. I'd rather be some name in a book than be known for someone who started a war. We've got enough of that already inside of Cantenseel."
一年多以前 IAMYOURENEMY said…
"If I was able to love her then, I will be able to love her in this world. Take the god out of me, make me a simple man once again- I never wanted the power, Archaeus was wrong....I just wanted to make the world a better place." Tiras said as he put his head down a bit. "I'm sorry I couldn't handle the power Tsukiyomi...I don't think it's my purpose to have it- perhaps that's what Archaeus wanted to teach me...that I shouldn't have it. Even if I won't remember, I'll never strive to have it." He looked at Tsukiyomi with fear in his eyes- fear that everything wouldn't be okay again but he held his hand out with certainty that things would work themselves out. In Tsukiyomi he then saw his father Archaeus who was smiling next to him and smiled at him- him being in his manly form now which was that of an old elven man with sliver hair that went down to his bottom who wore a simple white robe.

"You were never meant to have power, that is why I exist." Archaeus spoke out, freezing everything around them. "But you did not know that until now."

"I feel...apart of me gone." Tiras said as he backed up against the wall, shivering. "No, no I'm not ready." He said with his voice cracking. "I won't be me."


"Not a war, you're thinking too much in that regard....the Japanese want a war- ask any if their soldiers the goal they have and it is to make an empire. China is growing, my homeland is growing fast and strong and with it they need alliances. Japan is a good ally but could they be counted on not to make war, to save you if there's fighting?" Mina raised an eyebrow. "Would you want to be remembered as the man who lost his head because he was NEXT to the man who started a war?" She shook her head. "What I'm saying is that if you bring me, my family will send scouts to just make sure we're okay. If things go bad, they'll get us out of there, understand?" She smiled a little. "God, I'm trying to keep you alive. Vasilia and Lei are focused on the city- Souji is focused on god...if nobody is looking at the outside besides you, we'll never leave our city. I know I'm new at all of this, I'm not from here so I know you all don't expect me to care as much as someone who is from here as I've heard Councilmen Feng and Miss Romanov say when questioning my ability to serve but I do- this is my home now.. and I'll do all I can to protect it." She then closed her brief case. "And it's leader, even if it requires me waking him out of bed early."


Henry looked back on the streets, seeing maybe some movement in the shadows. Hewalked into the home of his former girlfriend, having used the key that she always left outside and saw the photos on the wall with her new husband. He placed his hand against the wall, moving forward before turning his head and seeing a photo of his son Levi who looked just like him. He heard them sleeping, wondering if they too would be used against him someday before he grit his teeth.

"You know that the forces conspiring against you will use them against you." A voice spoke in his head, making Henry shake his head.

"If you do not kill them mercifully, someone will hurt them brutally to get to you."

"God had to leave those that he loved behind too for the greater good."

"But I do not want to hurt them." Henry whispered to himself.

"They will break, just like you did."

"How could you let that happen to them?"

Henry felt a cold wind touch against his ear and like that he seemed sure of what he was doing. He walked down to where he had built a nursery for his son, quietly opening it and watching his boy sleep. He pulled his knife out, looking at him and placing his hand ever so lightly over his mouth but then stopped. He saw too much of himself in his son and he took his blade away, putting his hand on his sons shoulder and rolling him over gently. His son woke up a little and groaned, opening his eyes before seeing his disheveled father who he hadn't seen in years. He opened his mouth to yelp, only for Henry to place his hand over his mouth. "Quiet boy."

Levi nodded his head while sitting up, feeling his heart beat hard. Henry took his hand away and Levi, who was a young teen looked at his dad and wondered why he was there so late. "Papa, aren't you who they are looking for?"

"Yes." Henry smiled. "I am, son. I am a champion of change- someone who will be remembered as a revolutionary. I have come to say goodbye, for I am afraid I'll never see you again."

"You've been gone a long time anyways, why does it matter?" Levi asked angrily.

"Because I am your father."

"No, you're not."

Henry growled. "Yes I am, not whoever your mother has decided to allow to fuck her. I am your dad."

"Thomas has been more of a father than you have been- you've been gone, doing whatever."

Henry grit his teeth in anger, now hearing his mother in the boy. He shook his head, placing his knife away and then punching the boy in the gut before choking him. "You think that, boy. You need to learn some manners. I've been saving the world, something above you all."

"Father, no please." Levi was let a bit of slack a bit, allowing him to breathe. "You don't...have to keep doing your work. You could always come back, make things work."

"Son, I'd love that more than anything but some things can't be stopped." He tightened

Levi grabbed at his fathers hand, finding he was wearing a leather glove and not being able to take the hand away as he was choked into unconsciousness. Henry threw him onto the bed, knowing the boy might just think it as a terrible nightmare and just leaving the home afterwards, leaving them to whatever fate they may hold as he locked the house the way it was. He took one final walk to the cathedral and walked to the tables where he set the pictures of his friends, lighting the candles once more before leaving the pictures there. After that he left, disappearing into the shadows of the harbor while he plotted to find somewhere to have a new life once more as his assets in Cantenseel would work themselves out.

"Henry Rodgers?" A voice called in the darkness.

"No." Henry replied to the voice before the voice walked out, revealing it was Belial holding one of his pistols.

"Are you Henry?" Belial asked while holding the gun to him.

Henry held up his hands, thinking about how he'd get out of it. "Okay, yes...it is, Captain"

"Thanks, I had to know it wasn't an innocent life." Belial flipped the safety off his pistol.

"Come now Devonshire...we've both been in this long enough to know there is no innocent lives."

"There comes a day we all need to pay for our sins." Belial said before shooting Henry in the throat.

Henry held his throat as he felt an intense burning and sharp pain, unable to speak or scream as Belial put his pistol to his head. Just like that everything ended and his body slumped into the water. Belial put his pistol away and walked from the docks, heading back to his home where he opened the door and sat his pistol on his counter.
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一年多以前 Mirra1007 said…
Tsukiyomi did not think the apology was needed at all. No human man could hold such powers. He should have known that from the beginning. But as far as any human could, Tiras did the best he can. He truly did. He was about to take the man's outstretched hand when he suddenly backed away, the fear clear in his eyes. He felt much pity for the man as he saw him like that. "Tiras..." He walked closer and gently coaxed him into his embrace, trying to calm the man down. "You'll be you. I am certain of that. Not a thing in the world could change you. And you can trust my word on that since I have been raising you." He says with a slight chuckle, hoping to lighten te situation a little. "And I'll be there to guide you still. I know you are afraid but you won't be alone in this. You'll love. You'll marry. You'll have your children with you once again. The only thing you wont have are the burdens and the pains of the past, which you deserve to not have. You have given this world so much. Now, let me give you that peace as well." He said before smiling kindly.


Rex knew that Mina was making some good points. The Chinese governement would indeed make a good ally. In many ways. Though he was a tad bit suprised as she continoud talking that she was also actually considering him, as a person, in her plans. Not just as the president that they should keep alive but him. He really felt her honesty behind those words and they did touch him a bit. "I trust your words in that regard.... I'll consider them carefully and let you know. I do truly appreciate it and the way you are thinking about our country." He says before standing up, popping his neck a bit before grinning slightly. "Though I do appreciate the waking me up less as it was done in a way that could be seen as breaking into someone's house. I do have a telephone you know." Though his tone let her know he was actually not that upset about it.
一年多以前 IAMYOURENEMY said…
Tiras breathed out calmly, simply nodding his head and accepting as a high pitched ringing filled his ears. He covered his ears, trying to stop the ringing but it was in his head. He breathed out rapidly, sweating bullets and having his heart beat out of his chest and having memories of everything flash by his head. He looked at his arm, seeing his magic nerves glowing once more but he had no nerves. He began to walk, seeing all the hands of those he killed reaching out for his as blood began to run out from the cracks in the wall. He bumped intos someone, making him jolt a bit. "I apologize."

"Mage dog, don't you touch me." Kyo hissed out, speaking with his head blown open from the center, having his brain exposed and blood pouring put from the wound.

"Gah!" Tiras screamed out, jumping back and falling to a puddle of blood. He screamed, feeling hands come out and grab his mouth and eyes and pull him in, drowning him.


Tiras woke up sitting upright in Ronin's hospital room, seeing doctors talk to Serika about Ronin's path to recovery. He looked at him horrified, putting his hand in his mouth as everything from the past couple months had been a blur but at least he was alive.

"We do not know what happened, but an old elven man cut open his hand and when it touched your husbands wounds his eyes returned and he healed entirely- we cannot explain it other than an act of god miss Mizushima."

"An act of god? My husband was dead and now he's alive." Serika said while looking at her husband in the bed.

"That's why it's god. He is merciful and kind, and gives mercy to those who need it most." Tiras said before shaking his head, having it hurt like crazy. "I wish for a speedy recover, I must head home and attend to my nation." He said as he left the hospital room, shaking his head and wondering what was happening.


"Spies are on the telephone- I do not trust." Mina said with a head shake. "Such personal manners must be handled personally- the phones leave so much humanity out of things." She said before opening Rex's window, thinking about leaving that way. "If you don't mind, I'll probably be taking my leave...now." She said as she heard the shoes of his guards scuff against the wood floor as they chased up the stairs. She moved herself out the window, quietly climbing out like a spider out of the home.
一年多以前 Mirra1007 said…
Tsukiyomi was not in the room anymore. Instead he was in his own realm, standing outside in the garden of the japanese styled house he lived in, staring down into the lake which reflected the life and the scene below him. He watched Tiras wake up, being all confused, but he did not look like the man of before. His eyes held no stress, no worries, no weight. Like how it should be. What he deserved. He was smiling though he sighed, feeling a bit of pain in his own chest. He then felt a hand on his chest, wrapped around him from behind as he felt his wife's body lean against his back.

"You look sad, my love." Nymphia says softly as she leans her forhead between his shoulder blades.

Gently Tsukiyomi lays his hand over hers. "I feel happy for him."

"Then you feel sad for yourself."

Tsukyiomi lets out a light laugh as he shakes his head, his wife exactly knowing his feelings and voicing them out. "He's done so much for us.... So isn't it selfish of me to be wishing that I wouldn't have done this? For him to forget me? What we have fought for together. How much we actually depended on eachother and what a friend he had become.... I think I am going to miss that.... No, I am going to miss that for certain." He remebered all those talk and laughs and promises they had made to eachother. They were bonded in way he could not even understand himself. So this felt like tearing a piece of him away as well. Now the world once again did not know about him. No friend to share it with like they had done. It somehow felt a bit lonely in a way.

Nymphia took his hand and turned him around to face her, softly putting a hand on his cheek and smiling up at him. "I know. And that is okay. Your wish is justified. And that you did do this just shows you are the most selfless being in excistence so don't worry your heart about that. You are losing part of your friend, but he is still with you. In flesh and in memories. You have made the right decision for him."

Tsukyomi took her hand off of his cheek and began laying soft kisses on her finger, making her giggle. "What would I do without you."

"Not much!" She said gleefully before hugging him tightly, making him lose his air for a second before hugging her back. "You are such a senstive emotional man. Cheer up! He has a bright life ahead of him. And you will find joy in seeing it happen."

Tsukyiomi layed his cheek down on top of her head as she was a head smaller and looks at the lake, seeing Tiras trying to get a ride back home by calling his private drivers a bit impatiently. And slowly he began to smile. "I think you are very right."


Several weeks had passed since the news of the killing on Henry Rodger's had spread. After the killing, Rex immediatly gave the others for a drastic search of everyone else involved. The central intellegince was first turned upside down before the most trusted ones were put on the case to find everyone ever connected with Henry and his plans. Ofcourse counselor Lei was high on their list because of the information Rex knew but he had dissapeared soon after the killing came out, now a searched for and wanted man. Cecilia was leading the case as she was promoted by Rex himself, being now in Henry's former position as head of the central intellegence in Cantenseel. In the meanwhile Rex had been buzy as well. Both with meeting and negotiations with China. With Mina by his side he was trying to see if an alliance between their countries could work, and it was actually pretty positive till now. Though he has also been buzy with Japan, amking errangements to go together with Tiras to the New World as the effect of the elfven tribes taken over could not be ignored any longer. They needed to head there to negotiate. And so, with all precautions fixed and settled, the leaders of Cantenseel and Japan were now heading towards the New World.


Rex was sitting in his private, and fully stocked with guards, plane as they headed towards the New world. Tiras told him he would go there on his own a bit later and they would meet up there. Fine by him. It was even better because now he had time to breath and be alone with his nerves as this was his first potentionally violent diplomatic meeting so far away. And there was alot riding on this. He put his notes and papers down as he sighs deeply and glances at Mina, who was sitting next to him staring out of the window. She has been a great asset to the council, especially now with Lei being gone. And she has shown her political use when discussing matters with China. So when she asked to come along.... He still had said no. But she had come anyway. And threatend to take down the plane in whatever magical way if they would leave with her. He grinned slightly at the memory. She was an amusing woman. "Are you nervous?" He asked her out of the blue, needing to not be alone with his thoughts.


Tsu was staring at his clock, the engine of the plane already running as they waited for the one the could not leave without, the emperor himself. Already tien minutes late. As usual. He sighs deeply as he rubs his temple. That man... He would give him some slack. The last weeks he had still been confused and disorientated even if he tried his best to puzzle the pieces back for the man together. Also having wiped Felicia's memories as well, or atleast blurred alot of details for them. He wanted them to get to know eachother again so he wiped the proposal. But he did make sure Tiras would know that the ring for his potentional ever to be wife was in his nightstand. But he did not wipe their meeting. The most they know is that they had met at the ball, talked through the night and since then have been in contact. It was not the dramatical meeting it was first. He tapped his foot. Twenty minutes late. Again he sighed.
一年多以前 IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Nervous?....yes. I've never been out of Asia before and in China we hear...many stories of the elven people. I'm not sure what to expect and...if the reports are true, they won't be the happiest with us upon arrival just for us being normal eared." Mina explained while seeing the ocean, looking at it with unease. "This is what we have....all we have that separates us from one another. Growing up I was terrified of the ocean because the ocean would be where the Japanese would always start their invasions...and the sky. I don't know when the war started, but it ended when I was thirteen. The sea since then has always made me a bit....uneasy and today they seem angry like when the Japanese would come. It's a good thing I came along then, hmm?" Mina smiled, not so upset about recalling the Japanese invasion of her home.


Tiras came out suddenly suited up in his armor, having his hair tied up high and his spirits seemingly better. "I apologize, I was having lunch with Ms. Stadner and had to put my plating on." Tiras said while walking, for one having his battle blade and side arm ready. It was his family sword, dragons tooth which was made out of the leg bone of a dragon with its hilt made of the skin. His side arm was a regular pistol, packing incindieary rounds inside though he hoped none of it would be necessary. "Hope Hei and Kierra are ready inside, we probably are very late."
一年多以前 Mirra1007 said…
Rex began to notice more and more the slight hints she dropped about her distrust in the Japanese. He did not blame her looking at her experiences. Also he kept a close eye on them as well. She smiled at him, trying to make a joke out of it but honestly, he thought the plane ride actually made her the most nerveus of it all. As he looked at her it was easy to see. "I told you to stay at home. I would have forced you if I had known you were this afraid of planes and the ocean." He says quietly so no one else would here but he smiles gently at her as he voices out what she probably didn't wanted to say. He reached into the briefcase he had with him and pulls out a book. "If it helps, reading always calmed my nerves." He says as he holds out the book to her.


Tsu tried to hide the smile threatening to appear the best he could. But he knew Tiras was well aware that Tsu was very happy that the man was actually sometimes dating and seeing someone. But even still, that did not excuse this. Even if he was happy about it. He glances at his clock again. "Putting that on on your own would take some time indeed. Excused for now but get in. They have been here longer than I have." He said as they quickly went into the plane. Once they were seated it quickly took off. "So.... How was your date?" He asked, on purpose not calling it simply a lunch.
一年多以前 IAMYOURENEMY said…
Mina looked at the book, knowing that it was the book of man and shaking her head. "I hear that's a good read- it's not really my thing though, reading before a big event." Mina placed her had over the book though, seeing it and feeling the spine of the book. "I apologize for making you concerned of me, you have much to attend to...you should go focus your mind instead- this is the moment that could make or break how the history books tell the tales of your time in office." She smiled, crossing her arms and leaning against the plane's walls.

"I didn't know that shit goes out of the plane when I shit." Belial said while coming in the room, seeing Rex was there with a lady. "Well I'll take my leave." He said as he quickly shut the divider between the rooms.

"Maybe we can leave those comments of the tales." Mina giggled out, shaking her head and wondering how such a big oaf could be coming to such delicate diplomatic meetings even if he was Rex's security captain.


"It was not a date." Tiras said adamantly while getting on the plane, buckling as it went to take off. "She is a fine friend and we were having tea and sushi while discussing...things about each other. God, who do you think I am? I've only know her a couple months." Tiras laughed out as the plane took off to the skies, trying to catch up to the Cantenseelans. "I must make sure that she - or any woman I want for that matter, must work with my duty before all else....such as today."
一年多以前 Mirra1007 said…
Rex smiled kindly as she declined and puts the book down on the table infront of him. "You do not have to apologize. Really. Something that also helps me calm down is thinking about something else and talking to someone. So you are helping me to not lose my nerves as well. But when you state this meeting in the way you just did.... You do get me a bit nerveus." he says with a slight chuckle. It did make him nerveus. He was not such a big important man in his mind. But this was big. And this meeting was important. It would make or break it indeed. But those nerves were completely wiped away again as Belial showed his face and his sometimes simple mind. He laughed as he shakes his head, grinning a bit afterwards. "We probably should not include those indeed."


"I believe you are a single male man who is 27 years of age and who should marry atleast someday to help some rumors out of the world and get yourself an heir." Tsu said with a slight grin as he teased a bit before his smiled turned genuine. "Honestly Tiras, I know you are approaching this cautiously. You were raised that way. And it is the right way to go. You think about your country first like any good leader should. It is a good quality of yours and I admire that you put your heart in it so much. Japan is blessed to have you. But I want to see you blessed as well. And not just by wealth and position. But by heart. Love. I am not trying to push you into anything. But I agree that miss Stadner is indeed a very fine lady, beautifull even, with a good upbringing, a smart mind and a kind heart. And I am just eager to see you find someone just for you." He said before leaning against the plane window to look outisde. "Though discussing things about eachother while having lunch is a date..." He adds to it quietly to get his right and to tease a bit.
一年多以前 IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Sometimes we cannot afford to let ourselves forget the magnitude of things because they are so massive." Mina commented before laughing and nodding her head in agreeance. "Who knows how many finer details of history have been wiped with the guise of glory." She said before finally sitting down, idling and chatting with Rex


"I was not born to be blessed my friend, I was born with the purpose to rule. The fact that I may rule justly, strongly and with honor is the blessing that I have. If I was to set my heart out with no restraint, I'd have sunk my country into a civil war many times over. Lady Stadner is very charming, a beautiful woman even but I as the last of my line need an empress for the Japanese people, not myself. She is very good...she is amazing even from what I have seen of her, but I know my people. I know the bare no love for someone with blonde hair, milky skin and round eyes." Tiras voiced his concerns before smiling a bit. "It is a date I suppose but I need to be professional about this all....an emperor doesn't go on social calls, as my grandfather would say."


It took over a day of travel for each plane to respectively reach the elven lands. Taking one stop on an island outpost where they both refilled together, they both took off and then went to western coast of the new world, going off the coast inland a bit away from the massive forest capital the elves had that they would not reveal to outsiders. The planes landed outside of the massive installation in the middle of the plains where it seemed an outpost had built out of nowhere for this meeting. It was made a brick and thick plant vines holding it together and outside there was ten thousand men alone standing guard in a direct line to the king of the elves, Faendal, his wife Rosalie, his bodyguard John and his son Radiel from the planes. Tiras exited with his entourage complete with Tsu, Hei, Kierra and a squadron of his elites while the Cantenseelan president and one council member came out complete with Captain Devonshire and the most elites that Cantenseel had to offer.

They all walked forward at once and met in the middle- the elven king staring down the human and a half leaders. Faendal didn't bow or budge and in return Tiras didn't either, staring down the elven king. "I didn't know human leaders had elves as leaders, what clan are you from?"

"I was raised human, I am Japanese first." Tiras spoke out. "I am Tiras Seiken, Grand Dragon and Emperor of Japan and her territories, lord of the rising sun."

"I am Faendal of the Free Elves, Ruler of Elveanan and the Emancipator of Slaves, Destroyer of Humans and the ruler of all the lands to can see from coast to coast. A shame you shed the heritage you so clearly have."

"My pointed ears do not make me elven, no more than your skeletal structure makes you human." Tiras responded to Faendal. "If my father had stayed, perhaps I'd be elven but he didn't so do not think that I am one of your people- I'm not. I am here to serve the interests of Japan and her allies."

"Interesting, and if we decide to maybe tear apart your allies for not looking quite like us?" Faendal asked with a grin.

"Well then you'd better be killing the big guy behind you because unless I'm blind, his ears are round." Tiras commented while pointing to John.

"Oh John? He has the rage of an elf for certain. He's like...elven on the inside- his ears are inversed." Faendal chuckled. "But yours...my they are pointy...pointier than even my own sons. If I just...reached, what would you do?"

Tiras kept his cool, smiling at Faendal. "Well sir, you'd have to find out."

"Hmm, maybe later. Mr. President, I have been waiting to meet you." Faendal said with a smile to Rex, extending his hand to shake in the Cantenseelan custom. "I just wanted to meet you all, after this me and my lovely wife Rosalie will be leaving because Radiel, my son will be handeling negotiations with you all."
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一年多以前 Mirra1007 said…
Rex had a feeling the two elven male were testing eachother out a bit till the attention from the King was focused on him. He reached out of shook the outstretched hand. So they has learned or atleast read about him and the human customs. Or perhaps from the wife who was in all regards human as he looked at her. Till now they seemed civil enough. But he would be a fool to let his guard down. Those thousand elves infront of them making sure that he knew not to. "It is a pleasure to meet you as well." Human political politness ofcourse. "And that is a shame, i was hoping and expecting to have these discussion with you. The King itself. Is it a elven custom to have your children negotiate for you or does it have a different reason?" He asked politely without any deeper meaning or such, honestly wondering if it was an elven thing or is it was just the younger elfs job. Though something did not feel completely right.
一年多以前 IAMYOURENEMY said…
"He will be the king of my people, I plan to retire soon. I served my purpose, I may live five hundred years, you would be lucky for eighty and only sixty would be full of prime. I know you are part of the world we must accept; we do not have a choice in this matter. I have an opinion of your people, I fear I'm jaded from the death of my people and I know that...I am not the leader to guide us to peace with you and I would rather my people have a good and just leader. Power means nothing if misused, it is why I went to war for my people; I urge you leaders of the humans to remember this...and to enjoy your time in Elvenan, the elven lands. We are your hosts, learn about us, mingle and maybe feel the peace we all could enjoy." Faendal said before leaving with Rosalie, sighing out and letting his smile show. "Did I do good?" He asked with a whisper to Rosalie, walking towards the installation.

"By the mother earth, my father makes these events dreadful. I'm Radiel, I guess future king and lord of all the lands and things around here." Radiel opened his arms to Rex, looking at him and smiling. "Let's make history, friend."
一年多以前 Mirra1007 said…
Rosalie stood calmly, keeping her eyes on the visitors and their guards before she took her leave with her husband. Poor people thought a few guards would help. They were drastically outnumbered so that made her at ease, knowing they would not be the ones to first draw their guns. She smiled a little up at her husband as he seeked for confirmation. Really. Such a wise King and he was asking her if he did good. She takes his hand and lifts it up to kiss his hand. "You did good."

Rex saw no ill intentions in the King. He seemed and sounded genuine. He atleast was. He did not feel the hostility that they had been cautious about yet. But that could still come. Perhaps not from these two elvan man. He could not help but grin a bit at Radiel as he opened his arms, this man even more open than his father. "Very well. Lead the way then."
一年多以前 IAMYOURENEMY said…
"That I will." Radiel said before leading them past the literal mile of men, entering the installation and revealing a massive festival inside dedictated to the gods. Within there was lines of white flowers strung about on lines, elven depictions of Archaeus carved and painted vibrant colors as well as statues of their demon, the thorned dragon who would come and punish them if they did not take care of the earth. "You see, today is the day of the gods. We honor the mother, earth. We praise the giving father, Archaeus and we appease the tainted one, the Thorned Dragon who's name is unspeakable." He led them through, noticing as the elves looked at the humans bewildered and at Tiras googley eyed, having never seen such a broad elf before. "I chose to meet on this day because this is where we share the most similarities." Radiel turned around as his wife, a fiery red haired elf with hair that mirrored Mina's. She had high cheek bones, a slender build and blue eyes- her stomach bulged, showing she was far along in her pregnancy. "We elves love, worship and even fear just as you all do. I want to set the ground that we aren't so different before negotiations begin. I believe that if we aren't so different in each others eyes, it will make all the difference."

"Fanfare and flowers are beautiful things; they are also softening." Tiras narrowed his eyes. "Inshallan, genagn harassan." Tiras spoke out, telling Radiel that he was trying to decieve. "This peace, this celebration is a guise for a murderous coup that your people perpetuated upon the rightful settlers of this land."

"And yet you are meeting with me. Conquering has happened many times in your people's society, we too have done so. We may argue all day of semantics but as we know you have a crisis. We have food, we need validation and allies. I have prepared a feast, fit with my family and all the greatest generals in the land...please, join me as my personal guests."
一年多以前 Mirra1007 said…
Rex was surprised to see such festivities in place on this day. He had not even known that this was a special day of sorts. It had been a good choice from the next King to chose this day. But what Tiras said was also true. It would not lessen their focus on what had happend and what could happen. Even though he was more open minded than Tiras. He had learned soon after becoming a councilmember and then president what had been happening in these lands. Slavery. If they had waited longer he might have helped them. Probably would have. "I never saw us as different kinds. We all walk the same earth. And even humans have different cultures. So believe me when I say I am for equal rights to all beings. It is something I am trying to push through in my country. And about what Tiras talked about, we can discuss that as well as I did hear circumstances for your kind here had been.... Far from what I would deem acceptable." He said, showing them he was coming into these lands with an open mind and the will to listen instead of only trying to settle things for his own crisis.
一年多以前 IAMYOURENEMY said…
"I am glad to see you have an open mind and an open heart." Radiel said before walking to a side corridor, showing the guests to the feast where there was a massive table, seating over a hundred people. Radiel had the human entourage sit at the end and at the front was a table for his wife, him and his brother who wasn't there yet. "Drink, eat and wait for soon I will speak." Radiel spoke out to the elves at his table.

"You aren't drinking tonight?" One cousin of Radiel's asked one of the older generals.

"No, I feel like being alert tonight." The general simply proclaimed, not eating.

"I've never heard of a feast where there was no drinking or eating." Tiras whispered to Rex, feeling great unease and noticing that some of the elves were wearing particularly bulky clothing.

Belial noticed this as well and saw that when Radiel's brother walked in he wore a crown of thorns but Radiel did not notice. He kept scanning, wondering if he could find where the source of the unease came from.

"We meet here to reconcile, to make amends and to do things right for both of our peoples. Today, elven and human kind has a chance to make true peace together and for generations set a precedent that will show that we CAN work together. I have a daughter on the way- it is a world we build together that will decide the life she lives. I wish for a life where she can hold hands with a human boy, where a human boy can see an elven girl and see a simple woman- I see a bright and beautiful picture my friends, my family and my greatest allies and tonight I hope that together, we will make this bright and beautiful picture that is our future."

"Peace is for those who forget reason. There will be no working with the oppressors- ELVEN SUPREMACY IS NOW AND FOREVER!" Radriel screamed out, taking a knife out from his coat and stabbing Radiel in the throat while he stood bewildered so he could never speak again. As he held the knife in his throat he watched as Radriel's supports stabbed his wife several times in the stomach and then slit her throat, as well as watching them murder the elven royals who had attended the feast. "Get the humans!" He barked out, letting his brothers body slump to the ground like a ragdoll.

"Holy shit-" Belial stood up and pulled out both pistols of his, dispatching twelve elven soldiers coming at them before kicking the door open so everyone could escape. When the door opened it was revealed that the installation had been set ablaze. Outside it sounded like a war as elven forces collided against each other, destroying the planes they had came in. Belial then looked at the wall, running through it with his body and breaking it open before looking back. "Now!"

Tiras's heart beat fast as he defended against the soldiers, killing one who came towards Mina before he threw a table to trip them up. He followed everyone throne the opening Belial made, looking up in the sky as a helicopter flew over with Chinese characters on it. Suddenly though as it came above, a spear flew through the window and it began to fly around, going towards the battlefield and having the rotor hit several men, turning them into bloody paste before it exploded upon impact.

"That was my help." Mina said before beginning to hyperventilate as they ran, being covered in blood from the man who's throat was slit right next to her.
一年多以前 Mirra1007 said…
Rex felt a bit of unease as well though he was not as trained to noticing these things as the other man accompaning him. When Radiel spoke of the peace they could have he could not stop the smile on his face. It sounded iddylic. Something he was striving for as well and judging by the honestly in his voice this alliance could come out strong between them. But those hopes were short lived as he watched in shock as the elven mans body dropped dead. Just like that, mayham occured around him. He had no time to think about the horrors and what this would mean. Instead he followed suit as they tried to find a way out. He grabbed Mina's hand to make sure she was with him and that she would not lose her out of sight when a spear was trown their way. "Watch out!" He yelled as he pulled Mina against him and turned his back to the incoming spear, trying to shield her but the inpact never came. When he looked over his shoulder he saw Tiras's holy man, Tsu, holding the spear as he had caught it, a dark look in the man's eyes as he trew the spear back into the elfs heart with dead on accuracy.

Tsu pulled out a katana which he had been hiding as he with an elegance and a strength no one would think he had began to cut through the soldiers. Catching the spears and arrows being trown and shot as if they were nothing and returning them. He glanced at Tiras, who was probably in slight shock of seeing the calm man like that. "This way." He said before he ran forward and actually began to clear a path towards the woods.

Rosalie watched in shock as the installation burned and the elfs, Faendal's people, fought eachother. What did they do. Those idiots.... They were surrounded by their own soldiers luckily who protected them but the rebels were with many. Much more than expected.... They needed to leave. Now. "F-Faendal..."
一年多以前 IAMYOURENEMY said…
Tiras ran, holding out his blade though not being too sure on how to use it. Radriel came out from the flames and looked at them, being unharmed as he held a lance in his arm. He ran towards Tiras and Tiras stood, holding his form against him. The two clashed and the spear with Radriel's overwhelming strength went through Tiras's side though it came out, breaking apart the flesh. Tiras was brought close to Radriel's face who had a grin on it. "You wear the armor of a warrior, but stand like a coward." He hissed out, having his hot breath tough against Tiras's before John tackled Radriel.

"With the humans!" Faendal yelled, seeing them as the only ones not involved in this madness. He himself was nearly hyperventilating, realizing that his son had just killed his other son and that his daughter was dead too. When he made it to Rex with Rosalie it wasn't her crying but instead him, sobbing hard as he could. With the smell of blood and fire in the air, all he could hear was the screams of those that were perishing on this most sacred of days.

"I knew I'd kill you dog! From the moment I laid eyes on you!" Radriel barked out at John as he threw him off, staring at the only human he'd ever met who was strong.

"Many men have tried, not girls like you!" John said in return before Radriel angrily charged at him. John merely pulled out his revolver and quick shot the elf in the leg, making him fall down before John got on top of him and grabbed his hair, slamming his face and thorns into the dirt. He began to slam his face into the dirt more and more, tearing out his hair and making the top of his scalp bleed before turning him over and hitting him in the face, disfiguring him more and more with each hit before beginning to strangle the elf.

"Save the king!" An elf barked out, shooting John in the head with an arrow which broke upon hitting his head, seemingly only making the man angry. He instead left quickly, following the others and providing cover while the rebels tended to their wounded prince who he had given a pretty good beating.

"Does this usually happen?!" Belial yelled out, also providing cover.

"Only on the weekends- you're a good shot!" John commented to Belial, having helped make most of the people chasing them disappear.

"Yeah you too- damn you kicked that elf prince's ass." Belial laughed out.

"Yeah she was pretty tough, with her long locks and slender body." John said before holstering his pistol, knowing that they weren't chasing anymore as they got closer to the water.

Tiras stumbled his way to Rex and Mina and Tsu, holding his hand over his wound and feeling disorientated greatly. "Oh my god." Tiras merely said as he tripped, falling down and holding his gut as he felt his first wound. "Oh my god it fucking hurts!" Tiras screamed out, gritting his teeth. "I'm going to gut these pointed eared-"

"Don't you see they're doing it to themselves?!" Faendal screamed out, seeing the smoke and having tears in his eyes. "They did it without you humans! Without you, they killed each other! Like...Like animals! Like what they said we were!" He screamed out at the smoke in the distance, clearly distraught.

Mina wiped the blood off of her face and looked at Rex, feeling a bit less emotional now as she realized they were boatless. "How exactly are we going to get home?!" She yelled out. "Our planes are GONE."
一年多以前 Mirra1007 said…
Tsu felt his stomach turn and his rage intensify as he saw Tiras being stabbed. He clenched his fist, it almost starting to glow but luckily John took care of it. He took a deep breath as he helped clear the path to the waters. He kneeled next to Tiras before taking off his robe, slicing it a bit and carefully but firmly bandaging the man's side to stop it from bleeding a bit. "You'll survive Tiras." You have survived worse he ads in his mind but ofcourse for this Tiras this pain was new and the worst he probably had ever felt. Tsu was very calm in a situation like this as he stood and looked around. They were not followed at the moment but soon will be found if they did not move. Faendall was a mess. Tiras wounded. And Rex looked like he might pass out as well. "We'll get home. They have orders to come for us if we do not update our position every 5 hours or so. So they will be coming to get us. For now, we have to keep moving and find a place to hide. Come friend." He said as he helped Tiras to his feet. "Lean on me."

It broke Rosalie's heart to see Faendall like this. She stared back at the fires as the screams could be still heard. Everything he had worked for. Lived for. Thrived for.... What a mess... Even his family.... Softly she cups his cheeks and lays her forhesd against his. "Take a deep breath, love.... You can break apart later. Now we need to move...." she said softly with pain in her eyes as she wipes his tears away. They really needed to go. Even if he was being torn in two.
一年多以前 IAMYOURENEMY said…
"They should die.." Tiras mumbled out, having a mixture of blood and saliva drip out from his mouth as he walked with Tsukiyomi, practically dying each time he took a step on the right side. Hei then came out of the shrubs with Kierra, having an elven arrow through his shoulder but also holding an elven head in his hand. "Hei and Kierra?!"

"Holy crap I didn't know I was strong enough to tear his head off! I was really scared." Hei admitted before looking over at Kierra and then everyone else. "Oh god. This is everyone else. Kierra, this is everyone else- we're fucked, we're so fucked oh my god we're so fucking fucked-"

"Quiet boy, you're scaring the girl!" John yelled while slapping Hei, making him nearly shit himself and die at the same time before John rubbed his face. "Let me lead the way, I can get us down to some caves near the coast that will keep us warm and hidden for a few hours."

Faendal nodded his head, shaking as he walked and followed John to the sea caves, having tears drip down his face the entire time. Once reaching the sea caves he leaned against the walls- finally crying out while Mina looked at everyone to access the situation.

"Okay, so we have three very battle capable men, three strong men and a wounded one along with two women." Mina rubbed her face, then looking over at Rex. "Hey...Brexton. Come on, you have to snap out of it....survival is what matters now, nothing else."
一年多以前 Mirra1007 said…
Rex felt a huge wave of relief hit him right in the gut when he saw Hei appear. Thank the gods he had survived. If he had not been still in utter shock he might have even hugged the guy. But instead he silently followed as the ringing in his ears did not stop. Everything around him just felt mute as he kept thinking and seeing things over and over again. How could it have turned out so terribly. This was even worse than the worst case scenario that he had in mind, He was snapped out of his thoughts by Mina. He runs a shaking hand through his hair as he nods before finally really looking at Mina. Her face had splatters of blood on it. He takes out a handkerchief as he gently begans to wipe some blood off of her cheek. "Are you okay?...." He asks quietly before looking at the rest of the group. Tiras was bleeding and cursing alot. Hei looked panicked. Kierra looked like she might trow up. Faendal was a mess. "You really shouldn't have come along...." He says quietly though what difference did that make now.

Rosalie gently took her husband's hand and forced him to sit down, pulling him into her arms after they did so she could hold him as he weeped and mourned for everything he had just lost. And that is exactly what he had lost. Everything. She could not even begin to imagine his pain right now. These wounds won't heal anytime in the near or even far future. So she did the only thing she thought she could, hold him and let him cry.

Tsukiyomi helped Tiras to sit down as well before looking at the bandages who were already being soaked. It looked really bad. He takes Tiras's hand and places it on the wound. "Keep pressure on it." He ordered before standing up and talking out his phone, pretending to send a text. And even though he was sending a message for help, it was not through his phone. Immediatly he got an reply. "Help will be here soon enough." He said before looking back at the group. "We'll stay here till then. They know where to find us so we just need to stay put."