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19 years have passed since the original events of the first chapter. The city has been rebuilt, the world has been united and most people have healed, save for some few who cling to their horrible and scarred pasts. There are some though, willing to disrupt this society's peace and order for selfish goals...Will you fight with the revolutionaries for a society ruled with the iron fist of their queen, or will you fight to uphold the order and peace that has been preserved for nearly 20 years?

The way of the government, education system and military.

The Government
After the 2019 incident with Hotaka Nagachika, the governments of Cantenseel were finally able to reach a compromise with each other. The Kanshinin councilors would act as a congress for Rex, who would be some sort of figure head, like the president. While he had power, he would have to present it to the councilors, who would either approve or disapprove of the proposal. Rex would have veto power, but it would only work for so much. The councilors and The president all choose a successor when they choose to retire.

The Education System
In Cantenseel, after the borders fell, they decided to merge the new generation with each other to make sure that pride from being from a certain area would not exist, the easiest way of course, was school. In the middle of Cantenseel where all four borders used to connect, a super school was created. It was three campuses. The elementary campus for K-5th Grade. The middle campus for 6-8th and the High/College campus for 9th-12+. This means that within the school, there are people who are in their mid twenties along with fifteen yearolds in the same campus.

The Military
In the 19 years that had passed, the military had became rather lax because of the peace. Most people who joined only abused it so they could one, have an easy job or two, so they could use it for their resume. Only few actually join it because they want to make a difference.

24 years ago, an assassin named Tiras Elbinorune was sent on a mission to murder a woman named Felicia Stadner, who was the heiress to a very rich family. Tiras, mesmerized by the woman, was unable to pull the trigger. After an instant spark between the two, he joined the military for her to win a war that was over the horizon. After a series of trials and after impregnating Felicia, Tiras went beserk and nearly destroyed the world. 5 years later, he came back after his current wife had been murdered. After a brutal beating by the angry people of Cantenseel, a man named Hotaka Nagachika who had orchestrated most of the events in the story came and launched his attack. Soon, he overwhelmed the city with ghouls, which were man eating creatures that were seemingly invincible. While the prince of Hell, Belial, a powerful vampire named Joseph, a beast tamer named Renald, a Draki named Kierra and the son of Hotaka himself, Hei, fought against the other ghouls while Rex and Tiras fought against Hotaka, who had turned into a horrific monster the size of a skyscraper. After a long and hard battle, Hotaka was defeated. But at a cost. Tiras had been mortally wounded and died in front of his love, Felicia.

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[Faction](Revolutionary, Military, student etc.




[Power] (this is whether you use Magical Abilities or Scientific powers, whether it be via machines or simply some sort of scientific method, you can choose whether to explain how it works or not)


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Louisa Stadner. Age 24 (Page 1)
Virgil Elbinorune. Age 24 (Page 1)
Hei Nagachika. Age 43 (Page 1)
Raiden Lancaster. Age 27 (Page 1)
Mina Zhang. Age 41 (Page 1)
Ivanka Silvius. Age 40 (Page 1)
Irisviel Romanov. Age 38 (Page 1)
Eva Romanov. Age 17 (Page 1)
Seth Romanov. Age 17 (Page 1)
Joseph Bordeaux. Age N/A (Page 1)
Akira Cruz. Age N/A (Page 1)
Akiro Liang. Age 18 (Page 1)
Chidori Liang. Age 37 (Page 1)
Zhu Liang. Age 42 (Page 1)
Daniel Tren. Age 17 (Page 1)
Mei Zhang. Age 16 (Page 1)
Leia Feng. Age 24. (Page 1)
Gilford Silvius. Age 16. (Page 1)
Valeryia Silvius. Age 24. (Page 1)
Remi Elbinorune. Age 23 (Page 1)
Shiomi Devonshire. Age 23 (Page 1)
Belial Devonshire. Age N/A. (Page 1)
Alexander Bordeaux. Age N/A. (Page 1)
Vasilia Romanov. Age 61. (Page 1)
Takao Sesshoumaru. Age 32. (Page 6)
Yurichi Mizushima. Age 19. (Page 9)
Lucifer Devonshire. Unknown (Page 10)
Yamato Kirugi. Age over 100.
Adelger Kiesenger von Elbinorune the II. Age 17 (Page 22)
Karlen Von Jager. Age 116 (Page 29)
Karla Von Jager. Age 27 (Page 29)
Raul Espinoza. Age 25(Page 32)
Ramses the III. Age 30(Page 32)
Thutmose III. Unknown. (Page 34)
Jannik Haas. (Page 34)
Catriona Haas. (Page 36)
Praxilla Metz. 32. (Page 44)
Adalica Von Elbinorune(Page 36)
Aiymil Elbinonrune (Page 46)
Cynfael Bordeaux. (Page 42)
Ollie Silvius. (Page 44)
Akllah Folami. (Page 46)
Raymil Emeria. (Page 49)
Lanying Zhang. (Page 49)
Revala Emeria. (Page 49)
Raymil Emeria) (Page 49)
Reina Emeria. (Page 50)
Yang Min. (Page 51)
Miles Prise. (Page 52)
Chronov. (Page 54)
Cassius Prise(Page 55)
Saigon Derivil(Page 56)

Felicia Tenshin. Age 48 (Page 1)
Sora Cruz. Age 41 (Page 1)
Yumi. Age 23 (Page 1)
Kierra Nagachika. Age 42 (Page 1)
Rex Ellington. Age 48 (Page 1) (President of Cantenseel)
Renald Silvius. Age 51 (Page 1)
Eadlyn Bordeaux. Age 24 (Page 1)
Souji Zhang. Age N/A (Page 1)
Ichirou Nagachika. Age 18 (Page 1)
Fayline Bordeaux. Age 46 (Page 1)
Cecilia Devonshire. Age N/A (Page 1)
Kane Tenshin. Age 50 (Page 1)
Ella Stadner. Age 31 (Page 1)
Dequan Zhang. Age 18 (Page 1)
Fillian. Age N/A (Page 1)
Annelise Florence. Age 22 (Page 1)
Lizana Janssen. Age 18 (Page 1)
Moira Prise. Age 17 (Page 1)
Gideon Narine. Age 20 (Page 1)
Riza Hannaka. Age 19 (Page 6)
Tomoe Mikage . Age unknown (Page 10)
Daliyah. Age N/A (Page 11)
Jeptha Veers. Age 22(Page 22)
Elvyne Silvius. Age 19 (Page 29)
Hideaki Ranshin. Age 43 (Page 32)
Tsuyoshi Hajime. Age 27 (Page 32)
Basile Allard. Age 25 (Page 32)
Mamoru Hidari. Age 25 (Page 32)
Calix Shreave. Age 47 (Page 32)
Willem the V of Nassau. Age 34. (Page 32)
Nori Rin. Age 15 (Page 32)
Kiyoshi Rin. Age 28 (Page 32)
Callum Silvius. Age 25 (Page 34)
Connall Silvius. Age 25 (Page 34)
Baldrik Haas. (Page 34)
Sauri Devonshire. (Page 44)
Lerida Devonshire. (Page 44)
Kuro Kaze Devonshire. (Page 44)
Tarquin Silvius. (Page 44)
Terryal. (Page 49).
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一年多以前 IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Not mine, she had two faces. Hualing to the outside was a kind, loving woman who supported her people and Hualing on the inside was a woman that raised each of the three kids she had with a purpose. I was to be the emperor to end all wars, Li Jie was to be the chairman to rule our people once I became emperor and Mina was to go off and present China to the world." He frowned. He thought of what she said and smiled then, having a bit of a realization. "Adore me..one can't...calculate human emotions I suppose. Honestly...I don't know if I want THAT throne.." He said while thinking of Japan. "I never wanted to leave here. But...I know what my people want and they want me. Japan is too prideful to be a colony...so is China." He winced. "I'm torn between which to really...stay at. I love my home...but I must be emperor to save it. I have so many decisions to make it makes my head spins." He sighed. He then sighed deeper and grit his teeth. "Damn my mother for dying without seeing this through to the end!"
一年多以前 Mirra1007 said…
Nanako found it a bit hard to imagine that someone would raise children for a purpose. Children were meant to be loved. But she guessed this life of his was way to different to have the normal values in it. Like she said before, it was cold. And it made his life alot harder she saw. How could it not be hard if he had been burdened by these responsibilities all his life. "I wish I had answers for you but I dont. I don't have muxh experience in such.... complicated matters. Though I do know that it is sometimes better to be somewhere even though your heart is elsewhere...." she ended a bit more quieter. "You just need to keep reminding yourself that sometimes it is necesary to sacrifice some want to get to the needs. Though I guess that is not something I have to say to you."
一年多以前 IAMYOURENEMY said…
"It is not, but I appreciate the gesture.; your voice is much more convincing. " Li Jun said with a sad smile, turning his head after to watch the swans on the golden river. Meanwhile in Cantenseel, Belial was busy helping out at the training camp for their security services division, seeing a few hundred new white coats that were joining the elites. He wondered why so many people wanted to be security for the city now, seeing it as stupid as they could be policemen and do more. He shrugged, seeing it as a good thing as he got more resources from it. On the drive home he saw something on the news about a new emperor in China being crowned, surprised because he thought they didn't have one of those. On the way home he got groceries, then getting back home where he saw his daughter who was now taller than Cecilia and about as wide as Rex playing with their German shepherd in the yard. He pulled in and got out, carrying the groceries and smiling. "Momma home yet?"

"Shes in the living room doing some work." Bailey said, sounding strained while tugging on a rope her half grown dog was biting on, struggling- she was fifteen now, starting her 9th year of school in a couple months.

"Thanks Bailey." Belial said before walking in, seeing Cecilia on her laptop. "Hey hotcakes" He asked while setting the groceries down, looking like he was sweating like a dog in his gear. He took off his bandoleer, flak jacket, shoulder holster and then his coat, wearing only a black tank top underneath and his dog tags- one of which was mangled from an explosion. "You know the president has been having me do all types of shit now that people are actually joining the security services- he's even considering making us our own separate branch." He said while putting the milk away. "Which would make me General Devonshire, so that's cool." He said excitedly. "What have you been up to? China stuff?"
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一年多以前 Mirra1007 said…
Nanako leans her ellbow on the railing, leaning her chin in her hand as she looks over the waters as well. The sight calming her quite a bit. But the quiet and the calm it gave her made her think as well. About Japan. He was going to declare war. And perhaps he would even win. But what would happen to her after. She knew the situation now. She could not leave. But what if he took control of Japan? Killed Yasuda. There would be no more reason for her then to be into hiding. That was a bit of a reassuring thought. She could then go where she wanted again. But then she thought back to last night. The affection he was showing her. He had named her his concubine. And at first it was ofcourse to hide her true identity. But she was not sure if it was only in name now. If yesterday was a one time thing or the start of more. If he was truly now having her as his concubine.... "Li Jun, what will happen to me after you conquer Japan?" She asked while looking up at him. In other words, would he let her go or want her to stay as a true concubine.


Cecilia looked up from her work, smiling a bit as she saw he had brought groceries. Was it already that late though? She closes her laptop and stretches her back, popping it a bit as she had been in the same position for a long time. "China stuff. Japan stuff." She said, still needing to be as vague to him because of their code of sworn secrecy. Not that Belial did not know what was going on but still. She stand up and walks over to him, wrapping her arms around his neck and giving him a sweet kiss. She pulls back and runs her hands now down his arms, admiring her strong man. "Well, that does sound very great indeed." She leans in a bit more and grins a bit. "Hot even." She said quieter before kissing his cheek. "You need a shower. You're sweaty." She adds with a slight chuckle.
一年多以前 IAMYOURENEMY said…
Li Jun smiled, looking at the sun eastward with the wind blowing softly against his cheek. The red sun reflected back in his eye and just for a second, he felt a semblance of home. He glanced over at her, breaking his gaze from the direction of Japan and reaching over, cupping her cheek with his right hand and and sighing quietly. "Sweet Nanako, I can not decide that. I may decide my fate but what you've asked of me? Only you may decide." He leaned in and kissed her forehead after, bringing her in close and bringing her head to his chest, resting his head on the top of her head.


"Same here. We've had to root out spies like crazy- it's been so bad we've had to introduce 'pariotism' tests into our recruitment process." Belial said before getting his kiss. He seemed in very good spirits, reaching over and giving Cecilia a light spank. "Why? I'm just gonna need to take another one by the end of the night." He said before giving a wink.

He then heard Bailey call and then a knock at the door, making him instinctively get tunnel vision and go to the door. He opened it and saw a tall and slender ginger man, with a beard and combover that hid only about half the scars on his. "Aye lad, I'm Jannik Haas, vampire slayer."

Belial blinked twice, wondering what this man was yammering about. "Cecilia, I think there's a homeless man at the door."

"Homeless?!" Jannik said loudly in confusion. He then looked at his bloodstained garb, realizing he did look raggedy. He then pulled out his decree from Yasuda Seiken, naming him the paranormal expert and vampire slayer- errant of Asia. "Here!"
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一年多以前 Mirra1007 said…
Nanako could not help but grin a bit as he called her sweet. Sweet was not really a word people described her with. "I may decide huh. Good to know." She said quietly as she relaxes a bit in his arms. He said it was her decision but the way he was holding her said something else. "So if I asked to leave immediatly you would just let me go? After I tried to kill you? Even if I stopped trying now."


Cecilia quickly walked to the door as well, her hand on the pistol on her hip as she looked at the decree. From Yasuda Seiken. Though that did not mean this man was send to him right now. She knew about the strange activity around vampires the last months in Cantenseel. But hearing a vampire hunter was here explained it a bit more. "What are you here for." She says sharply, narrowing her eyes and cutting to the case right away.
一年多以前 IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Sure, I have little worries. I have always had an eye for reading people- I know how...things will happen. Call it the dragons blood- I know." Li Jun admitted. "But I'd prefer if you didn't go. Whatever you've wanted, you could have with me." He said while running his fingers through her hair. "But I won't hold you back. I leave the choice to you."


"There is a crisis and you, Belial Devonshire are the protector of this realm." Jannik said to them. "Vampires are being led by a man named Drakon Vamaris in Hope's of permanently triggering an apocalyptic event that turns vampires feral. He was imprisoned by president Feng and has escaped and been unseen." He breathed out, getting air. "But no human remembers because he has the ability to make humans forget what they see. So unless you all help me and my allies stop him...they'll destroy the city."

"Yes.." Belial mumbled while casually dialing the police number, not believing a word the man said.
一年多以前 Mirra1007 said…
"Whatever I've wanted... There is not much I want. Not much I ever wanted for myself. I actually don't want things for myself." Nanako says, being quiet afterwards. For a long while she was just staying in his arms, thinking, and actually feeling a bit calmed by his just holding her. It was a foreign thing to her. But she felt like she could trust him. After he showed him so much about himself. Showed himself weak.... "I could show you what I want though. All I need a computer acces and I'll show you."


Cecilia puts her hand over the phone to prevent Belial for calling anyone yet. She would have called the man crazy as well had she not known about the vampire killings in town. She did not know about Drakon though. "Why in the world do you come to us. First we work under the president. Second, if this crises is so big, this is indeed something to notify the president of and not just us."
一年多以前 IAMYOURENEMY said…
"A computer? Easily." Li Jun said before letting her out from his embrace and walking to his personal residence- the hall of the emperors which was now eerily quiet without the laughter of his mother, Li Jie being annoying or Mina. He found it to be sad, feeling as if the place where he had spent his childhood was now cold and foreign. He went to his room and opened up a laptop which had a baby panda as it's screensaver, entering a password that was over thirty characters long with different numbers, symbols and a lot of the letter Q. "Go ahead." He said to Nanako, motioning his hand and eyeing the screen of the computer curiously.


"Joseph, one of my partners has told me he will but he always denies me because the president is caught in some high stakes chess with Japan and China right now. Well bloody hell, we dont have time to wait for the two to destroy each other- if I could prove the urgency to one of you two, perhaps I could be successful that...I could advert...a tragedy." Jannik spoke out while looking at Cecilia and Belial.
一年多以前 Mirra1007 said…
Nanako decided not to comment on the panda though she did gave him a soft grin before sitting on the chair behind the computer. Still she was hesitating a bit but then she took a deep breath, going to the internet and typing in a special website. It was locked. "As an assassin it is important to stay hidden. A shadow. Nothing. Your name or face can't be anywhere on the internet. But I had a friend. Who was a genius in technology and knew how the hide everything in the web." She puts in a password and it was accepted, though then it asked for another code. She holds up her wrist and suddenly a six digit code light up through her skin from a small invisible metal device. "No one can acces this site except for me because it always requires a random code after the password which I secretly carry with me." She puts in the code and the site unlocks. The only thing on it pictures and videos of her and two children. A boy and a girl. Both with stunning green eyes but the boy had black hair and the girl had brown hair, looking strongly like Nanako. "And they have their own codes. They can log in to and update pictures. Or videos. They do it often when I am away so I can see what they are up to and so they have the feeling I am watching over them..." She takes a deep breath before continuing, seeing them made a lump rise in her throath. "They are not mine children. They are my sisters. Were my sisters. Her husband was abusive. Her physically and the kids mentally. He was a violent man. And one day he snapped and killed my sister. Choked her. But he was not charged with it. He was a high general after all. No one believed he would do it but I knew. I tried to get custody of the kids after but it resulted in him getting a restraining order against me. A long time after i saw them by coincidence. They looked so bad and he was yelling at them. Whatfor i dont know. But when he grabbed that little girls arm to drag her away I snapped. That night I went to his house and killed him. Stabbed him I dont know how many times before grabbing the kids and fleeing. We lived on the streets after but those two angels thanked me day in and out. They were only 4 and 5 at the time. But we managed on the streets. I stole food and jewerly and more to keep them alive, going from shelter to shelter. And it worked. I got even really good at it. And somehow they were happy. Till the day I got caught by someone from house Masamune. I tried to steal and golden egg. Not the smartest thing. Got too overconfident. But instead of punishing me they took us in. In return I had to be trained to become their personal assassin. Which i accepted if they would provide and take care of the kids. And everytime I was away on I job i told them to keep posting pictures till i return but that perhaps one day I will not. I kept returning to them though. Till now. You see, Yasuda promised to provide royally for the kids even if I died on the job. But I had to succeed. Succeed or die. Or else they would get nothing and would probably be back on the streets...." As she talked scrolled a bit through the pictures. Them just being silly. Eating ice cream. Random pictures of toys they wanted or such. A few pictures of the three of them together. Even one picture of her trying to fish the boy out of a lake as he had fallen in. "They are now 9 and 10 and boy are they a hand full." She chuckles a bit. "And they are to me like China is to you. How selfless you are to your people I can understand. Because i do the same for them."


Cecilia did know that man ofcourse. He was sometimes around Rex's office for whatever reason. Not much though lately. "So you need us to fight in a secret battle that might not even excist? Like you said, the president is buzy with the dispute between Japan and China. But then again, so are we. If you can't wait, and this is true, you need to bring this to the president first so he can prioritize this. We can not help you without any orders. If Rex knows he can change our shedule to focus on this. If not, we have to follow our orders and keep our eyes on Japan." She said firmly.
一年多以前 IAMYOURENEMY said…
Li Jun had his eyes widening, seeing the wrist glow and the numbers and wondering what type of technology was hidden out of his country. He felt his heart swell, hearing the stories and understanding the tragedy well. Knowing house Masamune, it was out of character for them to hire an assassin because historically they had been warriors but to him it made sense- a modern solution to modern times. When hearing what Yasuda had offered them he nodded his head. This was a thin line of silk, with any amount of pressure being able to make it break. "I understand." Li Jun said quietly before placing his hand on his shoulder. "When Sanda Kitsune comes, sneak into his entourage and escape to Japan. When there, save your niece and nephew- I will have Sanda distract house Masamune for that day. When you get them, find yourself to the east of the nation and take a boat to Cantenseel- I have a niece there who could help you." He held a stern face, knowing the sacrifice he was making. "And keep you safe from what is to come."


"So how exactly do I meet the president of a nation, aye lassie? Do I explode into a cloud of bats and give him a heart attack in his office?" Jannik asked sarcastically. "I think not."

Belial was already dialing his phone, waiting till Rex picked up and sounding greatly annoyed. "Hey sir, can you swing by my house real quick? There's some homeless looking vampire who claims to be working with, I shit you not, Joseph Bordeaux to be ending some secret vampire apocalypse in the city and wants to talk to you and Cecilia for some reason wants to listen to him, so-" He whispered. "Could you help me out and get him out of here?"
一年多以前 Mirra1007 said…
Nanako looked up at him before taking his hand off of her shoulder and laying a soft kiss on it "I will not...." She says quietly before smiling softly up at him. "I am not risking it. They are safe now. And if you keep your promise not to attack house Masamune they will be safe then. If I get caught.... I know Yasuda has his eyes on those kids. I just feel it. And Masamune keep their eyes closely on them as well. If they even think I am back in Japan they will get punished for it. They can't know I failed or stopped trying. They can't even suspect me being there. I need to be dead for them to stay safe. So for now.... I just need to feel content with their pictures and the thought they are safe." She finishes quietly and even though she kept smiling, her heart felt heavy. Not knowing how long she was going to have to miss them.


Cecilia merely pointed at Belial. "Just like that." She answered plainly as she invited the vampire in, keeping an eye on him though, as they waited for Rex.

Rex did not know wether it was a joke or truth but just in case he texted Bordeaux to meet up with them as well, needing to know if it was true and what he knew. And if it was a joke, he would have an extra guy there to beat the shit out of Belial for disturbing him in his work. It did not take long for the president to arrived and walk into the living room. He indeed saw a homeless looking guy sitting there. With blood on him. So atleast that part was true. "Well, could you so kindly explain to me what my guard vaguely described to me on the phone?" He asked calmly.
一年多以前 IAMYOURENEMY said…
Jannik turned around to see the president, smiling as he finally was able to meet the man. "Thank you for meeting with me, President of Cantenseel." He didn't shake his hand, instead holding his imperial decree to show his legitimacy. "I am a vampire hunter-errant, meaning I am tasked with wandering around averting catastrophe from my kind where I see it. Drakon Vamaris, the king in chains was held in your prison for over fifty years. He was one of the founders of Cantenseel who had been changed by the vampire parasite and was imprisoned by President Feng, the last person who remembered him before he was changed."

"Now unless you're a vampire, you'll forget you ever saw him unless you've seen him before he was changed." Joseph said to them all, looking much different than before with his muscular body, snow white hair and orange eyes.

"Are you copying me?" Belial said to Joseph, seeing him packing muscles and sporting white hair.

"Okay first of all- ne même pas le faire maintenant." Joseph held his hand up and shook his head, not wanting to bother. "Drakon...I'm not sure what he wants to accomplish, but all we know is right now the conditions are perfect for a blood moon- a night where the remnant power of the god of death inflicts something known as 'the eternal night' temporarily and attacks the moon. If what we believe is true...he is trying to find a way to keep it forever and have vampires in a constant state of mania."
一年多以前 Mirra1007 said…
Rex was not really believing it at first, not ever having heard of such a dangerous man inside of one of his prisons. But then Joseph confirmed it all. And that man was not one to joke around about stuff like this. An eternal night. Vampires in constant mania. Even now vampires could be difficult to handle. He could not even imagine having them all in such a state. Dear gods. Now he did not only have Japan and China going at eachothers throaths soon, but this as well. And this supernatural vampire stuff was way above his wisdom. He pinches the bridge of his nose. Thinking deeply. "And you say you both are.... On the hunt to prevent this from happening." He says, trying to wrap his head around it more.
一年多以前 IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Yeah except...we have a problem. Drakon flew out of prison pretty recently and we don't know where he went." Joseph said to Rex while rubbing the back of his head. "And of course nobody has seen him because people forget him...so." He sighed out. "See, this is why I didn't want to bring it to him."

"Well you fucking oaf, it wouldn't have been so bad if we just were able to kill the bugger in prison."

"Well I didn't see you going to try to mention our supernatural war to him!"

"You said you had it!"

"I was waiting."

"He escaped!"

"I waited too long!"

Belial stepped back as the two vampires engaged in a fist fight so fast even his robotic eyes couldn't scan it- all he knew is that when it was done, Joseph had torn part of his lawn by slamming and dragging Jannik's head into it. "My lawn!"

"I know. I'm sorry he's pretty ugly." Joseph said while wiping his hands, not acknowledging the unconscious vampire on the ground. "But yeah...so, we need...a lot of help- we needed it before but I was afraid to ask and now we really really need it."
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一年多以前 Mirra1007 said…
Rex was a bit stunned at first, watching, well, knowing a fight had occured as the words slowly began to sink in. "Afraid to ask help..... So because you were afraid to ask help such a dangerous being escaped prison! A man you knew off! Someone who could have been killed easily if you had opened your damn mouth! And because of that there is a bigger chance an all out supernatural war is going to happen?! A war you knew off could happen?!" Oh yes. Now Rex was fuming. And even if he was human, he still looked rather scary when truly angry. Which he was now. "Damn it Bordeaux!" He curses as he rubs his temples, a huge headache coming up knowing a dangerous blood sucking man was on the lose.
一年多以前 IAMYOURENEMY said…
"It's not like it was a full on escape, he could have left whenever he wanted to! Your prison doesn't exactly account for invisible beings with wings! He literally flew out!" Joseph explained to Rex angrily. "How do you- alright look, these things are difficult to explain. I've had this under control, I've been killing potential risks but Drakon obviously was aware of that and took the opportunity to get out! Had we tried to kill him like this, it'd be for nothing anyways! He is connected to the bloodmoon because he carries a strain of the original parasite inside of him, he has to be killed on the bloodmoon by another vampire who can suck his blood and kill the parasite that way." He tried to explain. "I have the same parasite in myself. What we are asking is that you help us contain and corner him until then meaning we need....some team of supernatural people and Belial because he doesn't have to worry about vampire magic."

"Why not?" Belial asked with two blinks, pretty confused.

"You're...a robot." Joseph whispered.

"Oh yeah...huh." Belial said while remembering.
一年多以前 Mirra1007 said…
Rex calmed down a bit as Joseph explained some more details. It calmed his anger, not his anxiety. Though he guessed he should thank the gods that atleast someone knew how to stop this all. And that that man was someone he knew and knew he could trust. "Okay. Okay." He says as he takes a deep breath and slowly breaths out. "I will give you all the means then to make this team a possibilty. You will report directly to me. Every step you take. Every progress you make. And all the troubles you face. If you need Belial then he wilk fall under your lead from now on. Congratiolations Bordeaux, you are a general of Cantenseel now." He had a wrenching gut feeling this was the start of something so bad he could not even imagine how it will turn out.
一年多以前 IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Will do. I have a league of...special vampires who are already with me- I'll give you a list of names and backgrounds by the end of the night and I will make use of-" Joseph pointed at Belial. "Him and his men."

"I thought I was gonna be a general." Belial grumbled out, squinting his eyes at Rex and Joseph.

"After buddy. Do you really want to be leading the fight against blood sucking monsters?" Joseph asked with a raised eyebrow.

After some moments Belial let out a deep sigh, nodding his head. "Okay, fine." He said before looking at everyone in his yard. "You all do your thing, I'm gonna go back inside and have dinner." He said before shutting the doors loudly.

"It's only...it's like six?" Jannik said muffled from the dirt.

"I think he's upset." Joseph commented out.

"I think I'm ready for my retirement." Belial grumbled out to Cecilia, plopping on his couch and turning on the TV lazily, looking very annoyed.
一年多以前 Mirra1007 said…
"He is. But he will get over it. As soon as this is over I give that man the medal he deserves." Rex says truthfully, thinking Belial really deserved it. "Get me that last by tonight indeed. I have.... Alot of things to plan and prepare for I suppose." And just like that his amount of work and level of stress doubled in less than fifteen minutes.

Cecilia sat down next to Belial, hardly believing that it all had been true. And hardly believing Belial, instead of focusing on what had just happend and what they had been told, managed to upset himself over not getting his general title. Softly she rubs his chest and kisses his neck. "General or not, you still are way hotter than that vamp who was trying to copy your looks. I am going to make dinner for my strong sexy man before he can have me as desert." She adds with a grin before getting up to go make him some dinner


It was ten minutes before midnight that night when Nanako opened her eyes. She turned to see Li Jun asleep next to her. Atleast. She thought that. She waited a few minutes before deciding she should just risk it as she slips out of his bed and slips on a bathrobe he had laying around. Walking on her tippy toes she walks to his desk and softly takes his laptop off of it before tip toeing out of the room, closing it with a soft click. She lets out the breath she had been holding before heading to the kitchen. Knowing it was probably empty and no guards would be there, which she all dodged as she memorized their routes already. She sat down in the kitchen before opening his laptop. She entered his password which she had automatically memorized as she saw it. Sorry. And then she went to her secret site. She logged on and then just waited. And waited. Till it was one minute past midnight, and a new uploaded content popped up. She smiled brightly. Just as always. She clicks it open, a video, before clicking play, turning the sound a bit down. The kids were sitting there with a small piece of cake and two party hats on. They were blowing on those blowy sound make things kids get at birthday parties before they stopped.

"Happy birthday auntie!" They chimed at the same time before the boy contioud. "We will see you soon again and then we will bake another cake. But Aimay really wanted cake now.-"

"You wanted it too! Chase is lying." She said as she puffed up her cheeks.

The boy, Chase, simply stuck out his tongue. "Anyway, we love you auntie and we hope you have a nice 31 birthday!"

"Byeee love you!" The girl adds before the video stops.

Nanako places a kiss on her fingers before pressing her fingers to the screen to each of their forheads. "Love you both too. You both already made it a happy birthday again." She says softly.
一年多以前 IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Well Rex, truth be told I have all of it already in place." Joseph said while walking with Rex, frowning. "I just have...well, it's interesting but I didn't want to voice it out to Belial. It's not actually that he's a robot but there's just certain kinds of people more resistant to what Drakon produces- his body, his image essentially does to the human eye what alcohol does to your brain. It depresses your brain and your forget rapidly of his existence...save for people with a certain DNA set that Jannik discovered exists is passed down paternally. John Martin and Belial Devonshire are the two in Cantenseel with it and not only that but they turn out.." He cleared his throat. "That's his dad. The reason we know it's his dad is because we correlated it with his background and looked at the DNA from his mothers side and realized that it was the sister of the fathers side and with the chances of them being not father and son so slim.." He sighed. "I don't whether or not to tell them. If I do, they may hate each other because John created Belial by raping his mother- if Belial was to find out...I could see him hindering the effort against the vampires."

"He was copying my looks too!" Belial said while putting his hands up in the hair. "Fucking pillock is trying to be me I swear- trying to bulk up and get white hair like he's like me- ugly French frog I tell you." He barked out, having his English roots come out while he was upset. "Now he's taking my rank too! All for some spooky batman that 'nobody can remember' like he's some sort of fucking magician- I mean come on, who can believe any of the shit those two say? Some drunk who just happened to get rich selling booze and some homeless looking ginger who looks like he's been through a wood chipper-" He sighed deeply, then looking over at Cecila and looking as if he was a balloon that was deflated. "That'd be nice."
一年多以前 Mirra1007 said…
Rex listened closely and paying close attention. He was surprised to hear the news about Belial's father. And he was uncertain as well wether or not to tell him as well. He was really not sure. "Let us not tell him yet. This is too vital I hear to be going wrong." He hated keeping information from someone he considered a friend but in the case he had to. He could no afford mistakes. "Are there more people with this DNA you know off?"

Cecilia just lets him rant, cutting some vegetables with a soft smile on her face. She was not bothered by his ranting. She actually thought it was cute. She walks to the fridge and opens up a beer before walking over to him. "Let him try to copy you. He won't ever be near the man you are love." She says as she holds out the beer for him to take.
一年多以前 IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Belial's daughter, Tiras Seiken and your brother." Joseph said while getting into Rex's car with him, rubbing his hands together. "Its a special DNA trait found in people of Japanese descent who's had an ancestor that was a product of incest or is one. Hei's maternal grandmother and grandfather were siblings- the Seiken family inbred to the point of near infertility and Bailey is a relative of Belial." He reached over to the champagne in the limousine, pulling a knife from his coat and popping the cork before air drinking Rex's champagne. "So really, we have John and Belial because the other three won't be any help. And my people...you'l like them."

"No he won't, he's too short." Belial chortled out, taking his beer and drinking it with a smile. "Ah, I missed this stuff." He said with a grin, having began to only casually drink again since his therapy was going well. "How do you work with so many people? Like, work- not control like I do but...make things work." He shook his head and grimaced. "It sounds god awful."
一年多以前 Mirra1007 said…
Rex got inti his car as well. If those were the only ones then they would be of no help indeed. He was deffinantly not bringing his brother into this, Bailey is a child and he was not going ti ask the man he will be in a war against soon. "We'll see. I have my trust in you."

"It is a gift." Cecilia says with a grin before leaning in and kissing his forhead. "And it isn't that hard. They listen very well to me since they are afraid of their boss." She says as she grins a bit more. "Or they kiss my boots and hope that'll be enough to one day have me in their beds. Fear or lust. That's why they listen. And respect ofcourse sometimes as well." She adds with a giggle.
一年多以前 IAMYOURENEMY said…
As they drove it seemed an unstoppable force suddenly landed in front of them, causing the entire rear of the limousine to rise up before plopping down hard and slamming down Joseph and Rex. The entire front of the car was flat from the force and the chauffeur was struck white from what he had seen- his eyes rolled back into his skull. In the back the two back doors were locked though they were being gnawed out by feral vampires who busted through the windows, attempting to grab at Rex. Joseph pulled him down, his eyebrow gashed open from the crash.

"Rex, lie the fuck down." Joseph said before he snarled and his skin turned grey- him turning vampiric to try and fend off the feral. "This is not normal. There's at least a dozen ferals out of this car."

"Surprised they even think they can bed you- do they think they got anything that can compare to this?" Belial asked before taking a swig, shaking his head. "At least though your people think about that and listen. I have to deal with many men...men I have to break, dominate and show that I am better to." He grumbled. "Unlike that Bordeaux. These little men and their..schemes and little guns, let me tell you if the world ended they'd be the first to die."
一年多以前 Mirra1007 said…
Rex felt dizzy as the blow made him forcefully bump his head against the seat infront of him. He groaned and rubbed his forhead but his heartbeat caught on quickly as he saw what was happening. He shielded his eyes for the glass before trying to get as much down as possible. They had nowhere to go like this. "Oh fuck." He cursed in panick, knowing her could only depend on Joseph as he had no gun or anything.

Cecilia decided to stradle him while facing him as she began to rub his chest. "Nothing can compare to you." She purred out before kissing him. "Stop talking and thinking about Bordeaux. Is there anything I can do to take that off of your mind?" She asks with a slight pout. "I don't like seeing my prince this upset."
一年多以前 IAMYOURENEMY said…
Joseph pulled a grenade off his belt, tossing it out the window and blinding the ferals before he turned into a clouded of bats and existed the vehicle. He bore his claws and began to shred them, luring then away. He shrieked out, seeing even a child who could no longer think that he had to destroy. In a second though all the fighting stopped and the ferals halted as the invisible force showed himself. All the darkness in the area swirled, becoming a ball before in an explosion of red and purple energy Drakon was formed. He floated, holding both his hands out and looking through Joseph who was forced back into his human form by the gaze.

"I am Drakon Vamaris, founder of your city, lord of the eternal night and the harbinger of the blood moon." He landed, smirking at Joseph who could not move. The man exerted dark energy like he had never felt before- the parasite for once was quiet. He then reached into the car, pulling out the chauffeur and looking as if he'd devour him while Joseph and the other vampires were paralyzed.

"I can think of some things." Belial said with a grin, giving her a kiss and putting his hands up her shirt to her breasts, lightly grinding as he had half the idea to fuck her on their coffee table.

"Hey dad, what's for dinner? It smells good." Bailey said while walking in the hall, sounding as if she'd reach the kitchen soon.
一年多以前 Mirra1007 said…
Rex's ears were ringing and his heart pouding as the fighting outside suddenly stopped. Why did it stop. But then eyes fell on the being forming infront of the car. He was way to aware of his own breathing as he stared at the vampire. He had never seen one like that before. Felt such a strong being. And it terrified him. Joseph was doing nothing. Why was he doing nothing. He did not know why but he began to search for the gun he knew was always hidden somwhere in the car. And when he found it under one of the seats he did not think and got out of the car and gave a shot. Not towards Drakon because he was afraid he might hit his driver. But he hoped it would be enough to atleast buy a few seconds. "JOSEPH!" He tried to yell hin out of his stunned state

Cecilia grinned in return and moaned, being all ready for him when she heard Belial. As quickly as she got on she got off of him before casually walking to the kitchen as if to check on dinner. "Steamed vegetables and chicken." She says with a smle, not really that bothered about the interruption. She was used to it now. Having Bailey in the house.
一年多以前 IAMYOURENEMY said…
Joseph snapped out of it and turned to see Drakon, going back into his vampire form and flying at him. Drakon made eye contact and turned Joseph human mid flight, making him fall down before smirking and holding his hand up to the face of the driver, sucking all the blood with magic out of his body and throwing the carcass on the floor before the blood was turned into a spike at the end of his arm. Joseph struggled to get up, but when he did he dodged a stab, crawling back and panting out as he tried to evade Drakon. "I smell the fear."

Joseph got up and transformed again, evading his eyes as he blocked a stab with his forearm, twisting it away and trying to hit him before Drakon became a cloud of smoke and evaded the blow. "No matter how much you may try, no matter how strength you have-"

Joseph blocked the strike once more, looking into his eyes by accident and being grabbed by the face. Drakons blade was held up, pointing his up to his chin and smirking as it became bloodied. "Bring me the protector of this city know as 'The Patriot'. I will burn each institution of the city you all love, destroy it's very foundation until I lure him out." He then stared over at Rex, peering into his eyes. "You will remember."

"Remember this!" A Brutish man barked out as he cleaved Drakon with an axe, causing him to drop back. Drakon turned around and swiped, only for the man to dodge and upper cut Drakon. He held a cigar in his mouth and had hands larger than a beard. Drakon went to speak and he swiped one more only for the large man to turn into a cloud of bats and rush up on Drakon, reforming and upper cutting the vampire.

Drakon stepped back and wiped dark blood from his mouth, looking at the tower of a man. He smirked, finding this man to be a true challenger for him. "Speak your title."

"Ovechkin Erik Vladislavovich. Member of the uh...uhhh..." Erik scratched his head, trying to remember. "The slayers!"

"Seriously? We're the vampire slaying association." Joseph said while holding a small crossbow, hitting Drakon in the shoulder and making him step back. Erik reformed behind Drakon and pulled out his axe, while Joseph lunged forward to stab out his eyes. A feral then lunged at Joseph, tackling him down. Erik went to swing and Drakon blocked his with his wing, smirking.

"Bye bye dark man." Erik said as Jannik came out from the shadows, slicing Drakon across the cheek. Drakon then made eye contact only to find Janniks eyes white

"I have more control than to look." Jannik said as Drakon was taken to his knees by Erik's axe. Drakon closed his eyes, breathing in before letting out an ear piercing shriek that made Jannik step back. He got up and grabbed Jannik, holding him close and making him seem like an ant next to his giant grey body. He then threw Jannik down, inhaling and having much energy surround him before he and the ferals disappeared in a cloud of bats, showing they were in fact illusions of his.

"Where is the dark man?" Erik asked, looking dumbfounded before going to Rex's door and ripping off the crushed car door to let him out. "Hello king."

"Ugh!" Joseph barked out angrily. "He toyed with us!"

"At least we're still standing lad.." Jannik looked around, seeing destroyed and burning cars from the ferals- a dead young girl in a pink sundress, next to a red ball she had been with. Jannik pursed his lips, hiding his emotions and swallowing it as he looked at the girl. "There goes our subterfuge."

"Close eyes king, it is not for soft eyes." Erik said to Rex while taking him out, holding him like a baby.

Joseph looked at it all with a frown, truly desensitized by the horrors. As he stood there the white coats came, holding their rifles. Had they came sooner they'd be dead- more good men and women dead from Drakon. They all combined were still toys to Drakon- items of amusement. How could they save the city from him?

"Oh that sounds good." Bailey said while going over to her, still surprised she was now taller than Cecilia. "I hope dad brought a lot, I'm so hungry. Fredo needs so much playtime- he works me out." She giggled out, talking about her dog. "I don't know where you got him but boy he's big for a puppy." She commented out while her father began to wink at Cecilia from behind her, mouthing 'we'll have our fun later'. Belial walked away and took his service rifle that had tally marks of over forty- men he's killed. He then got an alert on his phone saying that his men were doing something. He then shrugged, grumbling something about overtime and drinking his beer while Bailey learned from Cecilia how to cook. She didn't talk about her mother often but it was clear that she had made some peace with what had happened on her own, being as strong as her father was but more resilient in the way she never let it hold her down- it was clear she was the recipient of both good traits of her parents. "Uncle Lucien and your family needs to come visit for a while before well...dad said something about having to go to Japan soon and not in a good way." She said while figuring what it was about, having seen the talks with the scary pearl eyed Chinese man who looked much stronger than the Japanese men she had met. If all the Chinese were like the pearl eyed man, she was afraid the Lucien and Cecilia's family would die staying there.
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一年多以前 Mirra1007 said…
Rex witnessed the fight as it happend and when it was done he realized how grim the situation was looking in fact. Such a strong enemy. Out for his people. And out to kill. He realized even Joseph and his squat could only barely hold on as they were now. When he was picked up he was still a bit stunned. "I am fine." He said as he mvoes out of the huge man's arms, not wanting or needing to be held like that. He did look around, feeling his stomach clench as he swallows. He did not even know what to say...

Cecilia patted Bailey's head with a slight chuckle as she grins slightly at Belial before focusing back on dinner. She actually liked the way they had a good bond right now as they had not gotten off on a good start ofcourse. When she suddenly talked about her family she paused a bit. Belial really talked too much sometimes. Those things were classified. She lets out a soft sigh. "I know. But these things are not yours to worry about."
一年多以前 IAMYOURENEMY said…
Joseph walked over to Rex with a grimace, shaking his head while looking around. Cars were overturned, people were torn in half from the illusion ferals. Cars had swerved, crashing into buildings attempting to avoid the monsters. "This is not good." Joseph said as people started pointing, looking over at the vampire men oddly. "This is..." He rubbed the back of his head. "Very bad. We need to get out of here."

"They are valid worries- we're going to war miss Cecilia, people are going to be dying...I know, I remember when my dad went to war when I was a kid." Bailey watched the cooking with a frown, shaking her head. "Is he joining in this one? You're not going to let him go, are you?" She asked Cecilia, knowing only she could make her dad stay.
一年多以前 Mirra1007 said…
Rex shook his head a bit, trying not to let his mind wander to bad places but instead focusing on what needed to be done now. "You are your team should go before media arrives and before we have to explain to my man what is going on and why the should not attack you. We'll contact eachother later. You just regroup and lay low. I'll deal with this." Rex said, knowing they did not need a bit publicity mania right now. Which it will still turn out to be.

Cecilia noted the slight hints of desperation in the girl's voice. Ofcourse she did not want her father to leave for another war. She has seen that happen plenty of times and she had seen her father return in a worse state. But she could not promise that to her. "Your father... May be too vital to let him stay here." She said truthfully but reluctantly. It was clear she did not like it either.
一年多以前 IAMYOURENEMY said…
Joseph saw the people coming and with his people he took out a smoke grenade, pulling out the pin and tossing it at the bystanders. They were blinded as the squad became bats, leaving Rex there all alone though the white coats kept him more than safe, pushing back the people from their president. Joseph didn't go to his base, going to Fayline's house, staring through the window and seeing Fayline and her mother. He then saw his own reflection, seeing how he looked in his black trench coat that held his tools, destroyed in the fight with Drakon. He took it all off, wearing his white dress shirt that had a blood stain on the front of it and walked through their door. "Do you guys have any stain remover? I was eating a hotdog." He said while addressing the bloodstain, walking in with a smile on his face.

"You can't let him though...he was crippled in the war wasn't he? He'll be hurt." Bailey said naively, not understanding the transformation her father had gone under. "Its not a place for someone his age- dont you want kids with him? To...be married and all that?" She asked with a frown. "You can't just let him go off...again. Everytime my father is gone it seems a different man."
一年多以前 Mirra1007 said…
Both Fayline and Rona smiled as he walked into the door and Rona quickly got up. "It is so good to see you, Joseph!" She said full of energy. She was done with her treatment and she had never been better nor healtier. "Oh but my look at the time. It must be time for me to go now." She often did that, giving the two lovebirds some space. Fayline opened her mouth to say she did not have to leave but Rona was quicker. "Ellie wanted some help with her sewing machine and with making some things she can't figure out yet so lots to do. So I'll be gone till late." She says, almsot singing it as she pats Joseph on the shoulder, gives him a wink and just as quickly as the wind leaves.

Fayline could not help but chuckle and shake her head as she stands up and walks over to him. "Really, I honestly think she desperately wants grandchildren." She says as she takes a hold of his shirt to look at the stain. She knew that was not ketchup. "Are you okay, mon amour?" She asks as she begins to unbutton his shirt to wash it for him, checking on injuries as well.

Cecilia holds in a sigh as she looks at Bailey. She understood the fear. She felt it as well. But she also knew Belial was strong. Incredibly strong. And that, sadly, these duties came before her wants. How could they marry or have children when their country was on the verge of getting destroyed. No, this had priority. "I'll be with him this time. I won't let him change. He won't, Bailey. Your father is way stronger than he was back then. Mentally and pyshically. You just need to have faith in him for now..."
一年多以前 IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Drakon, the king in chains stopped Rex's car and fought me and Jannik and Erik. He toyed with us while he had these illusions but..like they were made with his energy and.." Joseph shook his eyes, remembering the scent of blood in the air and shaking his head. For once the monster inside him was awfully quiet, beaten down from its encounter with Drakon. "I think I'm the only one who can do this but I'm not sure if I'm strong enough...you've never seen what he's capable of. That magic they say God forbid, that he took from humans?" Joseph had a thousand yard stare, looking away. "He uses it." He said while hearing Drakon's voice cut through his soul. No matter how hard you will try, you will still fail. He heard it so many times in his head it seemed to be part of him, gnawing at Joseph's very spirit.

"You'll be gone too? Itll be just me and Fredo?" Bailey asked before pouting. "What the heck-" She fixed her attitude, knowing Cecilia wouldn't be afraid to snack her butt like she was a toddler. "Excuse me
What am I going to do with you two gone? I can barely cook, I can't drive and...I dunno, It'll be lonely."
一年多以前 Mirra1007 said…
Fayline got worried as she saw the distant look in his eyes. She had not been there but seeing him like this made her know how bad and serieus it was. Though she also thought he was talking too less about himself again, like he always did. Even if she could not judge his fighting abilities or strength herself. She took off his dress shirt and hangs it over the chair before walking back to him and cupping his cheeks. She saw he was scared. She was as well. But he was still fighting. Her being the biggest reason. And she did not know if this was a right or a wrong decision to tell him alreadty but perhaps this would be even more reason to fight. Or scare him even more. "I believe in you. I believe you are strong enough. And that you can fight him and win. I know so because I know you will give everything you have to protect me. Your heart will win over his power. And besides me...." She hesitated again but then she takes his hand and places it on her lower belly. "You have one more life on the way you are fighting for...."

Cecilia reached out and hugged the now taller than her teen. "I can let Lucien stay here if that would help. And I know it will be rough and difficult on you. It is alot to ask of us for you to be just okay with us leaving like that. But honestly, would you rather have me stay and have your father go fight alone? Because I honestly believe he might be needing me alot. Perhaps not in battle but after. I am going to make sure your father comes back as the same man as he was." She pulls back a bit from the hug and smiles slightly. "Even if it may seem like I am leaving, I am doing this for you as well."
一年多以前 IAMYOURENEMY said…
Joseph looked at his hand on her stomach, going numb a bit and then look at her with wide eyes. "But I...we.." Joseph didn't understand, having not thought it was possible that he and her could have a child. He then thought of his child being turned rabid during the blood moon, making him ball up his fist and be determined more to stop this once and for all. "Whatever the cost, I'll win. In this game there's winners and losers...and no inbetween." He said while turning his gaze to Fayline, seeing her as the most beautifully woman in the world. He smiled, brushing his hand against her cheek and looking at her. "Does Rona know?" He asked, sounding as if he had a new strength in his voice.

Bailey looked down and understood now what Cecilia was doing- she herself didn't want war either, but her father had no choice because of his position. It was either let him go again or follow him into the abyss and keep him alive and himself- she understood now what Cecilia chose. "Thank you." Bailey said quietly, realizing what she was doing before she heard the TV static, reporting on the attack on the president's convoy and Drakons demand for The Patriots identity and a fight. She furrowed her brow, wondering why vampires were even allowed in the city and wondering why they'd want the internet legend to fight them.

Belial came out and stared at the TV, then turning to Cecilia and frowning. He had promised to never don that persona again- The Patriot. He planned on never being it again after Claudia's death and now duty called that he be that person again. He shook his head, saying no as if he wouldn't give in- who's to say that they wouldn't destroy the city after fighting him anyways- it was a trap.
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一年多以前 Mirra1007 said…
Fayline rubs her cheek against his hand as she puts her hand over his, smiling brightly up at him. "Not yet. It is still in the early stages and I wanted to tell you first." She says, kissing his hand. "Are you.... Happy with the news? I know we were not really planning on it happening. And there is alot going on so..." She asks a bit hesitantly, needing to ask.

Cecilia smiled softly as Bailey thanked her. She had really grown up alot. Becoming calmer and a bit wiser as well. When she looked at the news her stomach knotted a bit. So it was true and really happening. She did not understand completly though why that vamp would be asking for the patriot. She glanced at Belial and she knew they were taking the same. No way.
一年多以前 IAMYOURENEMY said…
Joseph looked down, trying to bury his face for a moment before looking at her and smiling. "Mon amour, we did not have plans that is true...but it doesn't remove the beauty from what this...what they are." He whispered out to her, rubbing her stomach quietly. "I am scared more now more than ever because of what I have to do next, but I am happy." Joseph bit his lips a bit and then moved up from her, getting down on one knee. "Fayline, would you marry me?" Joseph asked quietly, not having a ring yet many promises, knowing that if he was to have a baby it'd be someone he would be with the rest of his life.

"I think that The Patriot should reveal himself." Vasilia Romanov said while on the news, sitting up straight and talking to the commentators. "He's a vigilante who had his fun six months ago. He's stopped now, but who's to say when he comes back?" She shook her head. "I speak for law enforcement when I say nobody wants a 'hero' running around, one who has little respect for our own laws. For such a 'patriot' he operates like a terrorist."

"But don't you think he's helped? Crime is down in general, homicide is down, rape is down...these things matter more to people than semantics."

"Semantics are everything." Vasilia replied with. "They seperate us from the animals."
一年多以前 Mirra1007 said…
Fayline felt a bit afraid as he hid his face. Afraid he might not want this but was trying to hide it. But when she saw he smile she knew that was not true. Tears began to appear in her eyes. They were really starting a family together. A life. And hopefully a blisfully lone one. She laughs lightly as he got one his knee and proposed to her. Again. "You already asked that. And my answer is still the same-" she cups his cheeks and gives him a firm kiss on his lips. "-yes. Though I do wonder when I get my ring." She says with a giggle.

Cecilia turns off the tv, not wanting or needing to hear any more of that. Not wanting Belial to hear more either. They were not doing it. It was too dangerous. And he could help without revealing his identity. "Let's eat dinner." She said to change the subject as it was done.
一年多以前 IAMYOURENEMY said…
A week passed and each day the loom of Drakon's threat came over the city. It was a calm before the storm and each day the threat became very real. It was the early morning hours and the morning prayer was occurring while Drakon walked up the steps in his vampiric form- he was wearing a cloak with red velvet lining, high leather boots, a white dress shirt, a black vest and a gold pocket watch and white fur lining around the neck. He opened the doors, walking through and looking at the windows with a smirk. The dragon was merciful and powerful, his was not. He was invisible past the men- a cloud of energy coming to the altar before he formed and smirked. "You should have edge your leaders, holy men." He said before scratching open his hand and letting the blood drip out and burn the altar, turning it black. "Now you will feel the wrath of the forgotten one. Pray to your lord if he is listening." Suddenly bats burst through each window, shattering the depictions of God as they went towards the holy men."
一年多以前 Mirra1007 said…
Souji was leading the prayer as he felt a shift in the energy surrounding him, turning his blood colder when the vampire he had seen on the news formed before them. Never had he thought that the church would be his first focus. Though he guess he had been naive thinking that. "Go!" He yelled out as he grabbed a stunned Hei by his hand as the men started running. They were no fighters among them. Never having needed such protection. He tried to run towards the front door but that way was quickly blocked. He was panting hard as he looked around, realizing there was no way for them to get out.
一年多以前 IAMYOURENEMY said…
One of the men who had picked on Hei was now faced with the beast who attempted to bite the man. He brought him up to his neck, biting and sucking the life blood from the man until Hei ran from Souji, grabbing a bible and hitting Drakon so hard he fell back and let the man so- blood dripping from his fangs as he looked at Hei. "Courage...tastes better." He said before grabbing at Hei who ducked and rolled, going to the altar and ripping the pointed cross off.

"Taste this!" Hei said as Drakon stepped back and dodged though he fell back from the elevated podium. Hei stabbed the vampire through the chest, having the silver inside of the gold plated cross literally melt the innards of the vampire and causing him to hiss out. "Get the white coats!"

Drakon groaned in agony before grabbing Hei and throwing him off, using a burst of bats to slam him against the wall and knock his head. He then pulled the cross from his chest, throwing it down to Souji before taking a candle and throwing it at a drape, causing it to begin to burn while Drakon walked towards Souji, stepping on the cross and breaking it under his weight.
一年多以前 Mirra1007 said…
Souji had only a few moments of being utterly suprised by Hei's ability to actually fight the beast as it's focus switched to him. He slowly walked backwards as he felt fear numb his body. He took the cross he had in his robe as he held it infront of him, praying to his god to save them as there was not much else he could not. And somehow his prayer was heard. But not in a way he had expected as another vampire flew down the already broken glass and landed infront of Souji, his back towards the holy man. His wavy hair was pitch black and he looked rather young, not looking older than 20, as he wore old victorian black clothing. He waved his coat and atleast ten knives shot out towards Drakon, some hitting or slicing and burning at the same time as they were drenched in holy blessed water. "As expected you would attack this building. Trying to tear down moral. Though I had not expected you to attack this quickly. Does not matter though as we will end it today." This was Stefan. The youngest member of the Joseph's vampire slaying crew.
一年多以前 IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Your cohorts tried to stop me but failed. You will too, young one!" Drakon pulled the knives out and threw them before he hissed, holding his hand put and creating a burst of magical energy that cracked the foundations of the building. Wolves began to howl out, coming through the door and charging at Stefan while he turned into cloud of bats, coming back while the wolves and ferals began to come through.

Hei opened his eyes, blood coming down from his head as he got out of the wall. He grit his teeth, grabbing the knives while Drakon stood there smugly as Stefan was attacked. Hei jumped, stabbing Drakon down and taking him to the floor. A wolf then charged at Hei, making Hei cock his fist past and punch the wolf so hard he split the animals jaw and made it fade back into the energy used to create it.

"Enough games!" Drakon barked out, standing up and flapping Hei like he was a worm and walking to him. Hei backed up, trying to evade but there was nowhere to run. He was picked with one hand and Drakon looked face to face with him before biting him in the neck, making Hei kick and squirm as he felt something coming in through Drakons fangs, causing Hei's eyes to begin to go bloodshot. Drakon then took his fangs out, letting Hei go who tried to stand up and then fell right after as the building burned around him.
一年多以前 Mirra1007 said…
Stefan grabbed two knives out of his jacket as he lightning fast doddged the attacks and stabbed each creature aa he dodged, almost as if he was dancing around the wolves. He was one of the fastest of the squad. But these were even too many for him. God he hoped the others would arrive soon. The others having been patroling other parts of the city. He stabbed a feral straight through the throat before trowing him into the fire. This building was not going to stand long. It was a lost cause. He trew a knife into the heart of another feral who lunged at Souji. He needed to buy time. He grabbed one of the statues with one hand, breaking the head of the stone dragon as he trows it as Drakon, hitting the man in the head. Fuck. The guy got bitten. No saving him then. He took two orbs out of his coat and trew them towards the ferals and wolves. Spikes dipped in holy water shot out, tearing the energy made beasts apart and creating an opening as the fire began to consume the room. "Run!" Most of the holy men ran luckily before he turned back to Drakon. He took out an elongated dagger. "Enough games indeed." He said as he lunged for the beast to slash him.
一年多以前 IAMYOURENEMY said…
Drakon let him slash him though at the exact time he did, Drakon became a cloud of bats before reforming and grabbing his throat hard. He slammed Stefan against the wall three times, throwing him to the wolves before the roof began to collapse. Hei looked at Drakon barely awake, feeling his body crawl with the parasite and remembering when he had met Drakon. He knew what was happening to him and sat in the fire, not caring anymore if he lived or died- he would not become a monster

"House burning Stefany!" Erik said as he swooped in and swung his axe, slicing through several of the wolves.

"Its a cathedral!" Joseph said while breaking through the door, pulling Souji out and not noticing Hei laying against the wall, turning grey as his veins began to darken.
一年多以前 Mirra1007 said…
Stefan almost was knocked into unconciousness but luckily he managed to stay away. Unluckily it was only to feel some wolves gnawl on his bones. He screamed out and sliced some away as he trashed and thank the lords, Erik quickly sliced them away. He got up, feeling wobly as he really did not want to know where they had bitten him as he took a step to leave when he felt the presence of one more person in the catherdral. He glances back, looking at the human. He was beyond saving. But even then someone should not just burn like this. He quickly ran over and hoisted Hei onto his painfull shoulder as he then ran out.

Souji stood outside, feeling numbed as he stared at his god's house burning like that. He had no words for it. No thoughts. He only felt pain as he watched. Nothing that had saved it from getting destroyed. When he saw Hei getting carried out he felt sick to his core. Knowing his god could not save him in such a state.

Stefab puts the man who was turning rapdily down. His skin was burned but greying as well. "He got bit." He panted out, already knowing that Joseph would probably decide this was a lost cause. He would make that assesment as well.
一年多以前 IAMYOURENEMY said…
Joseph saw Hei have a thousand yard stare, knowing the bou was well aware of what was happening to him. "This is the president's brother, we..." He shook his head and breathed, seeing the religious institution of Cantenseel burn as the white coats and the firemen tried to save it.

"Kill me." Hei whispered to Joseph, laying on the ground as the had burns around his arms from his robe burning off. His skin was now grey and his eyes became orange as the parasite spread through him, making him scream out in pain as his skin split- the black eel body of the parasite visible through his body. "Do it!" He growled out as it went through his face, raising the skin off his bone while blood came through his eyes. Hei reached up and scratched his face, trying to get it out while he writhed in pain.

"Owie." Erik said to Stefan and the looking at Hei, holding his axe. "Kill?"

"No kill! He still can live!" Joseph said before looking at Souji. "Blood, he needs blood otherwise the parasite will devour him!"
一年多以前 Mirra1007 said…
Stefan was actually a bit surprised that Joseph would even think about saving this man. He guessed it had a thing to do with this being the president's brother. Unfortunately. "You want to try and save him? Not to be too negative but he got bitten by Drakon himself. Look at him, Joseph, he is a lost cause. Why let him suffer any longer than this. He might be too dangerous to even try to save him. Who knows what he might do." Yes he felt pity for the man but he was being rational.

"H-How much does he need." Souji asks quietly as he could not keep his eyes off of Hei, almost feeling what he was feeling as well. He wanted to help. Really needed to help this man.