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Axel1313 posted on Mar 24, 2012 at 04:58PM
Listening to this song, not only is it awesome, but it made me think, 'This would make a really cool rp'. So here it is!

It is said that there is a place where you can become trapped for all eternity.Scattered though out time and space it goes by many names, but the results are all the same in the end. You can never leave or can you? That's your callenge. Find a way to beat this monsterous place and it even more monsterous host *i'll be playing that part*.
You can come from anywhere and be anything.
Please try and keep it PG-13.

anything you feel like putting

(We don't have to make it exactly like the song, just based off of it.)

*bows politely* Welcome to my humble abode. I hope you enjoy your stay.

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一年多以前 aNinnyMouse said…
His eyes darted back and forth as he mulled the madman's words over in his mind. A year and three months... Who's to say he'll ever find him. Who's to say anything he says is true? "Replacement? H-h-how am I supposed to go about finding a replacement?"
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一年多以前 MOARdesu said…
WHAT COULD THAT MEAN!? Was Obsidian just trolling? Or was he being sincere? Rae had no idea because she hadn't spent that much time around him to find out! The only thing she knew about the guy is that he's HOT! Like, SMOKIN' HOT!
Oh well. She'll eventually witness first hand how insane and cruel Obsidian is. MOARdesu just can't wait.*
一年多以前 aNinnyMouse said…
((Hell's yeah! We want to be tortured!))
一年多以前 UltmateUltima said…
(I'm late to reply.........again.)

Katsune looked down at her feet. "Jack is such a nice person, he should be able to return to his normal life. I wonder if it would work if I..." She looked up at Jack and took his hand into hers. "Hey, if we're friends, how about I take your place in this place? I-If, thats OK, with you all..." Her voice faltered but she kept the idea in her head.
一年多以前 Axel1313 said…
"I'm sorry, but I'm affraid that's not possible. It is a rather sweet gesture though.What happens is I let you leave this place to go looking for somebody to willingly replace you. If you do, your free, if not....well you can always try again in three years....don't even think of simply running away...I will find you."
一年多以前 izzah25 said…
Heart... Hm. That could mean a.. a plethora of things! It could be the center of the inn, or the place where Obsidian likes it most, or where a literal heart is... So many possibilities...
Matthew sighed, his face scrunching up in annoyance. It could take months-- years, even!-- to figure this out. He just wanted to go... Home?
But, where was home? A corner on a street? A crappy hotel room? He HAD no home.
He felt a few tears perk up, but he impatiently brushed them away.
No. He was not going to get all emotional. Especially in front of Rae.
Focus on the present, Matthew, he told himself. No time to take a walk down Memory Lane when important things need to be done.
He nodded affirmatively and went back to thinking.

(( My first and last post for the day. =w= Dios mio, I'm exhausted... ))
一年多以前 MOARdesu said…
I was gonna internet slap you >U)

"How about we just mess around until we find something?" *Rae offered. She decided that it wouldn't be very much help to just stand around to think about something so vague. Maybe poking around the hotel could help them to understand this place better?
She hoped so.
Beaming, she pulled Matt along with her out into the hallway*
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一年多以前 UltmateUltima said…
(Am I late,...again?)

She slides her hand out of Jakes and replies, "Oh, sorry about that.. Well I have matters to attend to, if you need anything, I'll be in my room." Katsune turns around and walks down the hall, embarrassed.
一年多以前 MOARdesu said…
(I'm just assuming Katsune was walking down the same way the kitchen was...)

*Rae turned her head to see Katsune come from around the far corner. What should she do? She still felt as if though she should do something to thank her...Maybe they could put the past behind them and become friends? It was worth a shot.*
"Hey, Katsune!" *Rae gave the friendliest wave she could* "What's crackin'?"
一年多以前 UltmateUltima said…
(xD Alright then.)

Katsune turned and saw Rae. She wave back and stood by them. "Oh hello there, Rae. And I'm happy to see you're up and well, Matthew.." Katsune smile faltered as she looked at him.
一年多以前 MOARdesu said…
*Rae felt the bit of tension and awkwardness between them all, and it was going to be difficult for them to get past the...events that took place before now.
She would have to work super duper hard if she wanted this to work.* "S-so! Um, What are you up to?"
一年多以前 UltmateUltima said…
"I was heading to my room to drink..." Katsune's smiled faded completely and she looked at the wall. "I was going to take a drink of water, I mean, it's obvious right?" She tried to mimick a laugh, but happiness wasn't her thing.
一年多以前 MOARdesu said…
*This wasn't going to work. Whatever kind of friendly relationship they all had just didn't exist, it seemed. What a shame.
Rae forced herself to keep smiling.* "I...I guess it should be..."

(In some sort of way, this is kind of sad. ;-;)
一年多以前 UltmateUltima said…
Katsune walked around them and continued down the hall. "I never said I wouldn't stop loving you.." She grinned and opened the door to her room, the bottle of blood left on the table, 'magically' refilled.

(Ah, sorry about the late reply (3rd time?) my Internet was being a bitch. ._.' I think it's pretty gloomy..:l)
一年多以前 MOARdesu said…
(lol 'magically' refilled xD
D'aww~ Katsune still wuvs Rae o3o)

"Well. Wasn't that...wonderful." *Rae sighed, running her hand through her hair.*
一年多以前 UltmateUltima said…

She walked up to the table and was about to pick it up when she remembered... Just about everything. Retracting her hand, she laid it on her heart, closing her eyes.. "I'm sorry, Matthew..." Katsune opened her eyes. Letting out her hand Katsune's trusty ol' knife reappeared in her hand. ".....I'm afraid saving you and letting my dear Rae become yours was just, and always will be an act."

(I fell asleep on you... \(//∇//)\ Sowwy...)
一年多以前 Lady_Rebel said…
(I swear, this thing comes to life at night...)
一年多以前 MOARdesu said…
(Sorry...I just...)
 (Sorry...I just...)
一年多以前 UltmateUltima said…
(xD I wuv you)
一年多以前 MOARdesu said…
('Kay, I'll be serious now...sorta
GODDAMMIT. The messed up triangle of twisted-ness feeling continues?!)

*She felt a chill. That's right. A chill.
Can Katsune really just give her up like that? No, she was too possessive. And jealous.
Rae was like some fat butterfly ensnared in a spider web, and the spider like, loved the butterfly but wanted to eat it at the same time. She had to think for a bit before coming up with what Matthew was in the little scenario.*

(D'aww I wuvin's you too~)
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一年多以前 UltmateUltima said…
(:3 Okay, buddie~♥)

Katsune smiled and laughed to herself. She took the bottle of blood and shook it. She broke the cap with her knife and drank it all. Dropping the bottle to the floor, she opened the door and held the knife behind her back. With a bloodied smile, Katsune headed toward Matthew.
一年多以前 MOARdesu said…
(That actually sounds...pretty badass. Holy shizzle.

*Maybe Matt was like, a bee or something.
Ugh. She'll have to think of this later. It was hard coming up with these kinds of things.
What was...
Rae turned her head and listened. Footsteps. FOOTSTEPS.
Wow, she was paranoid. But it's only natural to be when you have like, an insane yandere demon fiancée.*
一年多以前 UltmateUltima said…
(xD It's only natural!)

Katsune was only a few steps away. She approached Rae and tapped her shoulder. "What's wrong, my dear? You seem to be worried. Of course, you have Matthew by your side, you shouldn't be afraid. Maybe staying with me, would have been a better choice?" Katsune grinned and kept the knife behind her back, steady.

(Steady and 'Rae'dy!)
一年多以前 MOARdesu said…
(Dat lame pun...:U)

*Some peopl--I mean demons just never change. Rae gave Katsune a hardened look, trying not to look at her bloody mouth. Maybe she flossed too hard or something.*
"What's that supposed to mean?" *She stepped a little in front of Matt, defensively. Katsune was always up to something, and that something is never good.*
一年多以前 UltmateUltima said…
(xD 'Rae'lly? Flossed too hard? xDD)

Katsune pulled the knife out from behind and moved around, away from Rae. She held it against Matt's stomach but didn't injure him. "I felt lonely...Maybe you should return to me again, it doesn't seem like you have much of a choice." Katsune brought the edge up to his neck like before and the ring that was on Rae's hand glowed. "Shall we?" The edge moved closer, but started to hesitate.
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一年多以前 MOARdesu said…
('Katsu' see? She is derpy as can be~)

"Lonely, hey?." *Rae scoffed a little, feeling herself tense up at the blade. Her hand sort of hovered over to her side.* "You wouldn't be so lonely if you weren't trying to cut up everyone you knew..."
一年多以前 UltmateUltima said…
(xD Took me a while to find out what you meant by 'Katsu'. Your puns are lamer than my puns! >:D)

Katsune held the blade tightly and started to hesitate even more. "...Cut up everyone? If you realized my feelings for once, you'd know..." Her hesitation changed to frustration as her face darkened. "Whose the real one being cut up.." The blade found its way closer to his neck, but Katsune released her grip and the knife disappeared. Instead of hurting Matthew, she took Rae's hand and forcefully dragged her down the hall, she squeezed it as hard as she could, until it would break.

(O.T.L! Obsidian Torture Logic! Break stuff!)
一年多以前 MOARdesu said…
"H-how could I understand your feelings..." *Rae clenched her teeth in pain, her voice rising in discomfort. Her hand felt like it was going to snap.* "...I'm not a mind reader, goddammit! If you want someone to understand you and your problems, then talk about it! You're not gonna get anywhere with anyone by doing shit like this!"

(I don't usually do puns so...xD)
一年多以前 UltmateUltima said…
(Its time for S.O.L then.)

"......" Katsune fell silent and loosened her grip. Then, she halted and looked down. "...I'd rather not force someone to listen to my worries..." She hung her head. "It's not my thing..." Katsune let go of Rae's hand and stood there. Silent, and emotionless.
一年多以前 MOARdesu said…
"Well, shit..." *Rae softened her voice a bit, and stepped in front of her.* "How do you expect someone to care then if you can't even talk to them?"
*She hesitantly put her hand against Katsune's cheek, and looked her dead in the eyes.*
"That's all you gotta do, really."

一年多以前 UltmateUltima said…
(xD Why are you so worried? Oh wait....Yep, you should be worried. Especially after you put your hand on her cheek. XD)

Katsune looked up at Rae and smiled. "Thanks...But..Where should I start?" Katsune's smile faltered.
一年多以前 MOARdesu said…
(Holy crap, I actually thought Katsune was gonna bite her hand off or something...xD)

*Rae returned the smile, totally relieved that her hand wasn't torn off like MOARdesu thought* "I guess...our relationship?"
*She brought her hand down*
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一年多以前 UltmateUltima said…
(Ooooh...Rae considered it a relationship xD)

"Our relationship, huh?" Katsune paused and continued. "Well, you could call it love at first sight. That time in the library, it was all just part of...I guess instinct? But later, when you were around Matthew, it hurt me to see you together...As I said a long while back, I would vent my anger on you, until I knew nothing would chnage unless I eliminated the source. Which was, Matthew. Before doing that, in case my plans failed, I gave you that ring, and then...All this." Tears formed up in her eyes and Katsune looked away. "In short, whatever hurts me, I want to hurt it back..."

(I can't remember anymore... @.@ Baaaaaww~!!! It's so confusing ._.)
一年多以前 MOARdesu said…
(But...Okay I got a question I'm confuzzled about
Does Matt like, care for Rae romantically or like a brother? *derps*)
一年多以前 UltmateUltima said…
( We have to ask Matthew's creator for that answerr because honestly I thought you were a couple back there when he said 'I love you' but in the meantime while we wait for Matthew, I need to leave...I'll be back in 3 hours or so. Bye~! ^^)
一年多以前 MOARdesu said…

Isn't Matt like, 17?
THE AGE DIFFERENCE...Though in cat years he's in his freakin' 80's xD)
一年多以前 Axel1313 said…
Still thinking about Emerald an idea suddenly formed." Y'know what Jack? I have the most wonderful lady right now.... perhaps you'd like to meet her? But..... we'll need to bring her something." I brought my saber around,Sisceal still impaled on it." You'd make a lovely shish kebab for my dear Em. Yes......humans have fine blood...."
一年多以前 izzah25 said…
(( Pffffft. *hadn't thought of that* xDD His eighties?! That's hilarious, man.
*waves arms around* \(>o<)/ He loves Rae liek a sibling! When he said "I love you", he said it cuz Rae reminds him of hish mommeh! Y U BE JELLY AND TAKE HER AWAY, KATSUNE?! ))
一年多以前 MOARdesu said…
(Ah. I knew it!
Their relationship is just cuter as sibling love anyway~)

"How about we start over? Y'know...put the past behind us." *Rae smiled hopefully, and held out her hand to Katsune.*
一年多以前 Lady_Rebel said…
(Why does everyone reply when I'm not on???)

He nicked me when he stabbed Sisceal. Dammit, I hadn't been paying attention. My wound was about two inches deep, located in my left side on my ribs. It would heal. I clasped my arm to my side, gritting my teeth against the pain. I turned to Sisceal. The sword had gone all the way through him! (He's still alive right?) It was a miracle he was alive. I tried to stop the bleeding but Obsidian got in my way.
一年多以前 aNinnyMouse said…
Jack turned pale and began to crawl away from Obsidian. "Like hell!" He quickly got up and started to run in the opposite direction.
一年多以前 aNinnyMouse said…
((I don't know why but imagining him bringing his sword around with Sisceal still attached made me laugh.))
一年多以前 MOARdesu said…
(Run, Jack, run! :O

...I'm sorry. I kinda laughed too...especially at the human kabob thing .-.)
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一年多以前 Lady_Rebel said…
(I laughed too! *looks at sadistic question on Random...yeah...
Random separate note:
The song I'm listening to fits this RP...Dance with the Devil by Breaking Benjamin. It's a Kuroshitsuji AMV.)

I glared at Obsidian yanking his "shish kebob" around. I muttered, "What the hell," under my breath, drew my bow and shot an arrow at Obsidian quicker than sight.

(LotR reference! Thank-you Legolas!)
一年多以前 UltmateUltima said…
Katsune smiled and took her hand. "Y-Yes...Thank you." Katsune hugged Rae and started to tear up. She was really happy, and relieved she didn't hate her after hearing her terrible yet true feelings.

(Wait, didn't we go through this scene again? Eh, whatever.)
一年多以前 MOARdesu said…
(Yeah, we did...xD
Oh well.)

"Hee~" *Rae felt her heart grow light from both relief and happiness. She patted Katsune's back. "It's okay..."

(Yay! They made up!! :UU)
一年多以前 UltmateUltima said…
(._. Waaaiiiitttt.......... If Matthew is just a 'brother' type figure does that mean Rae loves Katsune now? xD If so, what a twist! xD)

...Ah, er...
Katsune let go of Rae and looked up at her with a smile. She wiped her tears and replied, "I'm sorry. I'll focus solemnly to stay a good...f-friend.." Katsune was really weary on saying friend as you can see.
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一年多以前 Axel1313 said…
I was about to go after Jack when an arrow caught me in the back. Right at the base of the neck. It caused me to drop my sword as well. It also caused me to loose my temper a bit as well. " Why you little------grrrr...." I glanced back at Jack."No matter...he wont get very far anyway..not in my domain." Ripping the arrow out I turned back to Stara and shot her a nasty glare."Nice shot."

After being dropped I pulled the sword out. It was a bloody mess."I just can't s-seem to catch a break.." I panted.
一年多以前 aNinnyMouse said…
Jack clambered through the nearest door and then fell against a wall, slamming the door behind him. He looked around quickly, for something to barricade the door with.
一年多以前 MOARdesu said…
(No...I just meant for her to be friends with Katsune...o3o;)

Rae grinned. Now that their relationship was repaired, it was about time to start thinking about how and where to get that key so they can get the hell out of the hotel.
MOARdesu still can't wait for the Obsidian torture special.*