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伊丽莎白二世女王 Did 皇后乐队 Elizabeth kill Princess Diana?‎

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 fiyona posted 一年多以前
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BJsRealm picked no:
It is still a very delicate matter over here in the UK.People are divided on the subject.Some say it was paparazzi who literally have drown Lady Di to her premature & so sudden death. It was a national tragedy for all of us! We have lost not only our Princess, but above all else a good & kind lady who has shown such care & compassion, much like her close friend,another humanitarian,late Mother Teresa. Both of them have left us the very same year, almost at the exact time! Coincidence or not? Anyway, the Queen was shocked when she heard the news of Lady Di's death.The Queen most definitely had nothing to do with this terrible tragedy & neither does Prince Charles. Anything else is just a bunch of speculations & conspiracy theories & we had a lot of those even back in 1997! I was just a boy then, yet I know my late mum was crying because Lady Di was everyone's favourite: a Queen of hearts forever!
posted 一年多以前.
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