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Puss In Boots' hat is missing! Where could it be?! Got Swagger?
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I can't belive that the official movie is coming! The movie is based before Puss met Shrek.
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I used to be the biggest Gato Con Botas Geek there is, and I still am. I've even got my own boots and plumed hat to prove it. However, my feelings about Puss have changed. I recently read on Puss' Wikipedia page that a lot of 粉丝 have started to get bored of him because he's focused on 更多 than the other three main characters in Shrek. Is it possible for even the biggest 粉丝 of such a famous gato to get bored of him? I don't know. I really want to 移动 on from him, but at the same time, I can't stop myself watching the newest seasons of the Adventures Of Puss In Boots. What should I do about this? Please write back with your answers, amigos. I am in desperate need of your advice. Gracias. 由 the way, season 6 for The Adventures Of Puss In Boots is out on Netflix!
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