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Puss in Boots - Humpty and Puss Brothers forever
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If the recently released animated 电影院 haven’t been doing it for 你 lately perhaps this one will. Puss in Boots is scheduled for release on November 4, 2011 and is sure to excite 怪物史莱克 粉丝 everywhere. As 你 can tell from the poster above, Puss is suave as ever, but watch out! Because he will turn in an instant and strike 你 with those beautiful eyes that make your 心 melt like a homemade 浓情巧克力 chip cookie! Yes, even the men.

The film covers the the adventures of Puss prior to meeting 怪物史莱克 and donkey. Antonio Banderas will be the voice of Puss, as usual, while Zach Galifianakis will be the voice of Humpty Dumpty. Salma Hayek, a street-savvy kitty, will also 加入 in and be a part of the adventure. The film is being directed 由 David Miller, who directed 怪物史莱克 the Third, so we hope this movie is all that we hope for and more. We included a picture below as well as the trailer. Check them both out and we we hope 你 enjoy! And as always, let us know what 你 think.
 puss and kitty
puss and kitty
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