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posted by Berserk-punk
Theres berserk and bricks daughter the smart one named brain and their son blake

Theres brat and boomers son bomb

And last theres butch and brutes girl and boy twins Butch jr and blame

heres the family picture
posted by vampiregirls
Me vampire vac and Kenya was walking around townsville when we saw a child with brown hair and 橙子, 橙色 eyes he look at us Hello im Blake u are i was the one to speak Im 毒蛇 this is Vampire thats Vac and this girl is Kenya nice to met u blake he smile we turn to a pretty blond hair girl hello im Bella this is my brother Bryce we turn to a girl with 橙子, 橙色 hair and red eyes im Blazy we turn to 3 black hair kids im billu im 奶油, 奶油糖果 and im Blitzy were the puff kids well hello puff kids were the vampire girls and shy girl 说 Kenya i think theirs a girls named brainy belly and bruise that are your cousin their the powerruff kids well we gtg see u guys tomorrow they all flew off leaving a colorful streaks
posted by bcthestrongest
 碧昂斯 my oc
beyonce my oc
Nicki:she is the rowdyruff boys sister but an undercover police agent she is suppose to be 14 yrs old
Red:she is the rowdyruff boys sister but also an undercover agent she is suppose to be 15 yrs old
Beyonce:also the rowdyruff boys sister and an undercover agent she is suppose to be 13 yrs old
Blast:the powerpuffs girl's brother but an undercover agent who studies villains along with his brothers he is the same age as Nicki
Blade:same as Blast he is the same age as Red
Bruce:same as his brothers same age as Beyonce
Demon:she is a portal traveler she is Gwen sister but goes to portal to portal she appeals in tdi in my story
Lizzy:same as Demon but a mixture of Izzy and Sierra
Brittany:same as her 老友记 but a mixture of Bridgette and Lindsay
 brittany a mixture
brittany a mixture
 Demon and her sister
Demon and her sister
posted by pbj2309
in towns vile
I hope the baby is here soon
guys guys
蜘蛛 what is it the baby is here
老鼠, 鼠标 is it a boy 或者 a girl
Spyler is a girl
come on in
cinnamon having that baby was the greatest thing ever
Professor Gaudile
she is so beautiful
蜘蛛 yeah all of us are aunts & Uncles
Massimo are we late
She write here
she is so cute
so what's her name
Spyler & Cinnamon
Vanessa that's cute name
that's a cute name
She is as a cute name
yeah its cute
soon cinnamon's sisters
had babies