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xSiVePux posted on Mar 01, 2010 at 08:50AM
If I think, my suggestion is
Pucca should make a movie maybe a tragedy one but at the end she'll have a happy ending so it'll be exited,
what about you?

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一年多以前 xSiVePux said…
I have a new suggestion, why not Pucca also make in Japanese anime like Naruto! And she with Garu can talk exactly but her story still her style such as funny love and martial arts but the only she and the other follow from Naruto is growing up so it won't stop when she just a kid it'll be continued to teenager until she's adult, what do u think?
一年多以前 Matsy23 said…
big smile
whoah!!!! i like the anime idea and the movie is also a good idea!!!! ^^