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As Psych 粉丝 might have heard, Maggie Lawson has been tapped to 星, 星级 in an ABC comedy pilot. But what does this mean for Psych and/or Juliet? Let’s just say it’s too soon to sweat.
“We’re so happy and excited for Maggie having all of these opportunities, and we never want to begrudge somebody who has an opportunity 星, 星级 in their own 显示 — especially in something that’s a big project like this,” executive producer Steve Franks tells me.
Additionally, dozens of pilots are made every season with only a few getting picked up for full seasons. And if that happens, says...
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Since everyone is so adamant that no one will guess the cliffhanger, I've come up with some crazy theories of my own. Prepare to lolz.

Shawn inherits a 糖果 factory and moves to Poland

A shape-shifting soldier from a parallel universe kills Gus and takes over his body (cue Fringe crossover)

Shawn and Lassiter find out they are related

Shawn and Juliet find out they are related *dies*

Santa Barbara is overtaken in a zombie apocalypse

The chief is pregnant…with Lassiter

Yang enters a radio sweepstakes to win two tickets to a monster truck rally and invites Shawn

Shawn finds out he’s adopted

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