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posted by RayRaycutie
in the car
me-*txtng india*
prince-*txtng ray*
me-u kno ur suppose 2 be lookng at the road rite?
me-smh hatn

prince's pov
i dnt wnna talk 2 ths girl.

my pov
ths boy bettah reconize!!!!!

prince-im not hatn. u just got a bad attitude.
me-no i dnt!!! n u got a big azz head!!!!
prince-thts not wat u 说 b4
me-i waznt thinkng!!!!!!
prince-*fake laugh* 哈哈 okay
me-*hits his arm*
prince-dnt touch me
me-wat u gnna do if i keep doing it?!
prince-i might n i might not hit u back
me0u cnt hit a girl!!
prince-i dnt abide 2 rules
me-*rolls eyes*
prince-*pulls in2 my driveway n i get out n slam the door*
prince-*gets out n blocks my way* no goodnight 或者 thanks 4 drivng u home?
me-goodnight n thanks 4 drvng me home!!!!! *mumbles* u afro puffed bastrd
prince-*mumbles* btch
me-*tackles him 2 ground* dnt call me tht!!!!
prince-dnt call me afro puff
me-y not?! its wat u look lik!!!!
prince-n u look lik a ho
me-no u ddnt
prince-yeahhh i did
me-im not a ho!!!!! ur the only guy i had it with anyway!!!
prince-u look lik one dressed lik tht!
me-there pajamas retard
prince-im not a retard ur the dumb one!!
me-i get straight A's!!!
prince-they lie so they wont hav 2 hav u in the same class evry year
me-i cnt stand u! n i swear if ppl werent around rite now-
prince-ur not gnna do anythng!!!
me-try me
me-ur really fckng me up rite now
prince-good! cuz thts xactly how ur face looks lik!
me-omg! ME?! u cnt evn grind!!!! i dnt get y girls fall out 4 u!!!!
prince-i look good n i can get anythng with my smile!!!
me-no u cnt! u hav a FAKE smile!
prince-*flips our postions* okay ur on my bad side now
me-ooooo im scaredddd!!!! NOT!!!
prince-were suppose 2 be workng ths out n ur being btchy about it!!
,me-ME?! WAT ABOUT U?!
prince-im not the wannbe one
me-well neither am i!!!
prince-plz! u always tryn 2 pretend u got sumthn!!! but u DONT
me-smh thts not the way i see it!!!
prince-well thts the way it iz!
me-tf u think u tlkng 2 nigga?!
me-*looks around* not me! ill kick yo afro azz head in a second!!!!
prince-try me!
me-okay *punches him* wat u gnna do NOW?!
prince-*punches me so hard he givs me a blck eye*
me-oh h3ll nawl!!!!
prince-yeah. u just got punched. how does it feel?! oh thts rite u kno cuz uve been hit b4!!!
me-F U!!!!
prince-wen n where?!
prince-remembered wen u likd ths freak?!
me-tht waz in the past get ovr it!!!
prince-i cnt get out the past cuz u cnt get out of it!!!
me-MOVE ON PRINCE!!!! dnt u kno who u r?! ur famous!!!! n ur tlkng 2 a nobdy!!!!! u can just leave n go break sum othr girls hearts cuz u 偷了 mine already!!!! i had feelings 4 u but i dnt now n just GO!!!! GET OUT OF MY LIFE!!!! n wen i say THT i mean 4 and evr!!!!!
prince-*gets off me* if u want me 2 fine thn
me-*gets up* BYE THEN!!!

at school friday i wear black skinny jeans a purple tank n white stilettoes

roc-hey lil mama!
me-leave me the h3ll alone
prod-*grabs my waist n pulls me close 2 him* but we want u
me-i dnt want ANY of u!!! *pushes him away frm me xtra hard*
india comes ovr 2 us
dee-wtf iz going on here?!
me-nothng come on *grabs her hand n we go 2 class*

in class we hav 2 write boring notes while the teacher told us boring stuff
me-*writing sum 诗歌 in my journal lik i always do thn look 2 my side n sees prince doing the same*
me-*gets out fone n txts india*

txt convo
me-how come u werent with 射线, 雷 2day?
dee-wat do u mean?
me-u guys always 显示 up 2gthr
dee-u would hav 2 kill me b4 i go out with him!!!!!
end of txt convo

me-*thinkng* wat in the world?! but they-
kids start laughng at me n sayng mean thngs n stuff throwng paper n stuff.. but thn

me-*wakes up screamng*
射线, 雷 dee n prince run in the door *dee holdng a pistol 射线, 雷 holdng a bat n prince empty handed*
dee-wats rong?!
me-nightmare i guess
dee-r u okay? u blanked out 2day!!!
ray-u blanked out wen me n prince came ovr 4 our projects.
prince-retard 4 school!!!
dee-u 4got?!
'me-i remember nothng
prince-i told yall she was dumb!!!
ray-yeah u did
dee-stfu yall!!
ray-who iz u tlkn 2?!
dee-u dumbell!!!!
射线, 雷 n dee start aruging thn dee just put her hand in his face n wlkd ovr 2 me
me-but u guys r a couple!!!
me-wat?! but u n 射线, 雷 me n prince-
prince-xcuse me?!
prince-did u say we were a couple?!
prince-tht waz a fckd up dream thn
prince-on nothng
me-u wish!
dee-dnt tlk 2 her lik tht u aint the boss of nobd! stndn there tryng 2 be bad! PLZ!!!
射线, 雷 n prince-*look at each othr lik, "wat ths nigga just say?!"*
ray-badder than u!
me-*gets out of 床, 床上 n goes up 2 him thn looks him up n dwn* aint NOBDY badder thn my girl so get yp damn facts straight!!!
ray-prince she tlkng 2 u!
prince-no she aint! its u!
ray-um...u guys r at prince's house

my pov
im soooo embarassed!!!!! my n my big fat mouth!!!

dee-thts okay! WE CAN LEAVE *grabs my arm but the boys block our path wen we got 2 the door*
ray-yall cnt go!
me-who's stopping us?! *reaches 4 doorknob*
princes-*smacks my hand away*
me-nigga u bttr reconie
prince-lol okay! *fake laugh*
ray-prince's mom 说 u guys had 2 stay here cuz we're "friends"
dee-oh no! tell her we decided 2 leave!!!!
me-b4 i kick sum azz!!!!
prince-u aint gon do nothn!
me-*jumos at him but 射线, 雷 pushes me back*
ray-dnt start nothng up in here dang!!!!
dee-get out of our way n we WONT!!!!
me-hold up! *looks at her lik she crazy* i nvr agreed on not fckng thm up!!!!
dee-*rolls eyes n opens the door but 射线, 雷 picks her up 由 her waist n brings her back in n i almost jump 射线, 雷 but prince holds me back*
ray-*tired sigh* can u plz just go back 2 bed?!
me-no we leavn n boy get yo hands off of me!!!
prince-*in my ear while dee n 射线, 雷 fightn* go back 2 床, 床上 now. ur stayng here the rest of the night
princce-*lets me go n i grab dee frm ray's grasp n go back 2 bed*
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posted by LA_Griffin
::Micheal's POV::
Jacob-What the hell are 你 doing here?Micheal-I just got finished talking to Lakinda.Jacob walked in and went to her room,and came back.Jacob-What did 你 do to her?Micheal-I took care of her,if 你 don't mind.Lakinda came to where we were.LA-What the hell is with all the noise.I'm tryna sleep.Micheal-I'm sorry baby.come here.Lakinda came to me and kissed me.Jacob-what the fuck!Jacob ran up to me and pushed me.Lakinda got knocked out of the way,she hit the wall.Jacob-baby are 你 okay?LA-No I'm dizzy as hell!!!!Micheal-Wait that's not supposed to happen.I took the bottle out...
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posted by Princetonlove01
Mya have been hanging out with Willow,Mindless behavior, nd the OMG girls. for the past 2 weeks we were close 老友记 except for the OMG girls who jst kept tagging along. 1 日 mya got a call from hur manager Melanie CONVO:
M- 嘿 jazz 或者 mya
Mya- 嘿 Melanie
M- mya listen to me how wud u feel about goin on tour with Mindless Behavior, Willow smith. nd The OMG girls
mya- i wud 爱情 to but wen nd r u serious?
M- yes im serious we leave tomorrow at 5 am
mya- y so early
M- bcuz we hav to leave early to get there early so no 粉丝 will b there
mya- ok how long
M- only 4 months ok...
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posted by Princetonlove01
Recap: the boys ask the girls on a date, princeton ask jazmine 2 be his girl, and last but not least kesha is about to fight this girl from there school named Tosha.

Kesha:so u 说 u gonna slap me if I say one 更多 word I jus 说 17 words I am waitin 4 u 2 slap me!!! Tosha:I am keep talkin! Ray: baby juz 蛤, 文蛤 down we don’t need to cause attention. Kesha: nawww babe she want to hit me and I will give her the butt kickin of a lifetime! Mya: yo sha lets jus go, she not worth it girl let’s juz go. Tosha: yea and mya last time I check u was a punk 2 Lyke ur sister kiana! Tosha pushes mya and mya and kesha start to beat on tosha!! Prince:babe let go of her hair. Mya: no she earn dis! Kesha: pulls mya off of tosha and walk her outside wit da guys and kourtney and Aaliyah. Kesha: that wat u get B***h wen u mess wit us! They all get back in da limo and went
back to da bus.