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"What a beautiful starry night, right Boomer?" 说 Bubbles. "Yeah, just like you" Boomer smilled. Bubbles smilled him back. "Thanks Boomer... hey, what's those?" asked Bubbles. They saw two shiny, red and green lights in the dark sky. Then Boomer 说 "They are li- Bubbles? Bubbles!" Boomer screamed. "Hey! Who the hell are you?! Let me go!" Bubbles looked at "unknown" strangely but she still was unhappy. "No way! I'll never let 你 日期 with my Boomer!" 说 "unknown". "What are 你 talking about?" asked Bubbles with a very strangely accent. "Don't be a baby! Boomer isn't your coupple, so...
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 She may look pretty, but she's not!
She may look pretty, but she's not!
Kristina's Perspective

I think I just 迷失 the 爱情 of my life. I think he's in 爱情 with my classmate, Nishka Reddy. That's because I just caught Vincent 接吻 her. I ran away crying. Words can't tell how jealous I am of Nishka right now! My greatest fear is losing the 标题 of prettiest girl in the world to a different girl. And I'm afraid of losing it to Nishka. I know she's prettier than me, but I'll never admit it. Never!!!!!!

I'm also really afraid if Vincent proposes to Nishka. Then they'll get married and my 心 would break. But what if Nishka says no to Vincent? I don't have much...
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