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My artwork this 2010.
rrb kitties
rrb and ppg
ppg kitties
r ppg and rb
boomer and bubbles
bubbles and boomer
rrb butch
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Brick came running out of his and Blossom's 巢穴, den, 书房 with a big smile on his face.

"Why so happy Brick?" Boomer asked.

"B-Bloss-Blossom..." Brick could hardly catch his breath.

"Breathe dude, breathe!" Boomer said.

Brick took a deep breath.

"My kits are here!!" Brick shouted.

"Really? How many?" Boomer asked.

"Two! A boy and a girl! The one with brown 毛皮 and 橙子, 橙色 eyes is the boy, and the one with 橙子, 橙色 毛皮 and red eyes, like me, is a girl! 你 wanna see em'?" Brick asked proudly.

"Sure!" Boomer said.

"You have to be very quiet and calm. They're not even an 小时 old yet." Brick 说 leading Boomer into...
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it was valintimes 日 in the ppg 首页 干草 说 bryen he gave a card to brute aww thanks 说 brute meanwile berserk had 小猫 awww she 说 happyliy aww 更多 to take care of buttercup 说 blossem the 2 小猫 were twins one boy and a girl the girl was called bessy and the boy was called ben. with bubbels and bommer hi bommmer heres ower 小猫 brat brute and berserk 说 bubbels well bubbles heres a valintimes card thanks bommer time to get a bath boys 说 buttercup uh oh 说 brock this isent good wile buttens was playing with bessy she noteesd ben 干草 说 ben hi.. she 说 with a quite...
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