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posted by AKetchum01
The start of Pokemon Glitch Quest was because of an Evil Azumarill. This occurred about one 年 ago. I released an female Azumarill that was made to resemble this famed glitch, but that event didn't go so well. So, I am proud to present the RE-release of the Evil Azumarill!

About the Evil Azumarill

So, if 你 don't know about the ORIGINAL Evil Azumarill, I suggest 阅读 link about it. It was quite exciting during that time last year, and I quite enjoyed it.

So now that 你 know...
To obtain the Evil Azumarill, 你 MUST have at least 5 Gym Badges on any 给 Generation IV 或者 V game. Why? Because...
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posted by puffer_fish
Moonlight sank in the cracks of the stone roof, illuminating The mossy walls and muddy floor. The shiny Umbreon's rings started glowing dimly. Then, there was something over head. The sound of foot steps carried 由 voices. They grew louder and louder until he * The Umbreon * Saw the faces of the people making the sound. " Aw poor thing! It's probably stuck down there! " One of them said, their voice echoed in the cavern. " I'll.. I'll go save it. " The other said, sounding afraid of how deep down the cavern was dug. He lifted himself off the mud into a sitting position as the kid lowered himself...
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Pokémon: Have 你 Seen This Pokemon? (Part 2)

[Cut to Natina and 皮卡丘 sitting on the 长椅, 沙发 watching TV]
Natina: I know how much 你 爱情 Full House. Don't you, Victoria? Oh, heavens, look at the time. [clock reads 9:00] It's time for bed, Victoria. [when 皮卡丘 jumps off the couch, a picture of Ash from his Sinnoh journey comes out of his bag]
Pikachu: [sadly] Pika Pi.
Picture of Ash: Quiet, Pikachu! Can't 你 see I'm busy? [Pikachu gives a raspberry. He goes into a bright and decorated room with Natina]
Natina: Here's your room, Victoria.
Pikachu: [questioningly] Pikachu?
Natina: Here 你 are,...
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Ash, Misty and Brock were on their way back to Olivine City when they saw Cissy and Senta at a gym near the Whirl Islands. Brock was unfamiliar with them and introduced himself to them. He made quite the introduction and flirted with Cissy until Misty dragged him away 由 his ear and Ash apologized, saying she didn't have to be embarrassed like that. Cissy reassured him and 说 that was fine. Ash, Brock, and Misty went inside the gym. Once inside, Ash let Totodile out to take a dip in the water and Misty let Corsola out as well. Cissy's Blastoise and Kingdra poked their heads out of the water...
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posted by Mariothecool7
this will be a series about Cream tne Rabbit who is from Sonic's world and will travel with Pokemon everywhere.


Cream: ok Cheese. lets get this done. Cheese is doing a chore. Tails: how's it going Cream? Cream: 嘿 Tails. we were just doing something. Sonic: hey. don't forget about that Bowling tournament today. Cream: yes. i know. i'm so going to win it. my curve ball will get me a perfect game.

Tails: yeah. don't be late. Cream and Cheese start walking to the bowling alley. Tails: good luck Cream. Cream: yes. thanks. Cream doesn't know that when she bowls, something bad will happen.


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 Poster for new Pokemon Movie.
Poster for new Pokemon Movie.
The new 15th Pokemon Movie (Pokemon: Kyurem vs the Sacred Swordsman) was revealed on a Pokemon Sunday episode (at least that is what I assume since it looked like Pokemon Sunday) and is expected to be released in 日本 theaters July 14, 2012. Currently, there is not much info on the new movie, but a teaser trailer was released on youtobe 展示 Ash entering a town and discovers, to his surprise, the Legendary Musketeer Pokemons, Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion standing a 最佳, 返回页首 a cliff. Suddenly, a hail storm occurs and crashes into the town and almost kills Ash. The screen then turns to Kyurem, 展示 off it's power to control Ice, and then the title, Pokemon: Kyurem vs the Sacred Swordsman, appears on screen.

What do 你 think?

Link to Teaser Trailer: link
posted by FanFic_Girl_26
As someone who has loved 神奇宝贝 from the time I was in elementary school, I have read this book, and I must say, I cannot find any 更多 good and positive things to say about it.

Basically, the protagonist Ash Ketchum learns a good lesson at the beginning of the book: make sure to go to 床, 床上 early on the night before the 日 of a big adventure. (In his case, it’s beginning a 神奇宝贝 journey.) Of course, that lesson is one that we’ve all learned 更多 than once — especially when the same thing happens to us from time to time as well.

Ash also learns why sleeping late isn’t a good idea...
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The ball paused for a 秒 and stopped,revealing that rattata was caught."Alright Charmander!We caught our first pokemon!"Torian shouted,celebrating,along with charmander."Now...we gotta tell nurse joy what happened....come on,charmander!"Torian 说 and started running to the border seperating the inside of viridean from the forest.When he arrived,officer jenny were all over the place,searching for clues."Um...excuse me....i caught the purple bandit pokemon!"Torian said,drawing their attention.One jenny came up to him."You did?Where is it?How'd 你 get it?What pokemon is it?"Torian sweat...
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I am quite the longtime 粉丝 of the franchise known as Pokémon, and I have also read many of the 图书 about it, too. Plus, since I have read this book 更多 than once, I find it to be a great read, and I have also found plenty of good and positive things to say about it as well. :)

To start with, if I had to pick a 最喜爱的 chapter in the book, it would be the one where James recalls his plan of “hiring someone to capture 皮卡丘 for us” (meaning himself, Jessie and Meowth). He was referring to a kid named Todd Snap (although Todd is referred to as “Snap” in the book). Although they...
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Last time on 神奇宝贝 Adventure!

Three children, Torian, Charlotte, and Quincy, all receive a Pokemon from Professor Oak. After some 建议 and parting words, the three all head to route one, where 夏洛特 asks if they can travel together. After Quincy declines, Torian and 夏洛特 tell him they understand. As Quincy departs, Torian challenges him to a battle.

(Chapter 1 is here-


(Also, i noticed i forgot to state Torian's appearance in Chapter 1...heh heh...well, he has messy black hair, redish brown eyes, and wears black cargo shorts and a short sleeved black and red jacket, and black...
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Note: Sceptile has heard about Charizard before, at Oak's Lab, but Charizard has not heard about him. And this is a translation to human language.

The scenario: Sceptile's Solarbeam (Or Bullet Seed) has collided with Charizard's Flamethrower. Thus, his usual greeting for Ash has been stopped. He lands on the ground, as Sceptile jumps down from a tree.

Charizard: (Angrily growling) "What do 你 think you're doing?!"

Sceptile: (Growling too) "Stopping 你 from attacking my trainer!"

Charizard: "Your trainer?! Hey! He's my trainer, too!"

Sceptile: "So... You're the famous Ash's Charizard. (Raises his...
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posted by PeterMWou
 Red in Red/Blue/Yellow, Gold/Silver/Crystal, Stadium 1/2, HeartGold/SoulSilver and Black 2/White 2
Red in Red/Blue/Yellow, Gold/Silver/Crystal, Stadium 1/2, HeartGold/SoulSilver and Black 2/White 2
Some people think 火, 消防 and Red are the same. Even on something like Bulbapedia and Pokemon Wikia. Lol. But that is NOT true! In this, the comparisons will say the differences, and the similarities.

Game Debuts

First appearance: Pokemon Red and Blue (GameBoy)

First appearance: Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen (GBA)

Gym Battles

It has been a long time since I read the Pokemon Manga, but I can remember Red did win most of the Badges in Kanto. If I remember correctly, Red appears in Pokemon Origins where he defeat all the Kanto gym leaders. Especially when Red's Charmander defeated Brock's Onix...
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 Number 5 Haunter was scary already
Number 5 Haunter was scary already
This is part 2 of my magical world of crap why do people do this it breaks my 心 when one of my 最喜爱的 pokemon got scary and sexual why would 你 do this sick people why?
 Number 4 Celebi one of my 最喜爱的 pokemon how could 你
Number 4 Celebi one of my favorite pokemon how could you
 The ones that almost made it
The ones that almost made it
 For some reason i don't find it to scary
For some reason i don't find it to scary
 This was close
This was close
Opinion: Port Of Call

We waited 2 years for a long waited Pokemon Sword and Shield sequel, and all we got was a lousy Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remake for 任天堂 Switch.

Okay, maybe that’s a little harsh on Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, but its announcement was indicative of Pokemon’s biggest problem: The Pokemon Company simply can’t stick to a healthy release cadence without reverting back to its tried and tested strategy of releasing Pokemon remakes, which I've played countless times before.

I’ve already expressed my frustration at how a disappointing Pokemon Diamond...
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posted by PokemonAshley
OMLOMLOML! I JUST WATCHED THE NEW POKEMON MOVIE TODAY! KILL ME! IT WAS SOOOOOOOO GOOD! I know we all have seen the first movie but seeing it in 3- D was the best pokemon movie ever! I hope the Pokemon business will keep making 更多 3-D Pokemon movies! (not as copied ones, ones with a new story board), BUT it was SO good! I cried in the first movie when Ash (Satoshi) died, and I cried again despite knowing what actually happend. I HIGHLY recommend watching it! It’s only on Netflix so be sure to get a Netflix account and watch it!
posted by PokemonAshley
So the new movie for pokemon is coming out in less than twenty minutes. EEEEEE! I can’t wait for “Mew Two Strikes Back Evolution” I can’t believe that Pokemon has made a 3-D movie!!! Now, I have watched the freaking 预览 78 times. THATS HOW EXITED I AM! If 你 are exited then cut me some slack and comment. The movie is based on the first Pokemon movie. All of us Pokemon 粉丝 have probably seen it, but its in 3-D, so what Pokemon 粉丝 wouldn't wanna see it! I will come back after I watch it. Im staying up till 12am to watch it! Btw it is only on Netflix, so download it to watch what is soon to be the best Pokemon movie in history!
嘿 guys. Just to let 你 know that Pokemon games like Pokemon Colosseum, XD, X And Y, 或者 Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon are even released from USK 0. That’s because USK 0 is the main USK rating for Pokemon games in general like Pokemon Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire 或者 Sun and Moon. But Pokemon Sword And Shield is released from USK 6. So either there are complex texts, vulgar language 或者 vl voice output was rated?

Definitely there will be a reason, I am curious if this will be experienced.

Generation 6 even rough story content such as betrayal 或者 something that USK requires… Who knows…

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posted by AlphaWendigo
Number 1) Wooper. reason: other than cuteness, I like wooper because of nostalgia. gen 2 was and still is my favorite, and wooper was one of my first Johto Pokémon.

Number 2) Togedemaru. reason: because of the cuteness!

Number 3) Bidoof. reason: well, it's so cute! how could someone not like Bidoof? *because they're everywhere...*

Number 4) Rowlet. reason: 草 type? check. Owl? check. sphere? check. starter? yesssss…

Number 5) Chespin. reason: why else? if anyone remembers the XY anime, I'll just let 你 take a guess.

Number 6) Mew. reason: Pokémon: the first movie. what an adorable Pokémon....
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posted by Courtneyfan6
(Next 日 at school, Serena came into the classroom and met Brock and Dawn)
Brock: Is that your natural hair color?
Serena: Yeah.
Brock: It's gorgeous.
Serena: Thank you.
Brock: See, this is the color I want.
Dawn: This is Brock. He's almost too gay to function.
Serena: Nice to meet you.
Gary: Nice wig, Dawn. What's it made of?
Dawn: Your mom's chest hair! I'm Dawn.
Serena: Hi, I'm Serena. Do 你 guys know where Room G is? "Health, Tuesday/Thursday, Room G ."
Dawn: I think that's in the back building.
Brock: Yeah, that's in the back building.
Dawn: Yeah, we'll take 你 there.
Serena: Thanks....
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posted by gfdcf
Okay so 由 the 标题 you're expecting me to complain about pokemon go? WELL TO BAD! (oh my gosh 锦标 so scary) Okay so I'm a pretty basic 粉丝 of pokemon actually one of the first games I played and first time I made 粉丝 characters (which I still have to this day) and well I like it a little 更多 than sonic. But don't worry I'll never stop doing sonic. just sometimes expect pokemon and 星, 星级 狐狸 and maybe undertale? I dunno back to the point.So I heared go fest ended badly then I rememberd something some pokemon 粉丝 of games like red and blue diamond and pearl 你 know the main games that are...
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