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posted by LizardMonke
10. Pearlshipping
A very good fandom who has quite large fanbase but has less toxic people
9. Orangeshipping
It is just a reply to Geekchikshipping so obviously it is not that toxic.
8. Geekchikshipping
Www. They are so TOXIC. They are the same people who gets angry when we ship their girl with another guy.
7. XYZ fans
They are toxic just because of their hate on SM
6. Genwunners
Nothing to tell. We all know how toxic and dumbass they are.
5. DP fans
They always attack everyone who says XYZ the best. They also get butthurt when someone says Serena best.
4. Amourshipping
Amourshipping has the biggest fanbase...
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 Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?
Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?
I've been planning to do this for a long time and now I'm finally doing it. Even though I 爱情 the 显示 I'm not a 粉丝 of the 动画片 style. So I don't find too many characters attractive. In fact the only male character I think is handsome is Ash. However there are some females I think are very pretty and some beautiful. So here's my list, please 评论 telling me what 你 think but keep in mind this is just my opinion.


Even though she's one of the most brainless characters on the 显示 she's very pretty. Everytime I see her and she does something stupid I always say "It's a...
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posted by Merwolf
Over the years many people have asked the question, "what gender is Ash's pikachu?" Some say male, some female, and some say "it."

All through the years of my pokemon journey I have been studying the hormones of ash's 皮卡丘 and stand 由 what I have always believed, that ash's 皮卡丘 is a female. here is a 列表 of evidence I have to support that.

1. 皮卡丘 has shown a great deal of female hormones such going crazy, being irritable, screaming, and snapping at others when upset, just like girls often do when upset, dealing with drama, and/or PMS'ing

2.Pikachu has always shown a very mothering...
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Ash Ketchum Baby Daddy Ch 5: Ash's Truth!

(At the Carnival Picnic area, all the guys are sitting at one 表 and all the girls are sitting at another table. Max arrives dirty, and drenched in red blood!)
May: Whoa Max! What happened?
Max: (In breath.) Joey kick….Flying…Barry's house!
(Ash and Misty comes up to the table. Misty is still a mess from the petting zoo incident!)
Tracey: Whoa Misty! What happened?
(After 15 sec. of telling them the petting zoo incident, all the people are hysterically laughing at her! Misty kicks Ash in the coconuts!)
Ash: Owww! (in the high pitched voice) Mommy......
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 Someone's astonished 由 Ash's incomplete harem, hehehe...
Someone's astonished by Ash's incomplete harem, hehehe...
The Valentine 日 had officially passed, but we are still a couple years away from the end of the Pokemon anime. There will be plenty 更多 action between now and that magical 日 when Ash and everyone else on the 显示 gets paired up with someone canonically. The ongoing XY series will undoubtedly shake things up, but for now, let's take a look the 最佳, 返回页首 10 shippings at the beginning of 2015.

10. IkariShipping (Paul x Dawn)

IkariShipping first started back in the DP era, when Dawn and Paul spent a little time together alone with each other at night before been seen 由 Ash. Since then, this...
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posted by AKetchum01

"Hi, I'm Steve Ketchum, Ash's brother. 你 might think Ash and Misty 爱情 each other. I never thought that my brother liked that annoying girl. It is correct they 爱情 each other, I saw the whole thing that is the ultimate proof.

After placing first in the Gydos League, Ash returned to Pallet Town in Kanto.
"I wish Misty wasn't a Gym Leader." He thought to himself.
"Prepare for trouble!" Someone said. It was Team Rocket!
"Make it double!" James continued.
"Team Rocket, won't 你 three ever learn?"...
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posted by Courtneyfan6
Serena's Birthday Bash

(Ash is now outside at his house playing catch with Pikachu)
Pikachu: Pika!
Ash: Good job, buddy!
Pikachu: Pika Pi! (He happily tackles Ash onto the ground)
Ash: (laughing) (he rubs Pikachu's head)
Pikachu: (happily) Chaaaa...
(Clemont and Bonnie came over to the two)
Bonnie: Hey, Ash! Pikachu!
Ash: Hey, guys!
Pikachu: Pika!
Clemont: I have something to 显示 you. (He shows his back scratcher 2000) I have invented my own back scratcher 2000. It can scratch your back anytime.
Bonnie: (sighs) Brothers.
Dedenne: Ne ne.
Ash: (excited) SCIENCE IS SO AMAZING!!!
Clemont: (hands Ash his invention)...
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1. Paul

He's always calling Ash pathetic, when really, HE'S the one who's pathetic. He's nothing but a selfish, snotty, stuck-up, heartless, and cruel jerk. I can't stand him one bit. Once when I watched the episode "When 神奇宝贝 Worlds Collide" and Paul 说 to Ash "You sound just like a little kid." my response was "He's only 10, and what's your excuse?" He doesn't deserve to be a 神奇宝贝 trainer because he never even showed any respect to any of his 神奇宝贝 或者 was ever nice to them. He was especially cruel to poor Chimchar when it was still with him always putting it through tough battles...
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Our hero, Ash Ketchum, has beat the Unova Pokemon League and continues on to become a Pokemon master!

Meanwhile, in a plane back to the Kanto Region, our hero is relaxing in his 座位 waiting for his plane to land. Then he hears some commotion going on in the back. "Pika?" 皮卡丘 asks. "Lets go check it out Pikachu." Ash says. He gets up and walks towards the back. Then he sees a bunch of kids and photographers around this kid with 金牌 eyes. Ash makes his way towards the front and can see blond streaks in his hair. "Um..who are you? And why are 你 so famous?" Ash asks. " Well, because I'm...
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posted by AninditaS
Number Name Type
001      Bulbasaur      Grass/Poison
002     Ivysaur     Grass/Poison
003      Venusaur      Grass/Poison
004     Charmander     Fire
005     Charmeleon     Fire
006     Charizard     Fire
007     Squirtle     Water
008     Wartortle     Water
009     Blastoise...
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We contuine the amazing adventure of Ash and the gang as they discover their newst Pokemon, Kasey and his powers and abilites that can overcome anything.

Last time, Ash and the gang are beginning to know a lot 更多 about their new Pokemon friend and his skills and agilities. Hoping to increase his powers, Ash and his 老友记 head back down to Lakeview and accept another challnage 由 Jake. What things will lie ahead for Ash and the others? Could Team Rocket 由 after Kasey also? And what will happen if Kasey's powers overcome too much? The 答案 will be reveald in this daring, 下一个 chapter...
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posted by Renegade1765
 One of my 最喜爱的 teams that I used.
One of my favorite teams that I used.
One of the key elements of the Pokemon franchise is capturing powerful monsters that 你 can befriend and make them a part of your team who will assist 你 on your journey. Each an every Pokemon feel unique and different, and whatever team 你 make depends on your taste. 你 can a team made up of 6 different Dragon-Types. Maybe 你 only need 4 Pokemon on your team. 或者 maybe 你 want a team comprised of Shiny Pokemon that 你 either bred 或者 Shiny-Hunted. 你 choose what team 你 want to make, making your adventure feel 更多 personal. Not to mention, their with 你 on your journey, making you...
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Ash Ketchum Baby Daddy Chapter 12: Sweet Love

(At the woods where we find our 心 broken Ash sitting and frowning. Serena and 皮卡丘 meets up to him and sits 下一个 him. She pats his shoulder.)
Pikachu: Pika Pi.
Serena: It's gonna be okay.
Ash: I know it's just that that man treated Nikki like his drunken punching bags. I was afraid to tell 你 about the pregnancy call even though it was Georgia because I was afraid of hurting 你 and our future baby.
Serena: (she hugs him) Ash when 你 took care of Nikki, 你 never physically beaten her. Instead 你 loved her, played with her, and actually loved...
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Ash Ketchum Baby Daddy Chapter 11: Craig's Defeat and Nikki's Goodbye

(It's 2:00 am on Thursday morning. The police officers were examining Nikki at the lab and asking her 问题 without Ash. Ash and his 老友记 are watching Nikki's drunken father getting handcuffed. The police officers were trying to get the handcuffs locked around his big wrists. They gave up and go to their big swat truck far away.)
Police man: We are just gonna get bigger cuffs! We'll be back! (Walks off)
May: Well shouldn't somebody be holding him down so he don't …..(she turns her head seeing a police car without the...
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Ash Ketchum Baby Daddy Chapter 10: Ash vs Craig!

(Serena, 皮卡丘 and Nikki came outside to see what going on. Nikki hides behind Ash and Ash picked her up. Everyone came out of their houses even Professor Oak from his lab.)
Misty: (she walked over to Craig). Hey! What is with all the noise?
Craig: Shut up 你 BIG Bitch!
Misty: (Angrily) WHAT DID 你 SAY TO ME?! OH NO 你 DIDN'T! (She is walking closer to him.) 你 HAVE NOT SEEN ANYTHING YET! I'LL 显示 你 BIG! (Craig was about to her and she was about to hit him too. Brock and May pulled her away.) 你 WANT SOME THIS?! WELL C'MON….THEN!
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Ash Ketchum Baby Daddy Chapter 9: Babysitting Baker Serena

(It's been 2 days that Nikki was here with Ash and his friends. She was spending a lot of time with them. Now it's Wednesday early afternoon. Ash decided to spend hang out with the boys for the day. He asked Serena to watch 皮卡丘 and Nikki in his house and she 说 yes. Now Ash is with Max and Brock somewhere near Brock's gym.)
Ash: Finally, some time to ourselves!
Max: 嘿 guys, when I was in school, 你 know what we used to do when a gym leaders gave Ash a rough Pokemon battle?
Ash and Brock: What?
Max: We'd egg her gym! Come on. Where's...
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Ash Ketchum Baby Daddy: Ch 6: Runaway Love

(At the Alley Way of the carnival, Ash, 皮卡丘 and Serena stands in shock seeing what they found in the box. It's a little girl with big long beautiful raven black hair. She has big blue eyes with tears coming from them and a puffy lip with a cut on it. She is wearing a tattered 粉, 粉色 衬衫 and ripped blue jeans. She has a button nose and chubby cheeks with lots marks on them. She was holding a raggedy stuffed Cyndaquil and tries to hide from them because she was scared. Ash sits on his knees and holds his hand out to her. She looks at him.)
Ash: Come...
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Ash Ketchum Baby Daddy Ch 3: On The Way To The Carnival

The 下一个 morning, Ash and his 老友记 waiting to get in the bus in a single file line! Serena is in front of the nervous Pokemon master!
Pikachu: Pika Pi?
Serena: (Looks at him.) Ash are 你 okay?
Ash: (Stops being nervous.) Oh I'm fine I'm just….. sleepy that's all!
Serena: Okay….?
Georgia: (Observing what is going behind Burgundy and smiles.) (Thinking) My plan is working! Ash will nervous ignore Serena and she will get mad at him! I am so running this relationship right now!
(In the bus while driving on the mountain road to the Carnival)...
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posted by Courtneyfan6
Ash's Big Hit

(Ash shows 皮卡丘 and Misty the box of the model plane.)
Pikachu: Pika?
Misty: What is that, Ash?
Ash: It's a model of the 钟, 贝尔 X-1 rocket plane the plane that broke the sound barrier.
Misty: The sound barrier must be pretty hard because this plane is all smashed up.
Pikachu: Pika Pikachu.
Ash: It's not smashed. I'm going to build it. Don't touch-- you'll mix up the pieces!
Misty: I've never heard of toys that come broken, even for you. (Ash glares at her) I'm going. Never say I don't go when 你 want me to because I'm going, like that. When 你 want me to go, I'm out of here. No waiting....
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posted by staankerdaskunk
Alvin realized that it was just a Munchlax sitting on him. It kindly offered him another 苹果 and wandered off. Then it paused, shook a foot, and lumbered on. Some of the moisture got on Alvin's face. He licked it, though it was 酸, 酸奶 and stale. Didn't taste much like a Berry juice. Alvin gladly ate the apples and got up, only to land in some bushes facefirst.
Madison wanted to keep her Budew so bad. The little creature stared intently, as if saying, Convince him, I know 你 can! Mr; Gazpacho (her dad)never bought it. He would only allow it on an impossible promise.
Reed was so excited! Ms....
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