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posted by Pinkyfan333
Black Night

This is a story about a group of 老友记 Remy and Emille(Ratatouille),Pinky and Brain(Pinky and the Brain), Colleen(Pinky and the Brain), Buck, Crash and Eddie and Scratte (Sara) (Ice Age 3) who go on a trip to a
Remote 舱, 小木屋 in the woods. Not knowing that something else is
Watching them. Something that feeds on their fear. This is my first horror book. Enjoy!!!

Chapter 1: Road trip:

A Jeep is driving down the road with a Cadillac following it. In the jeep are 4 老友记 (Pinky, Brain, Sara, and Buck). In the Cadillac are 5 老友记 (Remy, Emille, Colleen, Crash and Eddie). The friends...
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posted by Pinkyfan333
Intro: Pinky’s Escape

He ran and ran through the forest and finally reached the highway. A cop car stopped in the middle of the road and flashed his lights “What the hell are 你 doing out here.” He said. Pinky started crying saying that everyone was dead besides him and that these creatures attacked his friends. Pinky was covered in blood. The cop grabbed him and handcuffed him and placed him in the cop car. They drove off of the road and the cop car drove away until the screen faded to black.

Chapter 1: Detained

Pinky was put in the backseat...
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posted by Pinkyfan333


I made a Pinky and the brain social club. Feel free to 加入 and voice your opinion. If 你 like pinky and the brain come 加入 and have fun. send me messages for answers,friend requests, fans, 或者 any information 你 need. i want this site to be 流行的 and with your help we can get enough hits to rule the world. THANKS AND COME JOIN!!!!! "So Brian what are we gonna do tommorow" "Same thing we do every night try to take over the world"