Philosophy What are words worth?

Emma01 posted on Feb 04, 2009 at 09:20PM
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what are words worth?

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一年多以前 MazdaSpeed said…
I Have No Idea, But If You Watch Wreslting, Then You'll Know Who This Came From
" Words Are Cheap And Lies Are Big To tell"
一年多以前 MazdaSpeed said…
His Name Is Jeff Hardy, He Is So Hot
一年多以前 Emma01 said…
LOL interesting!
一年多以前 Cinders said…
Answer: William.

Sorry, English Lit joke. William Wordsworth is a poet.
一年多以前 mooimafish17 said…
Words, like anything (money, power, sex) are only worth how we use them. If for good or love or passion then they become the most beautiful things in the world. If for hate or evil they become cheep and evil.
一年多以前 anonymous000 said…
I think, words are better than silence and absolutely null communication. Coz even while saying 'what are words worth' u r using the words in some language. and yes, a picture is worth thousand words(to perceive and understand things), but there should be a concept existing, to understand a picture. and concepts are in the form of words. think, while talking to yourself, Don't u use words?
一年多以前 cloudcastle said…

( :

Hello Emma01 . . .

1 c = ( could equal ) picture.

2 c = word.

Should there just be two, then word c = 2 and picture c = 1.

Picture c = worth 1.

Word c = worth 2.

Hope you have a happy Sunday.

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